Your #1 Best Guide To Health Vocabulary In Estonian!

Wherever you go, being sick is not something that you can control. That said, aside from taking the necessary precautions to avoid certain illnesses, it is also best to know various words and phrases related to your health so that you can explain your symptoms easier and get the treatment you need!

If you find yourself visiting Tallin for a holiday, knowing the health vocabulary in Estonian is a must! With the most common words related to health and medicine, you will be able to travel more confidently. If this is something that you are interested in, be sure that you read more down below!

Health Vocabulary In Estonian: All You Need To Know

Got a sudden headache during your trip? Pharmacies are not that quick to hand out medicines, especially to tourists, because they know that some pills might need some getting used to. Instead of giving you medicine, they might require you to visit a hospital instead. For this reason, learning the basic words and expressions when speaking with a nurse or the doctor can ensure that you’ll get the right treatment ASAP. Discover the best words to use below!

Body Parts In Estonian

 Health Vocabulary In Estonian

First things first: It is important that you know how to describe human body parts so that you will be able to accurately describe which part you have an issue with. Don’t worry because these words are very easy to remember and might just even help you build your Estonian vocabulary too!

Eye/EyesSilm/Silmad /
Feet/FootJalad/jalg /
Hand/HandsKäsi/Käed /
Left handVasak Käsi
Right handParem käsi

Health-Related Expressions

Still following? Good! Aside from knowing Estonian words that can describe the parts of your body, we also made a list of phrases and sentences that might come in useful when you want to explain your symptoms. Check it out below!

My…hurtsMu… valutab
My legs hurtMu jalad valutasid
I do not feel very wellMa ei tunne end eriti hästi
I have a headacheMul on peavalu
I have a stomachacheMul on kõhuvalu
I bruised my armMa murdsin oma käe
I have a big woundMul on suur haav
I have a small woundMul on väike haav
This part is very painfulSee osa on väga valus

Other Health And Medical-Related Words In Estonian

Bruise/BruisesVerevalumid/Sinikad /

2 Things That You Should Have And Do When Traveling To Estonia!

 Health Vocabulary In Estonian

Traveling alone? Aside from preparing what to say in case you feel ill on your Estonian holiday, there are things that you must do and have for safety measures. Learn more about these below!

Travel Insurance

Don’t go on a holiday without this! And because you never really know when you will be sick, come in prepared with travel insurance. Now that COVID is still on the rise, you must also confirm if the country has restrictions or requirements before you enter. Sometimes, immigration officers might ask you to bring a copy of your travel insurance to ensure that you’ll have something to take care of your expenses during an emergency. With this, you will be more at ease when you travel. Aside from that, it will surely make things easier for you too!

Get Vaccinated!

Boosters? Definitely! Don’t overlook vaccinations because these will be the added protection for your trip. Though it can be a hassle to get these vaccination shots, they will help you avoid diseases that you might encounter. Also, it will strengthen your immune system too!


While it is fun to travel, it is better to also go prepared. You do not ever want to feel helpless in times of sickness in a foreign place, right? Not only will it be difficult to find help, but the language barrier might play a critical role too. While we do not encourage you to stay up all night studying the Estonian language, we highly recommend that you master at least the basics.

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 Health Vocabulary In Estonian

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