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#1 Best Guide To Date And Time In Slovak!

July 21, 2022

Today's lesson is knowing how to read date and time in Slovak! Be prepared for an in-depth learning experience as we will walk you through the best keywords and expressions to use so native speakers will understand you better. After all, time is one of the most important aspects to learn when traveling to a new and possibly unfamiliar country because you surely don't want to miss your train, plane, bus, or an important meeting. Are you ready? Let's go!

Time Zones In Slovakia

Slovakia uses standard time and is located in the Central European Time time zone. In Slovakia, they observe daylight savings, which means the clocks are switched back and forward once a year. On the last Sunday in March, the clocks are switched back one hour to GMT +2. Then, on the last Sunday in October, the clocks are moved one hour ahead to GMT +3.

This can be confusing, so you'll see this indicated with Central European Summer Time (CEST) and Central European Winter Time (CEWT) to help you differentiate so you don't mix up dates or times in Slovakia.

The Slovak Calendar

The Slovak Calendar

The calendar used in Slovakia is the Georgian calendar, which is the calendar used in most parts of the world, including Europe. This means the year and dates will be the same. Nothing to worry about here or memorize!

All About Date And Time In Slovak

Here we go! We're going to dive into everything you need to know about telling the time and date in Slovak.

Days Of The Week In Slovak

Days Of The Week In Slovak

Here is your first lesson on the days of the week in Slovak. In Slovakia, the first day of the week is Monday. Knowing the days of the week is typically one of the first things you would have learned at school, just like yes and no!

English Slovak Pronunciation
Monday pondelok
Tuesday utorok
Wednesday streda
Thursday štvrtok
Friday piatok
Saturday sobota
Sunday nedeľu

Months Of The Year In Slovak

Here is how to say the read and say the 12 months of the year in Slovak to help you read the date or talk about your birthday. If you're into history, have a look at the original names for the months of the year in archaic Slovak.

English Slovak Pronunciation
January januára
February február
March pochod
April apríl
May smieť
June júna
July júla
August augusta
September september
October október
November november
December december

Here are ways to talk about birthdays:

  • When is your birthday? Kedy máš narodeniny?
  • My birthday is in July? Moje narodeniny sú v júli

Seasons In Slovak

Seasons In Slovak

You may enter into a conversation about the seasons, so here is the Slovak vocabulary to talk about the seasons:

English Slovak Pronunciation
Spring jar
Summer leto
Fall/Autumn jeseň
Winter zima

Days Of The Month In Slovak

To discuss and say the date in Slovak properly, you must know how to say the ordinal numbers:

English Slovak Pronunciation
1st najprv
2nd druhý
3rd tretí
4th ďalej
5th piaty
6th šiesty
7th siedmy
8th ôsmy
9th deviaty
10th desiaty
11th jedenásty
12th dvanásty
13th trinásty
14th štrnásty
15th piaty
16th šestnásty
17th sedemnásty
18th osemnásty
19th devätnásty
20th dvadsiaty
21st dvadsiateho prvého
22nd dvadsať sekúnd
23rd dvadsiaty tretí
24th dvadsiaty štvrtý
25th dvadsiaty piaty
26th dvadsiaty šiesty
27th dvadsiaty siedmy
28th dvadsiaty ôsmy
29th dvadsiaty deviaty
30th tridsiaty
31st tridsiaty prvý

How To Read The Year In Slovak

The years in Slovak are read just like regular numbers. So rather than split the year into halves, such as 2020 would be read in the west as 20/20 (twenty-twenty.) Rather in Slovak, the years are read like this:

  • 1989 or one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine = tisíc deväťsto osemdesiat deväť
  • 1997 or one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven =jedna tisíc deväť­sto deväťdesiat­sedem
  • 2010 or two thousand and ten = dve tisíc desať
  • 2022 or two thousand and twenty-two = dve tisíc dvadsať­dva

