15+ Exciting Ways To Say Congratulations In French

Congratulations in French

Knowing how to say congratulations in French can make an impact on someone’s life. Whether you’re a tourist, an expat, or a long-term resident in a French-speaking country, offering even a simple congratulations to locals will be appreciated. Before saying anything, you must consider local customs and cultural differences. Consider the following before you say congratulations in French:

  • Is this a formal or informal situation?
  • Who are you congratulating? People you know, family, or strangers?
  • Why do you wish someone congratulations? What is the situation?

Seems like a fun thing to learn about? We’ll go over the basics, including some grammar points on how to best wish congratulations in French. Let’s go!

How To Say Congratulations In French

The French word for “congratulations” is félicitations

However, today it’s mainly the older generations that will say this. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t use it! It’s just that there are more common phrases used that we’ll go over later in this article. French is a language with many rules, especially when it comes to grammar and conjugations. Here is how you would conjugate félicitations in French:

PronounConjugated VerbEnglish Translation
(I) JeFéliciteI congratulate
(You) TuFélicitesYou congratulate
(He, She, It) Il, elle, onFéliciteHe, she, it, we congratulate
(We) NousFélicitonsWe congratulate
(You) VousFélicitezYou congratulate
(They) Ils,ellesFélicitentThey congratulate

Now let’s look at a few common phrases to wish congratulations in French.

General Ways To Say Congratulations In French

Wish congratulations in French

These are the more common ways that French people use to wish each other congrats. You should consider these informal ways to say congratulations and only use them with French friends or people you know.

Bien joué

In English, bien joué means “well played.”

It’s a phrase you use in any sporting or gaming event to say to your opponent or the winner. It’s a simple way to say congratulations. For example, if you were in a football match, at the end of the game, you would shake hands with your opponents and wish them bien joué.


Bravo is actually borrowed from the Italians and has become a standard and casual way to offer congratulations in French. It translates to well done or congrats. To use bravo, you say it as a single word, which can be used in any situation.


Okay, so yes, while chapeau directly translates to “hat” in English, don’t worry! When you say chapeau to people, you’re not yelling at them. That would be hilarious, though.

The term originates from the phrase, “Hats off to you!” This is an informal way in English to wish someone well. In French, it’s used to express the idea of “well done” when people accomplish small achievements and, like bravo, is used on its own as a single word.

Now let’s learn ways to offer more sincere congratulations, which would be used to provide formal congratulations in French.

Je Tiens à Vous Féliciter Pour…

In English, this translates to “I have to congratulate you for….”

This is a great phrase to use with people you don’t know very well or in a professional setting. It needs to be completed, though, because you’re offering well wishes.

Tous Mes Compliments

This translates to “All my compliments” and can be altered to be used in various situations, such as:

  • tous nous compliments (all our congratulations)
  • tous mes compliments (all my congratulations)

Je Vous Félicite

You would use this phrase formally to say, “I congratulate you.” Usually, you would add what you’re congratulating for, such as Je vous félicite pour votre promotion (I congratulate you on your promotion.)

Congratulation Wishes In French For Different Occasions

Here are different lists of wishes that you can use according to the occasion.

French Congratulation Phrases For Weddings Or Engagements

Congratulations on your wedding in French

Attending a wedding? Did someone you know get engaged? These are some ways you can congratulate the m on these big moments.

EnglishFrench TranslationPronunciation
Congratulations on your engagement!Félicitations pour vos fiançailles!
Cheers to the new coupleBravo au nouveau couple
Let me start by wishing you a happy engagement.Permettez-moi de commencer par vous souhaiter de joyeuses fiançailles
Cheers to your wedding!Vive votre mariage!
Congratulations to the future coupleFélicitations au futur couple

French Congratulation Wishes For Job Success

Congratulations in getting the job in French

Whether it’s a friend or a colleague who has made great achievements at work, here are some phrases to offer your support in a job well done.

EnglishFrench TranslationPronunciation
You did a great jobVous avez fait un très bon travail
Good luck with your new jobBonne chance avec votre nouveau travail
Congratulations on your promotionFélicitations pour votre promotion
Cheers to your new work lifeVive votre nouvelle vie professionnelle
Congrats! You got the dream jobFélicitations! Tu as le job de rêve
Congratulations. You deserve this promotionToutes nos félicitations. Vous méritez cette promotion

French Congratulations For Graduation

Congratulations on graduating in French

Pretty well, every stage of schooling is celebrated with graduation, so you’re going to need these phrases if you’ve got friends with children or kids of your own.

EnglishFrench TranslationPronunciation
Congratulations on your graduationFélicitations pour ton diplôme
Congratulations on your diplomaFélicitations pour votre diplôme
You did it! Congrats!Tu l’as fait! Félicitations!
Congrats to the new graduateFélicitations au nouveau diplômé
You deserve the praiseVous méritez les éloges
You worked hard. CongratulationsTu as travaillé dur. Toutes nos félicitations
All the best to your futureTout le meilleur pour votre avenir

Congratulation Wishes For Motherhood In French

Congratulations in getting the job in French

Having a child is a huge moment. Congratulations are appreciated when a new bundle of joy enters someone’s life.

EnglishFrench TranslationPronunciation
Welcome to motherhoodBienvenue à la maternité
Congratulations on becoming parentsFélicitations pour être devenus parents
Wishing your family all the bestJe souhaite le meilleur à ta famille
Congrats on your new babyFélicitations pour votre nouveau bébé
Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby girl/boyFélicitations pour l’arrivée de votre nouveau bébé fille/garçon
Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boyFélicitations pour l’arrivée de votre nouveau bébé garçon
Congratualtions on the new arrivalFélicitations pour la nouvelle arrivée

Congrats! You Made It (Félicitations! Tu l’as fait)

Now know some of the best and easiest ways to congratulate someone in French in all sorts of situations. There is, of course, more to learn about the French language related to this topic, such as:

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