#1 List To Easy Georgian Proverbs You Should Try Out

Want to know various and easy Georgian proverbs? Let’s find out. Every proverb in the whole world has different meanings. A few of them may have symbolic meaning from their cultural and societal status, while some are related to a noteworthy event from the past that made a mark on a specific country. However, in a country like Georgia, every person here usually speaks Georgian Proverbs because it is a part of their interaction and socialization in everyday life.

Considering that the Georgian language is very rich in expressions and sayings, a few of those regional sayings cannot be directly translated. It is not technically related when translated into English. This only means that Georgian proverbs and ideas are influenced by their rich history, culture, and traditions in the past. Those phrases have a deep story and symbolic meanings and ideas, so you cannot use them in a different country in the whole world because they may not understand them, or else you need to give further explanation to them.

Want to discover and try easy Georgian sayings and phrases? მოდი მივიღოთ modi mivighot! (Let’s get it!)

Georgian Proverbs

Common Georgian Proverbs And Their Meaning

If you want to try and understand Georgian Proverbs, below are the most common proverbs and sayings that are used in Georgia. I know that it is very hard for a beginner to pronounce the Georgian words or writing system, so I list them down with their Romanized version, English translation, and meanings to learn them more easily.

  • ჩიტის რძე (chit’is rdze) – The Bird’s Milk

This phrase is commonly used when you want to express about having bountiful food and drink. However, it is also evolving on the idea that a certain family already has what they could need. Their house was filled with food. Also, we all know that birds do not have milk, so this is a symbolic meaning of this proverb.

  • აი, სად ყოფილა ძაღლის თავი დამარხული (ai, sad q’opila dzaghlis tavi damarkhuli) – Aha, this is where the dog’s head is buried

This idea may be understood to express popular knowledge that a dog or some dogs usually sniff their nose when they search for food or things to chew. In short, this was used by the Georgian, and it means that a person discovers the cause or truth of a particular situation.

  • ნიანგის ცრემლები (niangis tsremlebi) – Tears of a crocodile

This Georgian proverb is used to express popular knowledge, and it is commonly used in the whole world. This is used to describe an imaginative cry or false tears. For instance, a person or a child is falsely crying because they want to get something worse. This characteristic is commonly seen in a lying or decisive person.

  •  შეენც ბრუტუს? (sheents brut’us?) – You too, Brutus?

I know you have all heard about the course death of Julius Caesar, and this proverb came from that scenario. He was killed in a rebellion, and his dearest friend, whose name was Brutus, was the one who gave him the final killing blow. In the whole world, this expression is used when a friend betrays someone. But in Georgian proverbs, they don’t speak this to his/her friends in a serious manner but only in a humorous sense of communication.

  •  გრძელი ენა აქვს (grdzeli ena akvs) – It has a long tongue

This expression is used when you have a friend who talks too much or says something that he/she was not supposed to. Using these words is very dangerous if you want to say this to a sensitive person. So make sure that you nicely speak this proverb.

  • ვირზე შეჯდომა (virze shejdoma) – Sitting on a donkey

This phrase is commonly used by a person who has a worse and has a stubborn personality who never changes his or her mind. However, since a donkey is a very affectionate and gentle animal, the meaning behind this proverb is the opposite characteristic of a person who you want pertain.

  • ჩაილურის წყლის დასალევად (chailuris ts’q’lis dasalevad) – To drink the water of Chailuri

This phrase is commonly used when a person is forgotten quickly, or he or she disappears without a trace. It is the name of a river in Georgia from the Kakheti region. It was when the Dagestians kidnapped Georgians, and they crossed the river of Chailuri. Another symbolic meaning of this proverb is the idea that people were forever saying goodbye to their relatives from their homeland.

  • ოჯახში ბევრი შვილის ყოლაც ცეცხლია როგორც ვერცხლი (ojakhshi bevri shvilis q’olats tsetskhlia rogorts vertskhli) – Having many children in the family is fire as well as silver

This Georgian proverb is used in a family situation where the mother and father should be responsible for raising their children, but it is a very hard commitment. This wisdom came from the word of God from the Proverbs of the Old Testament Bible.

  • დღეში შვიდი პარასკევის ქონა (dgheshi shvidi p’arask’evis kona) – Having seven fridays a day

We all know that everyone is excited when they hear the word ‘Friday’ because it is the day before the weekend. Also, having seven Fridays in a week would mean enjoying or having fun for a whole week. However, in Georgian sayings, it is different from what you think. When you say that an individual has seven Fridays, an individual is hesitant about one certain topic. To simply put, this person always changes his/ her mind and opinion.

  • მეცამეტე ღორი (metsamet’e ghori) -The thirteenth pig

We all know that a female pig tends to have 12 breasts to feed her piglets, so the one dirty pig, which is the thirteenth pig, would be a spare. But in Georgian sayings, the meaning is different. This means that a person uses his/her mouth to speak rudely in expressing opinions or needless statements. Also, the number has nothing to do with the symbolic meaning, but it has something to do with the symbol of the pig, which is dirty, and from this idea, a dirty pig pollutes.

  • ბედნიერი ვარსკვლავის ქვეშ დაიბადა (bednieri varsk’vlavis kvesh daibada) – Born under a happy star

From the terms’ star’ and ‘happy,’ you can already guess the meaning of this proverb, right? This means that you are a lucky individual. Georgian belief says that a person’s life is tied to a star’s fate that appears during its birth and vanishes when it passes away.

  • გველის ხვრელში გავლა (gvelis khvrelshi gavla) – Going through the snake hole

It is a dangerous thing when you go through a snake hole. Still, in Georgian proverbs, this simply means that in every situation in your life, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, even if going through a snake hole or meeting a group of a snake on your way.

  • ორ ცეცხლს შორის ყოფნა (or tsetskhls shoris q’opna) -Being between two fires

This proverb is used in Georgia when an individual is stuck between two or more hard choices that can lead them to a hopeless situation. That individual cannot fill his/her mind with just one idea since two fires may create a big fire, so choosing a short one is tough. Being between two fires is like ‘Thorn between two lovers.’

Why You Should Learn Georgian Proverbs

As I discussed in the first part of the article, the Georgian language is very rich in wisdom and has a sense of creativity when using proverbs. They always use creative expressions and sayings as if they are a function of their mouth or they have a traffic jam when they say those words. Since various Georgian proverbs were highly influenced by the beliefs and traditions based on the Bible, they gave importance to and preserved it for the next generation.

As a foreigner and a listener from other part of the world, we may not understand it easily, whether in literal or abstract ways. What matters most is that the Georgian history and culture speak themselves on their common sayings. Those sayings specifically reflect the culture, traditions as well as values in Georgia.

To conclude, Georgian proverbs are the shadow of their history throughout their life. Georgian proverbs matter in the life of every Georgian.

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