#1 Best Guide To Croatian Phrases For Emergencies

Want to know some Croatian phrases for emergencies? If so, we got you. In case you ever find yourself traveling to Croatia for a vacation or living there long-term, it is important to know these phrases in order to keep yourself safe and to maintain peace of mind if you ever find yourself in an unexpected situation.

You can learn Croatian emergency phrases and more here!

Is It Safe To Go To Croatia?

Like all other travelers, it is important to know if the country you’ll be traveling to is relatively safe or if you have to take more precautions when going around. While there might be various unforeseen circumstances that might happen upon your visit, is Croatia generally a safe country?

Croatian Phrases For Emergencies

The answer to that question is yes! Croatia is definitely a safe country to be in. If you compare it to other countries in Europe, the crime rate is very low.

Having said that, if you plan to visit Croatia, you can rest assured you’ll have peace of mind you want. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn some Croatian emergencies phrases. In fact, no matter where you travel, it’s important to learn the emergency phrases of that country in order to avoid any miscommunication.

Croatian Phrases For Emergencies To Know By Heart

Although situations can vary, it’s important to know basic emergency vocabulary in case you face any unexpected circumstances.

English Croatian Pronunciation
I need help Trebam pomoć
Can you help me? Možete li mi pomoći?
Where is the police station? Gdje je policijska postaja?
Please call the police Molimo pozovite policiju
Can you please call the ambulance? Možete li nazvati hitnu pomoć?
Please help me Molim te pomozi mi
Where is the hospital? Gdje je bolnica?
Please take me to the hospital Molim te odvedi me u bolnicu
Help me! Pomozi mi!
I lost my passport Izgubio sam putovnicu
There is a fire! Postoji vatra!
Call the firefighters Pozovite vatrogasce
Where is the nearest bus station? Gdje je najbliži autobusni kolodvor?

If you are want to embark on a Croatian holiday, knowing these phrases is a must. If you plan on learning any Croatian, please learn these by heart! After all, it’s always better to be prepared than underprepared, right?

Other Vocabulary To Keep In Mind During Your Visit To Croatia

Aside from emergency phrases, it is also important to learn other basic Croatian words before your visit. Learning some basic Croatian will help you have a much better and more memorable trip! Isn’t that what we all want?

Learning basic Croatian words and greetings can help you in terms of communicating with the locals and avoiding being misunderstood. Though the Croatian language can be tricky, all you have to do is try your best! Remember that no one is expecting you to be fluent overnight.

croatia travel words and phrases for emergency in croatian

Whether you’re learning basic greetings like good morning (dobro jutro,) good afternoon (dobar dan), or good night (laku noć), these can really make a huge difference when you’re talking with locals and put a a smile on their face. So, here are some important words to keep in mind!

English Croatian Pronunciation
Nice to meet you Drago mi je
Can I have a receipt? Mogu li dobiti račun?
Do you have…? Imate li…?
I’m sorry Žao mi je
Thank you very much Puno hvala
Where are you from? Odakle ste?
You’re welcome! Molim
Please Molim vas

Want To Take Even More Precautions? Purchase Travel Insurance

A good way to travel without fear is to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance can protect you from various emergencies, ranging from medical to personal. With travel insurance, there is the reassurance that you can travel both covered and protected, so you won’t be harmed by any unforeseen circumstances or situations.

While Croatia is a safe country to travel to, you can always choose to travel with more security and protection.

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