11 Useful Question Words In Albanian You Should Know

If you’re trying to learn question words in Albanian you are at the right place. I will try to help you with question words and interrogative expressions. Hope you will find some useful resources in this blog post. Also, few things about Albanian grammar won’t hurt you and we will talk about it a bit. 

In the beginning, I have one piece of advice for you: try to concentrate on the examples and notice the pattern that happens each time the word changes its place. Also, don’t forget to check the other blog post listed below this article. Enjoy the rest of this blog post!


Question Words In Albanian

Learning the Albanian Questions you can see below is vital to the language. Albanian questions may be either a linguistic expression used to make a request for information or else the request itself made by such an expression. Usually, it starts with why, how, where, when.

Grammar Tips

In the Albanian language, you can ask a question in 4 different ways to get a yes or no answer, and here they are:

Verb + pronoun: Unlike English, you don’t use the auxiliaries do and do in the Albanian language. ¿A ka ajo kohë të lirë? (Does she have free time?)

Pronoun + verb: Only your intonation makes the sentence interrogative: ¿ A ka ajo kohë të lirë? (Does she have free time?)

Verb +…+ pronoun. The pronoun goes last ¿Tiene tiempo libre ella? (Does she have free time?)

  • At the end, you can also make a question by adding a tag question to the end of a statement. Ajo nuk ka kohë të lirë ¿jo/nuk/ s’ka

In the Albanian language, you have 3 ways of negative form which are:

jo, nuk and s’ka.

“A” nuk ka ajo kohë të lirë? ¿vërtetë? or sometimes we erase “A”, just we say: Nuk ka ajo kohë të lirë? (She has free time, doesn’t she)

Here are some examples:

Albanian Question Words English Questions
Pyetjet Questions
si? how?
kush? who?
çfarë? what?
per cfare what…for?
pse? why?
ku? where?
kur? when?
të cilat? which?
kujt? whom?
të cilit? whose?
pse jo? why don’t?


How + Adj/Adv Questions

We use how + adj/adv questions when we want to ask about the extent or degree of something in Albanian.

Question Words In Albanian

Albanian Question Words English Questions
sa larg? how far?
sa gjatë? how long?
sa shume? how many?
sa shumë? how much?
sa vjec? how old?
si ka ardhur? how come? (informal)

Did you notice the structure of the Questions in Albanian has a logical pattern? Let’s locate the Questions above and see how it works with the rest of the sentence in Albanian.

Some interrogative sentences in the Albanian language are formed using the interrogative pronouns: Kush (Who) and Çfarë (What), and placing the subject after the linking verb jam. 

Example: Kush jam unë? (Who am I?). Kush është ai? (Who is he?).


List Of Questions In The Albanian Language

List Of Questions In The Albanian Language
Question Words In Albanian

Below you can find a list of the Questions and interrogative expressions in Albanian placed in a table. If you memorize this table it will help you add very useful and important words to your Albanian vocabulary.

Albanian Questions English Questions
Ku është ai? Where is he?
Çfarë është kjo? What is this?
Pse je e trishtuar (fem.) Why are you sad?
Sa do të paguash? (singl.) How do you want to pay?
Mund te vij (unë) ? Can I come?
Eshte ai në gjumë? Is he sleeping?
Ti më njeh mua? (singl.) Ju me njihni mua? (pl.) Do you know me?
A e keni librin tim? Do you have my book?
Sa i madh është ai? (masc.) How big is it?
Mund t’ju ndihmoj? Can I help you?
Mund të më ndihmoni mua? Can you help me?
Ju flisni anglisht? Do you speak English?
Sa larg është kjo? How far is this?
Sa është ora? What time is it?
Sa koston ky/jo? How much is this?
Si quhesh ? (singl.) si quheni? (pl.)  What is your name?
Ku jetoni? Where do you live?
Çfarë? Nuk te degjoj.Ti çfarë bëre? What? I can’t hear you. You did what?
Për çfarë e bëre atë? What did you do that for?
Cila ngjyrë dëshironi? Which color do you want?
Kush e hapi derën? Who opened the door?
Kë keni parë? Whom did you see?
Të kujt janë këto çelësa?E kujt është radha? Whose are these keys? Whose turn is it?
Përse e thua këtë? Why do you say that?
Pse nuk ju ndihmoj? Why don’t I help you?
Si punon kjo? How does this work?
Si ishte provimi juaj? How was your exam?
Sa larg është Skadar nga Tirana? How far is Skadar from Tirana?
Sa do të zgjas? How long will it take?
Sa vetura ka? How many cars are there?
Sa para keni? How much money do you have?
Sa vjeç jeni? How old are you?
Si nuk mund ta shoh? How come I can’t see her?


‘Jam’ Question Sentences In Albanian

In the Albanian language, changing a short statement into a question form follows the same structure as in English, except the fact that in Albanian a question sentence, most of the time, starts with ‘A’.

The full structure of a question sentence is (A) + verb ‘to be’ + personal pronoun. Consider the following question sentences using the verb ‘jam’:

Ti je Alberti. – (A) je ti Alberti? (Are you Albert?)

Ju jeni mirë. – (A) jeni ju mirë? (Are you well?)

Note that ‘A’ is optional. However, if you choose not to say it, your voice must sound like you are asking a question. The table on the left shows you the conjugation of ‘jam’ in the present indicative tense but in a question context.


‘Jam’ In Answers

When someone asks you a question, most of the time you reply with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. In Albanian, they say ‘po’ for ‘yes’ and ‘jo’ for ‘no’. In this part of the lesson, you will learn how to use ‘jam’ when you answer a question.

Consider the following examples and then try to make your own sentences in Albanian:

(A) je ti Alberti? – Po, unë jam Alberti. (Yes, I am Albert).

(A) jeni ju mirë? – Jo, ne nuk jemi mirë. (No, we are not well).


Final Thoughts

Questions and interrogative expressions have a very important role in Albanian. Once you’re done with Albanian Questions, you might want to learn more about basic words and phrases, alphabet and spelling, or Albanian sentence structure. You can consider trying Ling App which will help you master the Albanian language in an easy and fun way.

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