30+ Basic Georgian Phrases: An Easy List

Are you wondering how you can easily blend in with the locals during your trip? It is recommended that you try to learn the basic words and phrases so that you can easily get by and impress people. Let’s learn about the basic Georgian phrases in today’s language learning guide. If you are ready for that, then let the learning begin.

When we talk about Georgia, we often think about the various tourist attractions as well as the mouth-watering delicacies in the country. However, there is more to this awesome country than what meets the eye (and the tummy!). If you are genuinely passionate about getting by in the country and starting authentic relationships with the people, you must determine what makes their native language interesting.

Basically, the Georgian language is spoken by over 3.7 million people across the globe. With such a considerable number of speakers, you might easily conclude that this language must be easy to learn, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. You see, the FSI ranking for this language is level 3, which means that it is as tricky as the languages like Greek, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. You will need at least 44 weeks of continuous study to be good enough to converse with native speakers.

Before you skip this post and figure that you’d rather spend time learning other easy languages, allow me to give you one piece of advice… learning Georgian is not easy. Still, it does not mean it is impossible to master! By simply memorizing the Georgian phrases we have listed below, we guarantee that you can develop the confidence to try and use these in real-life interactions. If you are ready for that, then let then keep scrolling below.

30+ Basic Georgian Phrases

30+ Basic Georgian Phrases
Georgian PhrasePronunciationEnglish Translation And Usage
როგორა ხარ?rogo rakhar?How are you?
რა გქვია?ra gkvia?An informal way of saying ‘What’s your name?’
რა გქვიათ?ra gkviat?A formal way of saying ‘What’s your name?’
მე მქვია …me mkvia …My name is …
დილა მშვიდობისაdila mshvidobisaGood afternoon
საღამო მშვიდობისაsaghamo mshvidobisaGood evening
საღამო მშვიდობი საsaghamo mshvidobisaGood night
გაგიმარჯოთ!gagimarjot!A formal way of saying’ Cheers!’ (when toasting wine)
გაგიმარჯოს!gagimarjos!An informal way of saying ‘Cheers!’ (when toasting wine)
გემრიელად მიირთვით!gemrielad miirtvit!The formal way of saying ‘Have a nice meal!’
გემრიელად მიირთვი!gemrielad miirtvi!An informal way of saying ‘Have a nice meal!’
კეთილ მგზავრობას გისურვებთk’etil mgzavrobas gisurvebtHave a good journey!
დიახdiakhA formal way of saying ‘Yes’
კიk’iAn informal way of saying ‘Yes’
არ ვიციar vitsiI dont’ know
ბოდიშიbodishiExcuse me
რა ღირს?ra ghirs?How much is this?
დიდი მადლობაdidi madlobaThank you
მე შენ მიყვარხარme shen miq’varkharI love you
მალე გამოჯანმრთელდიmale gamojanmrteldiAn informal way of saying ‘Get well soon’
მალე გამოჯანმრთელდითmale gamojanmrtelditThe formal way of saying ‘Get well soon’
თუ შეიძლებაtu sheidzlebaPlease
ტუალეტი სად არისt’ualet’i sad arisWhere’s the bathroom/toilet?
რა ღირს?ra girs?How much is this?

Learning Basic Georgian Phrases

Learning Basic Georgian Phrases

Now that you know some of the basic Georgian phrases, you should also know some pertinent facts.

Nonverbal Communication

Using non-verbal communication is evident in the country. The use of gestures, body language, facial expressions is commonly observed in the locals. This nonverbal communication is often seen when giving directions and greetings. For instance, using a Georgian greeting and, at the same time, providing a quick kiss on the cheek or a shaking hand is a common tradition in the country. This is a sign of hospitality. All in all, this type of communication is part of their history and culture.

Below are some of the Georgian facts and etiquettes that you can observe in the country:

  1. Georgians used the first names of their family or close friends when addressing people.
  2. Most Georgians are labelled using appropriate titles followed by their surname as a sense of formality.
  3.  In Business, an employee or employer need to shake hands with everybody upon arriving and leaving the workplace.
  4. A person should also maintain eye contact when greeting his or her workmates.
  5. When it comes to giving a handshake, a person with higher status is the one who will initiate. 
  6. Direct eye to eye contact express trust and respect.
  7. Georgian people are straightforward when communicating.
  8. Georgian values respect women as a sign of a strong tradition of chivalry.
  9. Georgians believe that a visitor or a guest is from God. That is why they are known to be the most hospitable people on Earth.
  10. Georgians have Orthodox tradition and are conservative people. A guest should avoid doing public displays of affection.
  11. Georgian people are emotional speakers.
  12. It is better to wait for a woman to extend her hand first when greeting with a handshake. 
  13. Georgians are unpunctual.
  14. Pinching a person’s fold of skin in the area of Adam’s apple is a gesture used by Georgian kids. This Georgian gesture is a way of saying ‘please’ or begging for something.

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