50+ Easy German Words For Cosmetics

50+ Easy German Words For Cosmetics

Are you a constant traveler? I’d wager that you have two suitcases whenever you travel: One is chock-full of your outfits and daily must-haves, while the other is eagerly waiting to be packed with all the treasure you’ll get along the way. If you’re visiting Germany and you’re interested in fancy beauty products, then learning the German words for cosmetics or Kosmetika is a must! So in this post, I’ll teach you all the German words I learned related to your favorite products and beauty equipment. Let’s begin!

The history of German cosmetics traces back to the Middle Ages when herbs and natural ingredients were predominantly used. The industry evolved over the centuries, always keeping pace with global trends yet maintaining its own unique identity. Today, the German cosmetics industry is just mindblowing! Boasting an impressive array of products internationally recognized for their quality, it’s a no-brainer why beauty-lovin’ travelers will fall in love with the country!

When I visited the country a few years back, I remember being so excited to head to the grocery section because I originally planned to fill my luggage with munchies. But when I saw people lining up like crazy in the beauty section, my legs were just magnetized to check out what was up in that spot. And boy, I was in for a treat! I was happy to be introduced to some of the local brands like Art Deco, Catrice, Essence, Weleda, and Sans Soucis. The next thing I knew, I was hoarding lip gloss, shimmery eye makeup, and beauty blenders!

If you’re keen to get your friends some German cosmetics, then you better read the sections below as I show you the correct translations for each. Trust me, knowing these basic words will help you communicate better with the sales attendants when shopping. Let’s begin!

Key German Words For Cosmetics - bathroom essentials

Key German Words For Cosmetics

If you’ve ever found yourself in a German-speaking country and wondered how to navigate the world of cosmetics, you’re in for a treat. In this section, we’ll delve into some key German terms that’ll help you ace your beauty game like a pro. From makeup to skincare, cosmetics to beauty tools, we’ve got you covered. So, pull out your notebooks and grab a pen, as we’ll go over the basic words below.

Makeupdas Make-up
Cosmeticsdie Kosmetik
Beautydie Schönheit
Beauticiander/die Kosmetiker/in
Skin caredie Hautpflege
Body caredie Körperpflege
Hair caredie Haarpflege
Nail caredie Nagelpflege
Fragranceder Duft
Dental caredie Zahnpflege
Beauty toolsdie Beauty-Werkzeuge
German Words For Makeup - makeup kit

German Words For Makeup

In this section, we’ll focus on the common makeup-related German terms that will have you speaking like a native speaker in no time. From foundation to lipstick, mascara to eyeshadow, we’ve got you covered!

Foundationdie Foundation
Concealerder Concealer
Powderdas Puder
Blushder Rouge
Eyeshadowder Lidschatten
Eyelinerder Eyeliner
Mascaradie Mascara
Lipstickder Lippenstift
Lip glossder Lipgloss
Lip linerder Lippenkonturenstift
Highlighterder Highlighter
Bronzerder Bronzer
Setting spraydas Fixierspray
Makeup removerder Make-up-Entferner
Powderdas Puder
Chapstickder Lippenbalsam
Makeup bagdie Kosmetiktasche
Makeup brushder Make-up-Pinsel
Fake eyelashesdie falschen Wimpern
German Words For Beauty Equipment - hair styling equipment

German Words For Beauty Equipment

Want to look and feel fresh? In this section, we’re diving deep into some essential German terms that will have you well-equipped for all your beauty and hygiene needs.

Hairdryerder Haartrockner
Curling ironder Lockenstab
Hair straightenerdas Glätteisen
Electric toothbrushdie elektrische Zahnbürste
Facial cleansing brushdie Gesichtsreinigungsbürste
Tweezersdie Pinzette
Nail clippersder Nagelknipser
Eyelash curlerdie Wimpernzange
Makeup spongeder Make-up-Schwamm
Cotton padsdie Wattepads
Facial steamerdas Gesichtsdampfgerät
Foot filedie Hornhautfeile
Massaging rollerder Massage-Roller
Makeup mirrorder Schminkspiegel
Hairbrushdie Haarbürste
Shower poufder Duschschwamm
Electric razorder elektrische Rasierer
Dental flossdie Zahnseide
Nail filedie Nagelfeile
Razorder Rasierer

Basic Sentence Pattern For Buying Cosmetics

Wait! Your learning shouldn’t stop here because it’s not enough that you know the basic German terminologies. If you want to communicate more effectively, then you’ve got to use the words above in complete sentences. We rounded up the easiest patterns below to help you start on the right track.

