5+ Best Ukrainian Proverbs For Total Beginners

Ukrainian Proverbs

Knowing a handful of proverbs is actually one of the greatest ways by which you can acquire more details about the language and the people’s culture. Because these sayings are filled with so much wisdom, they can be used as a way to connect with other people more profoundly!

In this article, we will dive into the various Ukrainian proverbs that will make you sound like a native speaker. While this language is a challenge to learn for some people but knowing these might just make the learning process easier. Are you ready? Read on below!

What Are Some Ukrainian Sayings?

Ukrainian is a wonderful language, and anyone who wants to master it should start by learning the interesting details related to it. One area that can make you love the language more is mastering its wisdom-filled sayings. Learn more about this in the sections below!

Ukrainian Proverbs Borrowed Bread Lies Heavy On The Stomach

Borrowed Bread Lies Heavy On The Stomach

In Ukrainian: Позичений хліб тяжко лежить на животі (Pozychenyy khlib tyazhko lezhytʹ na zhyvoti)

This means that sometimes, people will not be able to appreciate what they have if they do not go through difficult times. This shows that one must always be appreciative of whatever they have because you don’t really know what can come next.

A Hungry Wolf Is Stronger Than A Satisfied Dog

In Ukrainian: Голодний вовк сильніший за ситу собаку (Holodnyy vovk sylʹnishyy za sytu sobaku)

This Ukrainian proverb means that it is better to be hungry for progress than to be satisfied with being stagnant. This saying reminds us that while making mistakes and failing is a part of the process, it should not stop you from the passion for becoming better at what you do.

A Woman’s Beauty Cannot Warm A Winter’s Night

In Ukraianian: Жіноча краса не може зігріти зимової ночі (Zhinocha krasa ne mozhe zihrity zymovoyi nochi)

This is one of the Ukrainian proverbs that remind someone’s physical attributes will not be enough during hard times. At the same time, it is nice to be with someone that you are attracted to; how they are as a person and their personality will matter more than anything. A man’s or woman’s beauty might be nice at first, but it will surely not warm the winter’s night or on very challenging days for both of you!

Wise Men Learn From Other Men’s Mistakes

In Ukrainian: Мудрі люди вчаться на чужих помилках (Mudri lyudy vchatʹsya na chuzhykh pomylkakh)

This proverb is a timely reminder not to repeat the mistakes that other people have made but rather to learn from them. Because experience is the best teacher, it is also best that you learn from other experiences aside from your own too!

A Crow Will Never Be A Falcon

In Ukrainian: Ворона ніколи не стане соколом (Vorona nikoly ne stane sokolom)

This saying is a reminder that there are certain skills that some people have that you don’t and vice versa. At first glance, it may seem very discouraging to hear but do keep in mind that both a crow and a falcon can still serve their purpose at the end of the day – just differently. Aside from that, it can also act as a reminder that whatever you do, you will never be anyone but yourself.

The Malicious Cow Disturbs The Entire Herd

In Ukrainian: Злісна корова турбує все стадо (Zlisna korova turbuye vse stado)

This proverb means that one person with the wrong intentions might just rattle the community. This also reminds us to be careful with the people we choose to associate with. After all, not everyone is who they seem to be!

Ukrainian Proverbs The Fear Of Death Takes Away From The Simple Joy Of Living

The Fear Of Death Takes Away From The Simple Joy Of Living

In Ukrainian: Страх смерті позбавляє простої радості життя (Strakh smerti pozbavlyaye prostoyi radosti zhyttya)

Fear of the unknown? We feel you! Even if it cannot be helped, this proverb will surely remind you that being in fear of what’s to come might just stop you from living the life that you want.

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

In Ukrainian: Забагато кухарів псують бульйон (Zabahato kukhariv psuyutʹ bulʹyon)

Teamwork makes the dream work, but it certainly is not applicable to all kinds of situations! Sometimes, having just the right amount of people working on specific tasks is better than dividing minute tasks into a team of ten!

What Are Some Ukrainian Proverbs You Want To Learn?

These are just some of the many Ukrainian proverbs that will definitely change the way you think and might just be some values you will live by! While these can be interpreted differently, these sayings of Ukrainian origin are also a great way for you to know Ukraine’s culture a bit better! Want to get to know the language better? Keep reading below to discover our most recommended app!

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