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Looking good is good business, they say, and they are not totally wrong because dressing well is important. In today’s blog post, we will be looking at different clothing names in Danish. So, in case you are traveling to Denmark soon, and shopping is part of your checklist (I mean, why won’t you want to go shopping in Denmark), then it is important to know some of the clothing in Danish. Knowing the respective names of different tøj (clothes) and other useful phrases will make your stay more enjoyable.

In addition, we will look at the traditional clothes of the Danes and how it is worn. So, without further ado, let’s start this journey!

How Do The Danes Dress?

If you are wondering what fashion is like in Denmark, then don’t worry, for we are about to take a quick look. For starters, Danes don’t wear their traditional clothes often as in other cultures. It is only on special occasions that you will see a Dane dressed in their traditional attire. Dressing and Fashion have evolved over the years, and Danes have learned to embrace the western way of dressing. So, don’t panic! Your normal jeans and shirts will go just fine.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at everyday fashion. Danes, on a daily basis, tend to lean over to the minimalist part of things. You see, Danes are not wearing too much in color and want to keep everything simple yet stylish. Another thing you will notice about Danes is that they prefer quality over quantity. They’d rather go for daily wear such as jackets, jeans, and knitwear that are well manufactured. However, it is not rare to see some of the locals prefer flea markets and gently used designer bags and shoes.

To round it up to a few sentences, Danes prefer monochrome colors, do not do too much with their styles, but still remain fashionable. So, if you are wondering what to pack with you when traveling to Denmark, just stick with your style, and you are good to go. However, don’t forget to pack for the cold weather if you are going during the winter season!

Clothing In Danish: Popular Danish Names For Clothes

clothing in danish; clothes on hangers

Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular clothe names in Danish!


Danish Traditional Clothing

If you are wondering what the Danes were wearing centuries ago and what the traditional clothing looked like. Then continue reading. It is said that different regions have different variations of dressing, but here is the most common way that Danes dressed in the past centuries.

Women’s Clothing

clothing in danish; woman traditional attire

In the past days, women dress elegantly and took time out to look good. Starting from the head, women usually wear a bonnet that has linen underneath it, and to secure it in place, they’d hold the bonnet with a piece of scarf. Their hair is usually tied in a bun or any other style. From there, the woman wears a blouse which usually comes with hooks, and then wears a jacket over it. Then, the look is completed with a skirt and an embroidery apron. The final touch is a piece of a scarf around their neck to cover their throat. These clothes are usually made from lace or wool, and they are colored with vegetable dye.

Men’s Clothing

danish traditional male attire

Men wore long shirts and jackets with trousers. The knee breeches are made from leather, and the leather boot that serves as shoes were also made from leather. Danes jackets have a series of buttons in front, either made from tin or silver, depending on the class. Wealthy Danes use silver buttons while the not-so-wealthy stick with tin. Overall, their clothes were usually made with wool and leather.

Wrapping Up

We’ve learned about the most common clothing in Danish and explored how Danes perceive fashion and their traditional clothing. I am sure you were able to learn one or two words that you can use in local markets when striking a conversation with a Dane.

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