10+ Easy Words For Hobbies In Korean

Got free time and looking for the best words to describe specific hobbies in Korean language? In today’s post, we will walk you through the common words that you can use to answer the question, “취미가 뭐예요?” (pronounced as chwimiga mwoyeyo?) or what is your hobby? If you are up for that, then read on below!

In the Korean language, hobbies are known as 취미 or chwimi and it can be literally anything that is enjoyed by the locals. Some enjoyed painting, reading, watching TV, or playing a musical instrument, while a vast majority also consider shopping and walking as their favorite hobby. No matter what floats your boat, we highly recommend that you master the Korean translations for your hobbies, as these words can be useful to you in the long run. In fact, the locals love conversing with foreigners, and this question is one thing you should be prepared to answer in their local language.

Before we move forward with the vocabulary part of the post, let’s first walk you through some phrases which can be useful to you too.

EnglishKoreanPronunciation Guide
I like______좋아해요___ joahaeyo
My hobbies are ___제 취미는 ____예요je chwimineun ____ yeyo
I play _____ every day.나는 매일 ____ 친다I play ____ every day
I don’t like나는 좋아하지 않는다 Naneun joh-ahaji anhneunda
I cannot do ___ well저는 ____ 를 잘 못해요Jeoneun ____ reul jal mothaeyo
I like to do ____  for fun재미로 ____ 하는 걸 좋아해요Jaemiro ____ haneun geol joahaeyo


Hobbies In Korean Language

Now that you have an idea of the common expressions that you can use let’s now move our attention to the hobbies in Korean. Please do note that our focus here will be on those that the people in Korea regularly enjoy, which means that your hobby might not be here. If you’d like to unlock the whole lesson on hobbies, then there’s nothing that I would recommend more than the Ling App. From this highly recognized platform, you can get unlimited access to Korean language lessons and learn new words in a fun and engaging manner.

EnglishKoreanPronunciation Guide
Board games보드게임bodeugeim
Photography사진 찍기sajin jjikgi
Reading독서 dokseo
Video games비디오게임bidiogeim
Watching sports스포츠보기seupocheubogi

Based on reports, the country is very much interested in hobbies related to sports. This means that many are really into yoga and exercising. Another major hobby for the younger Koreans is the fact that they enjoy listening to music and dancing to the beat of any song. Perhaps, this is the reason why a huge percentage of the population is fit and energetic despite being surrounded by lots of sumptuous foods.

Aside from all that, Koreans also enjoy learning through the internet. Some of the top courses that many are going after include learning languages, games, and investing. We also should not forget that the locals also have indoor activities like watching Korean dramas, reading webtoons, cooking great food, and spending time with their family and friends.

How ab

out you? What are your hobbies? In the comment section below, let us know by using the Korean words and phrases that we have shared with you in this post. If you find that your hobby does not have a translation here, let us know too, and we will be glad to help you out.


Wrapping Up

Hobbies in korean Language

Learning a new language is truly an exciting endeavor for many. Of course, there are parts in the Korean language that might overwhelm you, especially since it has a distinct writing system different from Latin Alphabet. There’s also a big difference in terms of grammatical features and word order making this language one of the hardest Asian languages out there. But here’s the thing… unlocking the Korean language is possible with enough practice and consistency.

So long as you hear, talk, write and put the effort in ensuring that you immerse yourself with the language, then it is entirely possible to learn Korean and speak it like a total pro. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to learn a foreign language today. From online language exchange programs, use of online dictionaries and translators to applications, there really is a resource that will fit your needs and expectations.

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to discover the correct common words to use when speaking about hobbies in Korean. If you enjoyed this post and figured that you would enjoy spending time learning more, then don’t miss out on our previous Korean language posts like the common Korean namessentence structure, and flavors. But if you are someone who is interested in getting some free lessons to learn Korean and other foreign languages, then the platform created by Simya Solutions is what you should go after. Learn about it in the section below.


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Learn about Hobbies In Korean

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