60+ Best Names In French For Boys And Girls

Names In French

Are you looking for unique and wonderful names in French? French names are elegant, refined, and classy. In addition, parents use French names for their kids more than you can imagine.

Many U.S. names have a French origin. Think about girls whose names are Charlotte, Marie, Jolie, Rosalie, and Caroline. Or boys’ names such as Adam, Damien, Jean, and Martin. This article will offer you many fantastic ideas for finding the perfect French names for your kids.

What Is A Famous French Name?

According to statistics, Jade is the most popular girl’s name that is registered in France while Gabriel takes the top spot for the boys. Want to know other popular french names? We won’t go anywhere else as here is the complete list according to Statista:

Popular Girls Names In French

  • Jade
  • Louise
  • Emma
  • Ambre
  • Alice
  • Rose
  • Anna
  • Alba
  • Romy
  • Mia

Popular Boys Names In French

  • Gabriel
  • Léo
  • Raphaël
  • Louis
  • Arthur
  • Jules
  • Maël
  • Noah
  • Adam
  • Lucas

Want to know more names? Of course, this list isn’t done yet! We’ll look further into other unique and wonderful names you’ll find in French.

Names In French Boys

Unique And Wonderful Names In French For Boys

The French culture has a certain charm and tradition, which reflects in the beautiful names for girls and attractive names for boys. The names of baby boys are chic and elegant and have significant meanings.

Here are some of the most beautiful baby names for a boy:

  • Augustin
  • Alexandre
  • Antoine
  • Charles
  • Denis
  • François
  • Gabriel
  • Georges
  • Guillaume
  • Henri
  • Jean
  • Jules
  • Laurent
  • Louis
  • Matthieu
  • Nicolas
  • Olivier
  • Patrick
  • Paul
  • Pierre
  • Sébastien
  • Stéphane
  • Thomas
  • Baptiste
  • Bastien
  • Clément
  • Édouard
  • Enzo
  • Gabin
  • Gaétan
  • Gaspard
  • Léo
  • Loan
  • Loïc
  • Maël
  • Marc
  • Mathieu
  • Mathis
  • Mathys
  • Maxence
  • Noé
  • Raphaël
  • Rémy
  • Sacha
  • Théo
  • Timeo
  • Timothe
Names In French Girls

Unique And Wonderful Names In French For Girls

French girl names are beautiful and fashionable. You might be familiar with famous French actresses Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and many others. There are many pretty french girl names to choose from, and some are creative.

You can generally hear common French girl names such as Marie Antoinette, Marie, Margaret, Jeanne, Marguerite, and Françoise. Still, there are tons of unique and beautiful French baby names.

Here are some of the best French baby girl names:

  • Agnes
  • Amandine
  • Amélie
  • Anaelle
  • Emma
  • Jade
  • Louise
  • Alice
  • Chloé
  • Lina
  • Rose
  • Léa
  • Anna
  • Mila
  • Mia
  • Inès
  • Ambre
  • Julia
  • Lou
  • Juliette
  • Agathe
  • Léna
  • Iris
  • Jeanne
  • Anaïs
  • Apolline
  • Aveline
  • Capucine
  • Élodie
  • Eugénie
  • Faustine
  • Flavie
  • Héloïse
  • Lise
  • Loane
  • Lylou
  • Maeva
  • Manon
  • Margaux
  • Marion
  • Mathilde
  • Méline
  • Morgane
  • Noémie
  • Océane
  • Salomé
  • Solène
  • Vivienne

You can choose some traditional names for girls or your baby boy, or do more research and find rare names for girls and boys. You can get some inspiration from a famous French model or an American actress with a French name. 

Alternatively, you can also get some inspiration from a famous French singer.

Unique Names In French

Unique French Names Meanings

French names have significant meanings too. Here are some unique French names for girls, some French variant, and their meanings:

  • Chantae – meaning a sweet song
  • Bernadette – meaning brave as a bear. It is the name of the saint who saw the apparition of Mother Mary (Virgin Mary) in Lourdes
  • Aceline – meaning a noble woman
  • Ninette – meaning God’s valuable talent
  • Elodie – meaning foreign riches
  • Fayette – meaning a little fairy Fleur
  • Marlène – meaning a graceful star of the sea
  • Chloe – meaning green shoot
  • Nathalie – meaning born on Christmas day
  • Zélie – meaning mother
  • Elaine – meaning shining light
  • Inés – meaning chaste
  • Monique – meaning a wise counselor
  • Rosalee – meaning garden with roses
  • Adalaide – meaning a noble person
  • Severine – meaning a stern person
  • Denise – meaning devoted to the wine god
  • Ember – a French variation of Amber

French Gender Neutral Names

Popular French girl names (and boys’ names) are gender-neutral. It means that parents can use a name for baby girls or boys. 

For example, some English speakers think Claude is masculine, but it’s a gender-neutral name.

Here are some unique neutral gender names with their meaning:

  • Adel – a famous French name meaning “noble” or “elite”
  • Aramis – meaning “from France”
  • Axel – meaning “my father is peace”
  • Jade – meaning “a precious stone”
  • Jeryn – meaning “the chosen one
  • Charnell – meaning “burial place”
  • Elie – meaning “the Lord is my God”
  • Gene – meaning “born to nobility”
  • Jules – meaning “youthful”
  • Rusti – meaning “red head”
  • Simone – meaning “God has heard”
  • Candide = meaning “white”
  • Chandler – meaning “maker of candles”
  • Darel – meaning “one who is tenderly loved”
  • Dior – meaning “a beautiful present”
  • Jocelin – meaning “little Goth”
  • Monet – meaning “to be heard”
  • Paris – a name that refers to the city
  • Rivera – meaning “river”
  • Sofiane – meaning “one who walks fast”
Traditions For Names In French

Names Traditions In The French Culture

In general, French people have a first name, a family name, and a middle name in some cases. However, parents choose the first name (given name) at birth, and it always comes before the family name.

French boys and girls inherit the family name from their parents. It is also common to see a young woman adopting the husband’s family name, but it is not a legal requirement. French names have masculine and feminine versions.

Parents can choose any French baby name for their little girl or boy based on the meaning of the names or personal preferences. French people can choose a classic, traditional, or any masculine or female name. Still, if it is considered offensive, a government official has the right to disapprove of it.

French baby boy names can transform into French girls’ names by adding a suffix to create a female version. 

Here is the suffix that you can add to have the female version of a name:

  • -ie
  • -ine
  • -que
  • -elle
  • -ette
  • -anne

A classic example is Antoine’s masculine name, which becomes Antoinette in the female version. You have to become more familiar with French to know which feminine version is correct for a name.

Addressing French People With Their Titles And Names

When baby girls or boys become adults, it is common in France to follow etiquette. Following the French form, people are addressed with Madame (for girls), Monsieur (for men), or Mademoiselle (for young girls). It is common to use those titles without the name, and it is considered impolite to use one of these French words followed by the first name.

For example, if a person is called Philippe, you will not say Monsieur Philippe in addressing him. But you would say Philippe or Monsieur.

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