#1 Easiest Guide To Estonian Question Words

Planning on making Estonian friends or visiting Estonia? If the answer is yes, start learning Estonian with these Estonian question words! These are a great way to introduce you to the language and help you get acquainted with the structure and sound of Estonian. If this interests you, read on!

Why Should You Learn Estonian Question Words?

Aside from the fact that these question words can be really helpful in communicating with people from Estonia, especially in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, they are a good way to increase your knowledge of the language. Through these words, not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the language, but you can keep building your Estonian vocabulary.

5 Estonian Question Words To Remember

Have fun learning these question words! There are only 5, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!


Now you know the most important words in Estonian. Easy, right? Now all that’s left to do is practice them with locals? The only way to truly learn a language is to practice, that way you can get feedback on things like pronunciation, overall sentence structure, and much more.

Learn More Through These Sentences!

Now that you have already been introduced to the question words in Estonian, what better way to know more about them than to integrate them into sentences! Not only will these examples help you learn more about Estonian, but they will get you familiar with the word order of the language and Estonian grammar rules.

Where are you from?Kust sa pärit oled?
How are you?Kuidas sul läheb?
What is your name?Mis su nimi on?
How old are you?Kui vana sa oled?
Can you help me?Kas sa saad mind aidata?
May I help you?Kas ma saan sind aidata?
Are you okay?Kas sinuga on kõik korras?
Do you need help?Kas vajad abi?
What time is it?Mis kell on?
Do you speak English?Kas sa räägid inglise keelt?
How much is this?Kui palju see on?
When is it?Millal see on?
May I know the location of the store?Kas tohin poe asukohta teada?

These are just a few of the many sentences where you can use Estonian question words. Aside from these being very helpful in building your vocabulary, they are a great introduction to the language.

The Beauty Of The Estonian Language

Since Estonian is spoken by over one million people worldwide, knowing the language can maximize your opportunities and help you create meaningful relationships and connections with those around you. By learning Estonian, you can develop your language skills while increasing your options, travel-wise, and career-wise.

Aside from that, the language alone will open you up to a beautiful culture and very rich history. If you’re interested, you can always do additional research about Estonia to learn more about the country. In fact, no matter if you plan on being there short-term or long-term, it’s always a good idea to be familiar with the basics of the country you’re traveling to. Regardless of your purpose for traveling, the history behind such a beautiful country should be reason enough for you to give the language a chance and learn it.

Is Estonian Hard To Learn?

Estonian Question Words

Of course, it all depends on who you ask. Some might say that Estonian is hard, while others might claim that it’s the easiest language they’ve ever learned. Unlike other languages, Estonian is a genderless language. Having said that, when you learn the language, there is no ‘he’ or ‘ she’ to describe someone. This could make it easier for some in terms of sentence structure and grammar.

While the vocabulary can be a bit tricky and there are a lot of case endings, it’ll be worth it in the end because knowing the language will open up opportunities for you and help you expand your knowledge.

Another factor that will play into whether the language is hard to learn is the effectiveness of the resources you’re using and your overall determination and interest to learn the language. Like learning any language, your progress ultimately depends on the time you give and the effort you put in!

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With the Ling App, you can learn languages on the go, no matter if you have an iOS or Android device. The app also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and run smoothly. With over 60 languages to choose from, from German to Spanish to Korean, you can find everything that you need to learn languages with the Ling App.

See what we’re talking about by checking out the Ling App today to get your language learning journey started! head õppimist (happy learning in Estonian)!

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