Discover 60+ Useful Household Items Vocabulary In Tamil

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Searching for household items vocabulary in Tamil? A quick search will give you terms such as “alaṅkāram” (அலங்காரம்_ for decor, “karanti” (கரண்டி) for spoon, and “pāy” (பாய்) for mat. But there are many more!

This part of language learning is interesting. You get to call the items in your home in a different language, in this case, Tamil. If you’re bound to travel to this Indian region speaking the Tamil language, you’d also find it easier to shop for home items and decor. So, let’s begin adding more to your Tamil vocabulary, shall we? 

Common Household Items Vocabulary In Tamil

Similar to other languages, Tamil combines language with Tamil culture. From the intricately designed “Nakai peṭṭi” (நகை பெட்டி) or jewelry box to the symbolic “Veḷḷai caṅku” (வெள்ளை சங்கு) or white conch shell, each item tells a story, rooted in tradition and history.

Categorizing The Household Items 

Organizing vocabulary into logical categories, such as kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, will make it easier for you to memorize and learn proper usage of the words and use them in sentences:

Kitchen – Camaiyalaṟai (சமையலறை)

Mixerகலவை Kalavai
Forkமுள் கரண்டிMuḷ karaṇṭi
Ladleஅகப்பை Akappai
Microwave Ovenநுண்ணலை அடுப்புNuṇṇalai aṭuppu
Teapotதேநீர் தொட்டிTēnīr toṭṭi
Cutting Boardவெட்டுப்பலகைVeṭṭuppalakai

Bedroom – Paṭukkaiyaṟai (படுக்கையறை)

Dresserஆடை அணிபவர்Āṭai aṇipavar
Air Conditionerகுளிரூட்டிKuḷirūṭṭi
Bookshelfபுத்தக அலமாரிPuttaka alamāri
Alarm Clockஅலாரம் கடிகாரம்Alāram kaṭikāram

Bathroom – Kuḷiyalaṟai (குளியலறை)

Bathtubகுளியல் தொட்டிKuḷiyal toṭṭi
Toilet Paperகழிப்பறை காகிதம்Kaḻippaṟai kākitam
Toothbrushபல் துலக்குதல்Pal tulakkutal
Hair Dryerமுடி உலர்த்திMuṭi ulartti
Shower Curtainகுளியலறை திரைKuḷiyalaṟai tirai
Towel Rackதுண்டு ரேக்Tuṇṭu rēk
Bath Towelகுளியல் துண்டுKuḷiyal tuṇṭu
Soap Dishசோப்பு டிஷ்Cōppu ṭiṣ
Toilet Brushகழிவறை துடைப்பான்Kaḻivaṟai tuṭaippāṉ

Now, let’s take a look at a list with the frequently used household items in Tamil and use them in sentences:

Table – Mēcai (மேசை)

Usage: That table is useful for college students.

Tamil Translation: Anta aṭṭavaṇai kallūri māṇavarkaḷukku payaṉuḷḷatāka irukkum (அந்த அட்டவணை கல்லூரி மாணவர்களுக்கு பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும்)

Plate – Paathiram (பாத்திரம்) 

Usage: He ate biryani on his plate.

Tamil Translation: Taṭṭil piriyāṇi cāppiṭṭāṉ (தட்டில் பிரியாணி சாப்பிட்டான்)

Bed – Paṭukkai (படுக்கை)

Usage: He is working on the bed.

Tamil Translation: Avar paṭukkaiyil vēlai ceykiṟār (அவர் படுக்கையில் வேலை செய்கிறார்) 

Pronunciation Tips

Mastering pronunciation is crucial in language learning. Here are some tips to help you pronounce the household items names accurately:

  • ப (ba) is pronounced like “ba” in “banana.”
  • ட (ḍa) is similar to the English “d,” but it’s pronounced with a light tap on the tip of your tongue against your upper front teeth.
  • க் (k) is pronounced like the English “k,” but it’s unaspirated and crisp.
  • ரு (ru) is pronounced as a soft “ru” sound, similar to the “r” in the French word “fleur.”

Interesting Cultural Insights About The Household Items In Tamil

Here are some some fascinating cultural facts related to household items in Tamil culture:

Fruit Basket – Paḻakkūṭai (பழக்கூடை)

In Tamil households, a well-decorated fruit basket is a symbol of hospitality. Guests are often offered fruits as a gesture of warmth and welcome.

Pillow – Talaiyaṇai (தலையணை)

Locals prefer using pillows with bright colors and traditional patterns and designs. These elements reflect their love for both comfort and beauty in their daily lives.

pillows and beddings in neutral colors

Jewelry Box – Nakai Peṭṭi (நகை பெட்டி)

Jewelry boxes often get the spotlight during weddings and other celebrations. They are used to display precious jewels or ornaments that symbolize wealth and blessings. Locals believe that jewelry boxes represent the preservation of their family traditions and values. This is why they pass the items through generations and are considered prized possessions.

Dresser – Āṭai Aṇipavar (ஆடை அணிபவர்)

Dressers are essential in Tamil homes. Traditional Tamil attire, like the saree, is often intricately folded and carefully stored in drawers.

Thermometer – Veppamāṉi (வெப்பமானி)

In Tamil culture, thermometers are essential home tools, especially when traditional remedies and holistic healing methods are commonly practiced.

Brass & Bronze Utensils – Pittaḷai Maṟṟum Veṇkala Pāttiraṅkaḷ (பித்தளை மற்றும் வெண்கல பாத்திரங்கள்)

It’s common to find brass and bronze utensils in many kitchens in Tamil Nadu. Aside from being good investments since they are known to be durable, people also believe that the materials have health benefits when used for cooking. Most households pass these utensils from generation to generation.

household items vocabulary in Tamil

Scenarios Where Knowledge Of Household Items Vocabulary In Tamil Is Beneficial

Why would you memorize these household items in Tamil? Here are some instances where you can make good use of the knowledge:

Shopping In Local Markets

When strolling in the markets of Chennai or Madurai, you can communicate effectively with local vendors about what items you are looking for.

Cooking Authentic Tamil Cuisine

If you’re passionate about cooking and want to try your hand at preparing authentic Tamil dishes, knowing kitchen-related vocabulary is essential. You can follow recipes, ask for ingredients at the local grocery store, and engage in culinary discussions with Tamil-speaking chefs.

Fostering Friendships And Relationships

Whether visiting Tamil-speaking friends or attending family gatherings, using household items vocabulary in conversation adds a personal touch. 

Travel And Exploration

Traveling in Tamil Nadu or other Tamil-speaking regions becomes more enriching when you can engage with locals in their native language. You can ask for directions, inquire about accommodations, and appreciate the cultural significance of items you encounter.

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