Reading The Date In Slovak

Unlike some countries around the world, in Slovakia, the date is read as day, month, or year. For example, it would be shown as 14/3/2022 and translate as:

štrnásty pochod dve tisíc dvadsať­dva (14th of March, 2022)

Times Of The Day

Being able to talk about the times of the day is important if you are planning a meeting for work meeting up with a friend. Here are the words to discuss times of day in Slovak:

English Slovak Pronunciation
Morning ráno
Lunchtime obed
Afternoon popoludnie
Evening večer
Dusk súmraku
Sunrise svitanie
Sunset západ slnka
Nighttime nočný čas

How To Tell Time In Slovak

In Slovak, you wouldn't read the time and say, for example, five o'clock. Rather you would say five hours. Let's see a few examples:

  • 5 o'clock - 5 hod
  • 7 o'clock - 7 hod
  • 12 o'clock - 12 hod

How Do You Differentiate Between AM And PM In Slovak?

  • Use hod after the time from 12 am - 11 am
  • Use hodín from 12 pm - 11 pm

Here are some examples:

  • 6 am -6 hod
  • 11 am - 11 hod
  • 5 pm - 5 hodín
  • 10 pm - 10 hodín

Do Slovaks Use The 12-Hour Or 24-Hour Clock?

Thankfully (depending on your preference), Slovakia uses the 12-hour clock. However, they do not denote mornings and afternoons using am or pm. Instead, they may use the terms above to denote times of day but more commonly differentiate using a different form of the word 'hour.'

How To Say Half-past, Quarter To, And Quarter Past In Slovak

Here are the terms related to quarters and halfs of time. When used with time, they change.

  • Quarter past = štvrť minulé
  • Quarter to = štvrte na
  • Half past = pol druhej

Half past is relatively easy to recall. Simply say pol and then the hour. Quarter past is the same as you'd expect, meaning 15 minutes past the hour. Quarter to also operates as it should with it, translating to 15 minutes to the next hour.

Here are some examples of what these look like in the Slovak language:

  • Quarter past 2 = štvrť minulé dva
  • Quarter past 7 = štvrť minulé sedem
  • Half past 8 = pol osem
  • Half past 1 = pol jeden
  • Quarter to 10 = tri štvrte na desať
  • Quarter to 4 = tri štvrte na štyri

A Quick Guide To Reading And Telling Time In Slovak

Here are some other time-related words in Slovak that are useful to know:

English Slovak Pronunciation
second druhý
seconds sekúnd
minute minútu
minutes minút
hour hodina
hours hodiny
day deň
days dni
week týždeň
weeks týždňov
month mesiac
months mesiacov
year rok
years rokov

Talking About Time In Slovak

Asking And Answering Questions About Time

English Slovak Pronunciation
What time is it? Koľko je hodín?
It is ___. to je
... eight o'clock. osem hodín
... half past eight. pol osem
... quarter past eight. štvrť na deväť
... quarter to eight. tri štvrte na osem
... 6 in the morning šesť ráno
... 7 in the evening o siedmej večer
... 10 at night desať v noci

Here's how you would ask about the date:

  • What date is it today? = Aký je dnes deň?
  • It's the twenty-second of January, two thousand ten. = Dnes je dvadsiaty druhý január dvetisícdesať.
  • What's the date today? = Koľkého je dnes?
  • It's the twenty-second of January, two thousand ten. = Dnes je dvadsiateho druhého januára dvetisícdesať.

Adverbs Of Time In Slovak

These are invaluable words to learn in Slovak so you can carry on daily conversations:

English Slovak Pronunciation
when Kedy
now teraz
soon čoskoro
later neskôr
a year ago pred rokom
last month minulý mesiac
last week minulý týždeň
yesterday včera
today dnes
tomorrow zajtra
next week budúci týždeň
next year ďalší rok
dawn svitanie
morning ráno
noon poludnie
afternoon popoludnie
evening večer
dusk súmraku
night noc
midnight polnoc

That's All For Time And Dates In Slovak!

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