Happy New Year In Danish – 15+ Best Ways To Wish

Are you wondering how to say “Happy New Year” in Danish? Copenhagen is an excellent destination for celebrating the new year. But even if you are not going away, you can quickly learn a few Danish words to use when you meet your friends to sound like a fluent speaker.

Since you are learning Danish, it is helpful to know also other words and sentences commonly used throughout the holiday seasons and the New Year celebrations. It is also good to learn some common answers when other people wish you a happy new year.

Best Ways To Wish Happy New Year In Danish

In Denmark, people celebrate the new year with fireworks at midnight, followed by everyone wishing a happy new year to others. But, of course, all those things are accompanied by food, music, and drinks.

If you party with Danish friends, you want to know how to wish them a happy new year in Danish and a few more sentences to impress them and be polite.

Happy new year in Danish is said as follow:

“Godt Nytår”

Here are some other words and phrases (with translation) to know and use during the new year celebrations and the holiday season:

  1. Nytårsaften – New Year’s Eve
  2. Nytårsdag helligdag – New Year’s Holiday
  3. Midnat – Midnight
  4. Dans – Dancing
  5. Fest – Party
  6. Champagne – Champagne
  7. Konfetti – Confetti
  8. Fejring – Celebration
  9. Skål – Toast
  10. Nedtælling – Countdown
  11. Nytårsdag helligdag – New Year’s Holiday
  12. Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  13. Vil jeg gerne ønske Dem alle sammen en glædelig jul og et godt nytår! – I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  14. God Jul og Godt Nytår! – Happy Holidays!
  15. Hav en god vinterferie! – Have a great winter vacation!
  16. Vi ses næste år! – See you next year!
  17. Varme ønsker! – Warm wishes!
  18. Nyd ferien! – Enjoy the holidays!
  19. Bedste ønsker for det nye år! – Best wishes for the new year!
  20. Hav et godt nytår! – Have a happy New Year!
  21. Mange tak – Many thanks
  22. Jeg ønsker dig al succes – I wish you every success in
  23. De bedste ønskner! – All the best!
  24. Tak – Thank you ( when answering to good wishes)

Most Common Winter Holiday Words In Danish

In general, if you are in Denmark for the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Celebration, you need to prepare to party. During new year’s eve, most people have dinner together with their families and friends and watch the Queen’s New Year speech, which is taking place at 6 pm. After that, the festivities begin.

The evening and the rest of the night are spent together eating, drinking, and having fun until midnight. Everyone follows the countdown from Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square at that time. Finally, everyone raises the glass and makes a toast, wishing “good health” for the future.

If you spend time with Danes during the Christmas holidays in December waiting for the new year, you should increase your Danish vocabulary.

Here are some examples words that can be useful to add to your dictionary:

  • JuleGave – Christmas Present
  • Juledag – Christmas day
  • Jul – Christmas
  • Julemanden – Santa Claus
  • Klokke – Bell
  • Ferie – Vacation
  • Helligdage – Holiday
  • Snemand – Snowman
  • Snefnug – Snowflake
  • Fyrværkeri – Fireworks
  • Gaver – Presents
  • Overraskelser – Surprises

For example, it is common to hear people just using the following sentence to wish a happy holiday season that includes Christmas and a happy new year.

Nyd ferien! – Enjoy the holidays!

You can throw this sentence to everyone during the holiday season and be sure to convey the correct meaning, whether it is wishing a happy new year or merry Christmas.

A family may invite you to join their party. If you are asked to go, or you want to invite others, you can say:

Jeg inviterer dig til festen! – I invite you to the party!

The Danish word “invitation” is similar to the English word. However, if you want to invite more than one person (plural), the danish word to use is “invitationer.”

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year In Danish

The New Year celebration is close to Christmas. It is not unusual to spend both holidays in Denmark or with native Danish speakers. If you are spending the holiday seasons there, you will spend the beginning of Christmas day amongst Danish.

Even if you are not fluent in the language, you can still learn a few words that can come to your rescue even if you do not have a dictionary.

In Danish, you can say “Happy holidays” or “Merry Christmas” to say the same thing. The Danish translation is the following:

  • Glædelig Jul! – Happy holidays
  • God jul – Merry Christmas

The pronunciation for “Glædelig Jul!” is: “/ɡlɛːdəliɡ juːl/.”

In Denmark is, the Christmas celebration starts at the beginning of December. It sounds strange, but explanations are found in Danish traditions. On December 1st, the Advent begins.

Danish people have a Julekalendar (Christmas calendar) where they mark all the gifts exchanged daily or each Sunday. However, the Advent day starts the countdown for Christmas. Danes used to lit a candle for each day of the 24 preceding Christmas.

Danish go to church on Christmas eve, followed by dinner with the family. The dinner is huge and prepared with care. It is tradition for Danes to have warm and cold food, seafood, cheeses, and more at the dinner table.

If you want to change your level of knowledge in Danish and become fluent or even sound like a native speaker, the best is to practice a lot. Danish is not a complex language to learn. However, as with most of the Scandinavian languages, the key is to practice a lot, especially the pronunciation.

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