Master 81+ Names For Clothes In German

Names for clothes in German

Are you visiting or moving to a German speaking country? Well, at some point you’re going to need to go shopping for clothes and it will be really useful to learn names for clothes in German to get the exact thing you’re looking to buy!

Knowing how to say and ask specifically for what you need while new clothes shopping will make the experience far more efficient. Shopping isn’t for everyone, so knowing even just a few clothing items in the German language will make it easier to find what you’re looking for more quickly.

So let’s take a look at how to talk about clothes in German like a native speaker. We’ll include clothing vocabulary, translations, and sentences to help you shop in German too.

Let’s go!

Traditional German Clothing

First, let’s take a trip back in time. What kinds of clothes did Germans wear in the past? The overall term for traditional clothing is a tracht.

Historically, the style, color, and cloth combinations of a tracht could be used to identify different groups of people, social status, and even indicate whether a person was single or married.

A tracht would be styled differently for men and women, with men wearing Lederhosen and women the dirndl. Let’s learn what those are below.

Traditional Clothing For German Women And Girls

Traditional German women's dress

The dirndl is a ruffled apron dress worn by German women that consists of a bodice, or blouse, and a skirt. Once the standard uniform of servant girls, today it is worn in Bavaria and Austria during celebrations.

Today, the dirndl has made a fashionable comeback with modern patterns and materials making it fun to wear. You can see women dressing up in them for weddings, birthdays, and even just going out on the weekend.

For very fancy occasions, the traditional outfit is also worn with a hat that is rather expensive, so is rarely utilized.

Traditional Clothing for German Men And Boys

Names For Clothes In German

Men you’ll see are outfitted in Lederhosen, which translates to “leather trousers.” Essentially they’re short leather pants that are worn by men. Most commonly, Lederhosen are worn with suspenders and front flaps.

As for the top, this was typically a shirt or sweater made of coarse linen or wool. Men would wear wool stockings and country shoes to complete the look.

Names For Clothes In German

These are the most common types of clothing that exist today. We’ve separated the clothing into seasons and other categories so you can more easily learn German clothes names to find what you’re looking for while shopping. Also, check out how to say colors in German to ask for the exact color of clothing.

Summer Clothing In German

These are the basic summer clothing items you may shop for.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The dressDas Kleid
ShortsKurze Hose
The skirtDer Rock
The swimsuitDer Badeanzug
The tanktopDas Tanktop
The t-shirtDas T-Shirt

Fall Clothing In German

As it gets into cooler weather, you may find yourself needing some or all of these.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The blazerDer Blazer
The coatDer Mantel
The hoodieDer Hoodie
The jacketDie Jacke
The polo shirtDas Poloshirt

Winter Clothing In German

Brrr! It’s time to get all bundled up.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The button-down shirtDas Button-Down-Hemd
The winter hatDie Wintermütze
The long sleeve shirtDas Langarmshirt
The scarfDer Schal
The sweaterDer Pullover
The sweatshirtDas Sweatshirt
The vestDie Weste

Spring Clothing In German

While you could easily just reuse your fall clothes, you may prefer to mix it up a bit with these items.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
Cargo pantsCargohose
The dress shirtDas Anzughemd
The raincoatDer Regenmantel

Business Wear In German

Clothes in German business

Do you have a professional job, or are you going for an interview? Getting some business wear may be on the cards.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The blouseDie Bluse
The buttoned shirtDas geknöpfte Hemd
The tieDie Krawatte
The suitDer Anzug

Under Garments And Pyjamas

Clothes in German underwear

Everyone needs these! Here’s how to talk about your undergarments in German.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The braDer BH
The thongDie Sache

*BH means breast holder!

Shoes In German

Shoes in German

No outfit is complete without shoes! Here are the usual types of shoes you may end up needing to buy.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
Flip flopsFlip Flops
Hiking bootsWanderstiefel

Accessories In German

Accessories in German

Accessories can really help to complete your look. Here are the most common types of accessories in German.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
The bagDie Tasche
Cuff linksManschettenknöpfe
The hatDer Hut
The necklaceDie Halskette
The purseDer Geldbeutel
The scarfDer Schal
The walletDer Geldbeutel
The watchDie Uhr

Different Fabrics In German

Fabric in German

Maybe you’re interested in tailoring your own clothes or are particular about the type of material your clothes are made from. Here are fabrics in German so you can check the label or purchase them at a local fabric shop.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation

Additional Terms Related To Clothes In German

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
Men’s clothingMännerkleidung
Size smallKleine Größe
Size mediumKonfektionsgröße M
Size largeGröße groß
Women’s clothingFrauenkleidung

Clothing Verbs In German

Shopping verbs in German

Now it’s time to learn how to describe what you’re doing with your clothes. Grab your laundry basket and soap! Study these verbs.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
to changesich umziehen
to dislikenicht mögen
to drytrocknen
to foldfalten
to givegeben
to hanghängen
to likemögen
to mendreparieren
to purchasekaufen
to put awaywegstellen
to put onanziehen
to returnzurückgeben
to shopeinkaufen
to take offausziehen
to wantwollen
to washwaschen
to weartragen

Phrases To Use When Shopping in German

Shopping in German

Here are some basic phrases to help you when shopping. Find the right size, ask for the items you’re looking for and find the changing room.

EnglishGerman TranslationPronunciation
Can I try this on?Kann ich das anprobieren?
Do you have any winter coats?Hast du Wintermäntel?
Do you have this in a larger size?Haben Sie das in einer größeren Größe?
Do you have this in a smaller size?Haben Sie das in einer kleineren Größe?
Do you have tighter trousers?Hast du engere Hosen?
Where can I find gloves?Wo finde ich Handschuhe?
Where is the changing room?Wo sind wir in der Umkleidekabine?

There you go! We hope this vocabulary has helped you learn German clothing vocabulary!

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