49+ Albanian Adverbs That Are Easy To Learn!

Albanian Adverbs

Are you curious to know some useful Albanian adverbs? Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs and provide additional information about the action or state being described. By using adverbs in Albanian, you can make your expressions sound more precise and descriptive. Let’s get to know more about it in today’s post!

Albanian adverbs offer a unique and rich source of expression that sets them apart from other languages. One fascinating aspect of Albanian adverbs is that they can take on many different forms depending on their function within the sentence. But don’t let that fact scare you from this language! You see, Albanian adverb construction is pretty much like English. For example, adverbs are usually formed by adding the suffix -shëm while we add -ly in English.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s learn more in the sections below!


What Is An Adverb?

An adverb is a type of word that modifies or describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. It often provides more information about how, when, where, or to what extent an action or state occurs. For example:

  • She ran quickly. “Quickly” modifies the verb “ran” and tells us how she ran
  • The car is extremely fast. “Extremely” modifies the adjective “fast” and tells us to what extent the car is fast
  • They spoke softly and gently. “Softly” and “gently” modify the verb “spoke” and tell us how they spoke

Adverbs can take many forms, such as single words (quickly, slowly), phrases (in a hurry, with care), or clauses (although he was tired, he kept going). They are an important part of speech that can help make your writing more precise and descriptive.


How To Make An Adverb In Albanian?

Adverbs have a similar purpose in the Albanian and the English language. They can help you convey the intended meaning of your sentences more accurately. For example, if you want to describe the frequency of an action, you can use an adverb of frequency such as “shpesh” (frequently) or “asnjëherë” (never) to clarify how often the action occurs. The common adverbial construction is formed by adding the suffix “-isht” to the stem of an adjective. For example:

  • shpejt (fast) → shpejtësisht (quickly)
  • gjatë (long) → gjatësisht (at length)

However, many irregular adverbs in Albanian do not follow this pattern. As you learn Albanian grammar, you will be able to sport them. Some common irregular adverbs include:

  • mirë (good/well) → mirë (well)
  • keq (badly) → keq (badly)
  • herët (early) → herët (early)
Albanian Adverbs


Most Common Albanian Adverbs

If you’re learning Albanian, understanding the most common adverbs in the language is essential. Adverbs add depth and precision to your speech and writing, enabling you to convey a wide range of emotions, attitudes, and ideas. By mastering at least the basic adverbs, you’ll be able to express yourself with greater clarity and nuance, making it easier to communicate your ideas and feelings effectively. Let’s go over all those below!

A littlePak
In frontPërpara
AlwaysÇdo kohë
LaterMë vonë
More or lessPak a shumë
whereverKu ta gjejmë
In any caseNë çfarëdo rasti
BasicallyNë thelb
GenerallyNë përgjithësi
Once againPërsëri
In this wayNë këtë mënyrë
Without a doubtPa dyshim

There are way more adverbs in the Albanian dictionary, but the above are the most common adverbial construction that you can use in a daily conversation.


Frequency Adverbs In Albanian

If you want to describe how often an action occurs in Albanian, frequency adverbs are the key. These adverbs are an essential component of the language, providing a way to express the frequency of events and actions in both spoken and written language. Frequency adverbs are used to describe how often something happens, such as “rregullisht” (regularly), “shpesh” (often), or “një herë” (once). By mastering these adverbs, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively in Albanian and describe the frequency of events with precision and accuracy.

  • gjithmonë – always
  • rëndom – habitually
  • zakonisht – usually
  • shpesh – frequently
  • c- sometimes
  • rrallë – rarely
  • asnjëherë – never
  • çdo ditë – every day
  • çdo javë – every week
  • çdo muaj – every month
  • çdo vit – every year
  • në çdo rast – in any case
  • vazhdimisht – continuously
  • çdo gjëherë – every time
  • çdo herë – each time


Tips To Memorize Adverbs In Albanian Fast

Albanian Adverbs

Adverbs can be difficult to memorize, not only in the Albanian language. But here are some tips to learn Albanian adverbs and new words faster:

Practice Regularly

Like any other aspect of language learning, practicing regularly is essential to improve your skills. Set aside some time each day or each week to study and practice using a specific Albanian adverb. To practice, you can either try printing out or answering workbooks on this topic. You can also just set a specific time every single day wherein you’ll just read and try to make sentences using the adverbs in Albanian.

Use Them In The Context

It’s easier to remember adverbs when you see them used in context. Try to read or listen to Albanian texts or conversations that use adverbs, and make a note of how they are used. If it’ll help, look for fun resources that you can relate to so you can use what you learned in actual conversations.

Make flashcards

Creating flashcards with the adverb on one side and its translation on the other can effectively memorize new adverbs. Review the flashcards regularly until you have memorized all the adverbs. You can group the flashcard by categories such as frequency, location, time, manner, etc. This can help you remember them better and understand their usage more clearly.

Use Online Resources

Many online resources can help you learn Albanian adverbs, such as online courses, language learning apps, and websites with exercises and quizzes.

Practice With a Native Speaker

If possible, practice using adverbs with a native Albanian speaker. This can help you learn the correct pronunciation, usage, and idiomatic expressions.


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