Georgian Airport Vocabulary: #1 Essential Guide For A Smooth Arrival

Georgian airport vocabulary

If you are travelling to Georgia, chances are that your first experience of the country will be landing at the Tbilisi International airport. And it might be useful to have some Georgian airport vocabulary ready to deploy.

Travelling to a foreign country can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially when you find yourself at the airport, surrounded by unfamiliar signs, shops, rental stands, taxi touts, and announcements. If you’re planning a trip to the stunning country of Georgia, a little preparation goes a long way. So, in preparation, we’ll equip you with essential Georgian vocabulary that will help you breeze through the airport and make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Greetings And Basic Phrases

As you step off the plane and into the airport, kicking off with some basic greetings and phrases can set a positive vibe with the airport staff. Here are a few phrases to get you started and smooth your way through Immigration.

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Thank youმადლობაmadloba
You’re welcomeგმადლობთgmadlobt
What does… mean?რას წარმოადგენს…?ras tsarmoadegns…?
Can you show me the correct way?იმედი გექნებათ სასწორი გზაimedi geknebat sasatsori gza
Please speak Englishგამოიყენეთ ინგლისური, გთხოვთgamoyeneT inglisuri, gakhvot

Airport Facilities And Directions

Navigating your way around airports involves understanding signs, asking for directions, and using airport facilities. Here are some terms to help you in the Georgian language that should have you cruising through the airport like a business class passenger who has done this a thousand times.

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Baggage claimმიტანის დანარჩენიMitanis danarcheni
Where is…?სად არის…?Sad aris…?
Where is departures?სად არის გასვლელი?Sad aris gaswleli?
Where is check-in?სად არის რეგისტრაცია?Sad aris registracia?
Announcement board at the airport Georgian airport vocabulary

Travel Documents And Procedures

Ensuring you have the right travel documents and understanding airport procedures is crucial. Here’s some terminology to assist you.

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Travel documentsსამგზავრო დოკუმენტიSamgzavro dokumenti
Boarding passბორდინგის პასიBordingis pasi
Excuse me, could you check my ticket?ვინაიდან ვფიქრობ, ჩამოტვირთეთ ჩემი ბილეთი?Vinaidan vfiqrob, chamotvirtet chemi bileti?

Communication And Emergencies

In case of any emergencies or communication breakdowns, it’s important to know how to ask for help or directions. Here are some phrases to keep in mind.

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Call for helpდააჭირე და დაგეგმეDaachire da dagegme
Can you help me, please?მე შემიძლია თქვენ დახმაროთ?Me shemizlia tkven dakharot?
First aidპირველი დახმარებაPirveli dakharreba
Attention/Excuse meმიხედვითMik’edvit

Georgian Airport Vocabulary For Navigating Security

Going through airport security can be a bit nerve-wracking, but having the right vocabulary will make the process smoother and is bound to impress the men and women in the smart suits waiting beyond the security scanners:

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Security checkსაფრენის კონტროლიSaprenis kontrol’i
Security lineსაფრენის პირველი ხაზიSaprenis pirveli khazi
I need to check your suitcasesუნდა შევადარო თქვენი კალათბურთებიUnda shevadaro tkveni kalatburtebi
I have nothing to declare but my geniusმხელი ვინაო, რომელიც ვერ ვარ არც გამოვიდეს, ჩემი გენიუსიაMkheli vinao, romelits ver var ara gamovides, chemi geniusia
Are you carrying any liquids?გაქვთ თქვენს წინაშე რთული ნახშირი?Gakvt tkvenis tsinashes rthuli nakhsiri?
Do you have any weapons?აქვთ თუ არა იარაღები?Akvt tu ara iaraghebi?
Traveler with a suitcase Georgian airport vocabulary

Time To Board

And we’ll finish by taking a quick look at some useful vocabulary for that bit of the trip nobody looks forward to – time to leave!

EnglishGeorgianRoman Transcription
Flight numberფრენის ნომერიFrenis nomeri
Domestic flightsშიდა ფრენებიShida frenebi
International flightsსაერთაშორავი ფრენებიSaertashoravi frenebi
Hand luggageხელით ახალგაზრდაKhelit akhalgazrda
Boarding periodბორდინგის პერიოდიBordingis periodi
First call for boardingგადასვლის პირველი ხანიGadasvlis pirveli khani
For passengers in the front rowsწინა კანდიდატებისათვისTsina kandidatebisatvis
The airline invites you to board at your leisureავიაკომპანია საშინელება შეგიძლიათ თავიდან მოგივიანოთAviaqompania sashineleba shegidlia tavidan mogivianot

Travelling can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, but it’s always easier when you’re equipped with the right tools, and that includes knowing the local language, even if it’s just a few phrases and translations. As you set out on your journey to Georgia and find yourself arriving at the terminal, this basic Georgian vocabulary will empower you to confidently navigate through the bustling terminals without getting lost, communicate effectively with airport staff, and make the most of your adventure from the moment you step off the plane. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in connecting with the local culture and ensuring a smooth travel experience. Safe travels and გილოცავთ (Gilotsavt – Congratulations)!

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