Health Vocabularies In Tagalog: 100+ Easy Words

Do you aspire to know some of the medical and health vocabularies in Tagalog? Then this blog post will be beneficial to your language learning about medical terms. Let’s get this conversation going.

Planning to visit the Philippines? In case of an emergency, you might find yourself seeking medical attention. For that reason, it is integral that you learn about what to expect when it comes to the Philippine healthcare system. While it may not be as advanced as those that you can see in Japan or China, the country has very dedicated medical staff who will do their best to help you out. Learn more below!


The Philippine Healthcare

Although the Philippines’ healthcare program is of excellent quality, it differs significantly across rural and urban communities. Basically, private healthcare is much more dependable, and clinics are generally much better equipped than government ones.

Public hospital doctors and nurses are highly qualified in public health care. However, public healthcare in the Philippines has several shortcomings too. As a result, the Philippines’ public health system fluctuates from excellent in urban areas to insufficient in remote areas.

The management of the overwhelming number of Filipinos who rely on government healthcare and even the tendency of Filipino health workers to migrate to Western countries puts government healthcare at risk. Therefore, certain hospitals have overworked staff and/or are usually understaffed. Also, patients may suffer treatment inconveniences.

When it comes to private healthcare, the Philippines has a well-established and growing business. Though doctors at private hospitals are still as skilled as those in public hospitals, private institutions are far more well-equipped, and treatments are usually quicker. Residents consider private services costly, whereas most foreigners consider them to be reasonable.

The Philippines’ increasing reputation as a health tourism destination can be linked to the considerable affordability for private treatment. The following are some of the health issues that are common in the Philippines:

Health Issues In The Philippines

  1. Nutrition and Physical Activity
  2. Obesity and Overweight
  3. Tobacco
  4. Abuse of Drugs
  6. Mental Well-Being
  7. Violence and Injuries
  8. Quality of the Environment
  9. Immunization
  10. Healthcare Access


Health Vocabularies In Tagalog

Health Vocabularies In Tagalog

Here are a few Tagalog terms to help you expand your medical vocabulary:

Tagalog Words/Phrases English Translation/Description
kalusugan health
ehersisyo exercise
mga sakit diseases/illnesses
kamatayan death
mga doktor doctors
mga sintomas symptoms
sakit sickness
karamdaman illness
masakit painful
may sakit the condition of illness
matamlay sluggish
stroke stroke
sore eyes sore eyes or conjunctivitis
malabo ang mata poor eyesight (nearsighted/farsighted)
bulag blind
bingi deaf
mga selula cells
hatsing/bahing sneeze
pipi mute
pampublikong kalusugan public health
makati ang lalamunan scratchy or itchy throat
namamalat ang boses squeaky voice
namamalat ang balat peeling skin
sakit sa puso heart problem
atake sa puso heart attack
pamamanhid numbness
ngalay fatigue
maga swelling
namamaga swollen
nahawaan infected
mahapdi ang balat when your skin stings, like with mild burns, this is the sort of pain you’ll feel.
mahapdi ang sikmura ulcerative colitis is a kind of gastrointestinal discomfort.
makati ang balat itchy skin
tagihawat acne/pimples
pasa bruise
peklat scar
sakit sa simura stomach pain
pangangasim ng sikmura heartburn
pangangasim ng tiyan acid reflux
paghilab ng tiyan stomach cramps
sintomas symptoms
impatso/impacho indigestion
nutrition nutrisyon
pagsusuka vomiting
suka vomit
hilo dizzy
pantog bladder
paggamot treatment
droga drugs
almuranas hemorrhoids
buntis pregnant
pagbubuntis the condition of being pregnant
nakunan pregnancy loss
raspa curettage and dilatation
reseta ng doktor doctor’s prescription
dugo blood
pagdurugo bleeding
mga pasyente sa ospital hospital patients
pampalabnaw ng dugo blood thinner/anticoagulant
altapresyon hypertension/high blood
kasukasuan joint
sakit sa kasukasuan joint problem
rayuma rheumatism
injury pinsala
pinsala sa paa foot injury
pilay disabled
tumutulong sipon runny nose
sugat wound
nana pus
lagnat fever
ubo cough
pandemya pandemic
sipon colds
trangkaso flu
pasma This is a well-known Filipino traditional disease that is not recognized by Western medicine. Musculoskeletal spasm may be the closest phrase.
pasmado “Pasma” is the state of having “pasma” (see description above). Hand tremors, sweaty hands, numbness, and discomfort are frequently attributed to “pasma.”
kanser cancer
kapansanan handicapped
tableta tablet
kapsula capsule
bitamina vitamins
kapansanan sa katawan living with disabilities
kapansanan sa pagiisip mentally challenged
bawal na gamot illegal drug
bawal forbidden or unlawful
bakuna vaccine
pagbabakuna vaccination
pangunahing lunas first aid
reseta medicatios
botika drugstore
ambulansya ambulance
klinika clinic
gamot medicine
pasta fillings in the teeth
emergency hindi inaasahang pangyayari
naduduwal nausea
saklay crutch
infection impeksyon
pasyente patients
bumukod isolate
antibiotics antibiotics
laboratoryo laboratory
mikrobyo virus/germs/bacteria
mga nars nurses
paglaganap spread
mga pagsusuri tests
buhay life
protokol sa pangkalusugan health protocol
tanda sign
walang panlasa a lack of taste
sistema ng kalusugan immune system
may mga sakit illnesses
mga ospital hospitals
ospital hospital
duktor/manggagamot doctor
dentista dentist
espesyalista specialist
nars nurse
pasyente patient
kondisyon ng mga pasyente patient’s condition
mga isyu sa kalusugan health issues
opera/operasyon a surgical procedure
inopera/naoperahan surgery was performed


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Health Vocabularies In Tagalog

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