  • Asking for assistance: When you need help or advice from a store associate, you can use the following sentence pattern: “Entschuldigung, können Sie mir bitte helfen? Ich suche [product].” This literally translates to, “Excuse me, can you please help me? I’m looking for [product].”
  • Inquiring about availability: If you want to know if a specific product is available, use the following sentence pattern: “Haben Sie [product]?” This translates to, “Do you have [product]?”
  • Requesting a recommendation: When you want a recommendation for a certain type of product, use this sentence pattern: “Können Sie mir eine Empfehlung für [product] geben?
  • Asking about the Price: To inquire about the price of a product, use this sentence pattern: “Wie viel kostet [product]?
  • Expressing preference: When expressing your preference for a specific type of product, use this sentence pattern: “Ich mag [product] lieber.” This translates to, “I prefer [product].”
  • Making a purchase: To complete your purchase, you can use the following sentence pattern: “Ich möchte [product] kaufen, bitte.” This translates to, “I would like to buy [product], please.”
  • Thanking the salesperson: Finally, show your appreciation with a simple thank you: “Vielen Dank!

With these basic sentence patterns in your beauty arsenal, you’ll be ready to confidently navigate the world of buying cosmetics in German. So, put your language skills to the test and enjoy your shopping spree!

Popular German Beauty And Cosmetic Brands

When it comes to the beauty scene, German brands are truly stealing the show with their incredible products and unwavering dedication to top-notch quality. And let me tell you, even in my home country, the Philippines, these brands are causing quite a buzz! The only downside is that most of them can only be purchased online, which can sometimes break the bank.

But here’s the scoop: if you ever find yourself strolling through the streets of Germany, make sure to snag your beauty favorites because, guess what? They’ll be significantly more affordable!

  1. Nivea: A true household name, Nivea has been a staple in skincare for over a century. Their iconic blue tin of Nivea Creme is a symbol of trusted and reliable skincare worldwide. With a wide range of products catering to different skin concerns, Nivea continues to deliver effective and affordable skincare solutions.
  2. Essence: Essence is a popular cosmetics brand that focuses on creating affordable and trend-focused beauty products. Their range includes a wide variety of makeup items such as foundations, concealers, mascaras, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. What I personally love is that this brand offers a fun and playful approach to makeup, offering vibrant colors, innovative textures, and creative packaging.
  3. Catrice: Catrice is another well-known cosmetics brand that offers high-quality products at an affordable price point. Similar to Essence, Catrice focuses on the latest beauty trends and delivers a wide range of makeup options. Their product lineup includes foundations, primers, blushes, bronzers, eyeliners, and more.
  4. Dr. Hauschka: Known for their holistic approach to skincare, Dr. Hauschka combines natural and organic ingredients with cutting-edge science. Their skincare products are formulated to promote the skin’s natural balance and radiance. From their cult-favorite Rose Day Cream to their soothing Cleansing Milk, Dr. Hauschka has a loyal following for their gentle and effective formulations.
  5. Babor: With a focus on professional skincare, Babor offers high-quality products developed in collaboration with skincare experts and scientists. Their range encompasses everything from luxurious facial treatments to targeted skincare solutions. Babor’s commitment to innovation and efficacy has made them a go-to brand for those seeking visible results.
  6. Artdeco: Artdeco is a makeup lover’s dream, offering an extensive range of color cosmetics. From vibrant eyeshadow palettes to long-lasting lipsticks, Artdeco combines trendy shades with professional quality. Their customizable Beauty Box system allows you to create your own personalized makeup palette, making Artdeco a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

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