15+ Basic Croatian Phrases: An Easy List!

Planning a trip to Croatia? Then you must know these basic Croatian phrases to make your trip more easy and more fun! These useful Croatian phrases will help you navigate your trip to the country and boost your chances of creating meaningful connections with the locals. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

The Croatian Language

If you want to learn Croatian, then you must also know the shocking truths about it!

First, it is a part of the Slavic language. Languages like Polish, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, and more! Although this language is deemed to be a challenge to learn, a lot of people are still interested in speaking Croatian fluently or just knowing the essential words as well as the basic phrases.

Because this language is also phonetic, the basic words and phrases are straightforward to pronounce. The Croatian pronunciation is a walk in the park! Not just that, but Croatia’s official language is enjoyable to many because how it is very diverse, has a lot of resources, and can open language learners to a new world of learning.

So if you want to visit Croatia and vibe around the Croatian coast, it is safer to learn more about its local language – understanding its valuable phrases and the basic phrases and memorizing its valuable words.

Croatian Phrases That You Must Know!

There are so many words and phrases that a person must know to understand and speak a specific language fully.

If you want to speak a native language besides speaking English, then learning and widening your vocabulary is one of the things that are inevitable for you to know about.

Basic Croatian Phrases

Whether it is basic Croatian or just a couple of words in Croatian, these are a big help when you want to be fluent in the Croatian language.

So, if this interests you, you should know more and learn about these Croatian phrases that can help you in everyday situations and on your journey to speak Croatian.

Before you know it, you might not even need to translate words or read the subtitles. Read on to learn more!

English Croatian
Good morningDobro jutro
Good afternoonDobar dan
Good eveningDobra večer
I’m sorryŽao mi je
Thank youHvala vam
How are you?Kako si? (Informal)
How are you?Kako ste? (Formal)
I’m fine Ja sam dobro
What’s your name?Kako se zoveš (Informal)
What’s your name?Kako se zovete (Formal)
My name is…Zovem se…
I am from…Ja sam iz
Where are you from?Odakle ste (Informal)
Don’t worryNe brini
I love youVolim te
Can I pay?Mogu li dobiti račun?
Nice to meet youDrago mi je
How much?Koliko je
What time is it?Koliko je sati
Can I see the menu?Mogu li dobiti jelovnik
Where is…Gdje je…


These are just some of the basic Croatian words and phrases that you might hear or are spoken by the locals. It isn’t a lot, but starting somewhere is definitely a huge step already!

May it be learning a couple of essential words or simply understanding basic Croatian, having knowledge of this can be a really big help when it comes to making friends and connections all around the globe.

Not just that, but these useful words can also help you learn other languages, especially if it is a Slavic language since the structure and the basic forms of their official languages are close to the same.

Final Reminder!

Basic Croatian Phrases

Learning a new language is hitting two birds with one stone. This is because you get to learn while also enjoying yourself and being able to dig deep and assess your skills and capabilities as a person.

Sometimes learning a new language can be scary, especially when you don’t know what to do or where to even begin. Even if that’s the case, as long as there is commitment, discipline, and patience to learn, you are definitely set to achieve your language goals and take on this new language learning experience.

Because even if it can be a tedious task, it is definitely worth your time. It will allow you to make meaningful relationships or even increase your knowledge.

Learning Croatian and knowing about the Croatian language is definitely a fun experience that you do not and should not miss! May it be through a couple of Croatian words a day or perhaps a new Croatian lesson a week, the resources are endless, especially if you use the Ling App!

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Basic Croatian Phrases

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