Color Names In Albanian: 18 Vibrant Examples

Today we’re covering one of the fundamentals of the language- Color Names In Albanian. This is what kids are taught as one of the first things in their native language because it’s so fundamental in orienting yourself in the world. First some basics: (Red)- E kuqe (Green)- E gjelbër (Blue)- Blu

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Color Names In Albanian

RedE kuqe
GreenE gjelbër
YellowE verdhe
WhiteE bardha
Light GreenJeshile e hapur
Dark RedE kuqe e erret
MaroonNgjyrë gështenjë
Dark GreenJeshile të errët
Goldeni Artë
BlackE zezë

Color Theory – The Basics – Color Names In Albanian

If there’s one thing that we can agree on, it’s that colors are a human universal. Like numbers, every human culture in history has had a way of defining colors. Just think about what specific colors represent to you. In the Western world, is there anything more evocative than the red cross on the white background for the flag of England or the rainbow of the LGBTQ community? We even associate colors with animals, like the red rag meant to make the bull so angry or when we’re depressed, describing the feeling as ‘blue.’

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the most basic element of the color wheel. No matter how hard you try, you cannot make the primary colors by mixing any of the rest. As I’m sure you know, they’re red, yellow and blue.

Secondary Colors

Color Names In Albanian

As the name suggests, secondary colors are a combination of 2 primary colors. We get yellow if we mix red and orange or purple when we combine red and blue.

Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are a step removed again. These are made when you mix secondary with primary colors. They don’t have a distinctive essence and would be called things like turquoise for blue-green or maroon for red-purple.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors are variations on the same theme(hue). A famous use might be Picasso’s blue period in the artistic world, where all of his work was heavily influenced by just that one shade.

What Color Is The Albanian Flag?

The Albanian is red and black. The background is red, and a black double-headed eagle is superimposed on top. According to tradition, the red represents bravery and bloodshed when building the nation. The black eagle is a potent symbol in Albania and is still proudly flown by Albanians. 

Color Names In Albanian

Note: The wing has 9 feathers, and the tale has 7 feathers.

The history of the Albanian flag is long and storied. It goes back to the 15th century when the legendary Skanderberg defected from the ottoman empire and fought against them as rebels. Skanderberg used an old Byzantine flag that had a double-headed eagle. The eagle was readopted by Albanian nationalists in the 18th and 19th centuries.

What Color Is Albania?

This is a slightly strange sentiment, but I find every country has a certain color. Whether the vermillion of the Lao countryside or the coral blue of the Bahamas.

The mountains of Albania in the springtime have a resemblance to Switzerland. There are deep green pastures with blue lakes with white-capped mountains. The seaside looks like Latin Italy or Greece, which isn’t surprising given its geographical proximity. There’s a lot of turquoise water with yellow-sand beaches.

Of course, Albania has its fair share of blandness. Communist architecture is famous for its drabness Although communism is in Albania’s past, it still is evident in the historical gray buildings.

Learn Albanian With Ling

So why should you spend your hard-earned cash on Ling? The most obvious example is what it does for your self-esteem. Everybody needs a goal in their life, and one of the most accessible is to learn a second language.

Learning a second language also opens doors that you could never have imagined. It gives you access to working and living in your chosen country. However, what comes with that is the connection you make with local people. Language has other uses than making money. It is about making connections with local people and spreading the idea of harmony. If you speak to someone in their own language, they take a firm measure of you and generally treat you like a brother or sister.

What Does Ling Do Specifically?

Learn with Ling

Ling has listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar practice. The thing that people visit our app like the most are the SRS flashcards that allow you to practice Any Albanian word you want. Another massive positive is the fact that native speakers record all our content. That means your accent will be the real deal.

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Now you’re armed with your Ling account, Albanian content, and your list of colors; travel to Albania now.

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