Estonian Swear Words – Your #1 Comprehensive Guide

You might think it is a bit odd that a distinguished language app such as Ling should debase itself with a blog on some of the worst Estonian swear words imaginable. But as a leading language learning tool, we feel it is important to delve into all aspects of language, and swear words are an incredibly important, indeed integral aspect, of any language and culture and it is no different in Estonian culture.

That’s why we’ve built this article to show the not-so-good side of the Estonian language. Because a language is not made only by swear words, our Ling blog is filled with other topics about the Estonian language where we teach and show you the good side of this beautiful language. Don’t forget to check it out!

Estonian Swear Words, Phrases, And Colloquialisms

So let’s kick off with a list, in no particular order, of some of the fruitiest Estonian swear words and phrases:

oh shit, oh fuck, oh damn kurat
damn it, fuck you kurat võtku
what the hell mida kuradit
devil saatan
to piss kusema
go into ass (go to hell) mine persse
fuck off mine vittu
to fuck nikkuma
piss kusi
rotted (damn) raisk
shit sitt
to shit sittuma
vagina vitt
lazy munema
lazy munema
I’m pissed off kuraaddii kurat
oh damn kuradi kurat
(a) drunk muna joodik
ass perse
I don’t care/give a fuck mind ei koti
don’t fuck with me ära nussi minuga
bitch lits
whore hoor
go and fuck yourself mine ja keppi ennast
fuck off, get lost tõmba nahhui
dork jobu
fuck you keri persse
idiot oinas
piss off peksa pihku
asshole perseauk
asshole persevest
fucker raibe
shit head sitapea
prick türa
dickhead türapea
Estonian Swear Words

Estonia’s #1 Swear Word To Learn

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at Estonia’s most common swear word and how to properly use it.


The very first word on our list, kurat is probably the most common and versatile of the Estonian curses. Kurat translates into English as damn, shit, or fuck. Quite a few of the words and phrases on our list use kurat or kuradi in conjunction with other words to give those phrases a bit more spice.

Originally, kurat literally meant devil, but like all the best swear words has come to evince so much more. Like the word fuck in the English language, kurat is endlessly versatile. It can be used to express mild irritation, for example, if you drop something you might utter kurat under your breath, pick that something up, and get on with your life.

Or you might bellow kurat! at the top of your voice over and over after you stub your toe on that annoying bit of the bed, you endlessly forget sticks out just that little bit too far.

Estonians will use kurat if they are late for a meeting or stuck in traffic. They will say kurat when the opposing team scores a goal or they walk into a room and forget why they are there. Kurat is ubiquitous and you will probably hear it in its many intonations all over the place when you visit Estonia.


Kuradi is a modification of kurat and becoming the genitive case is akin to the English bloody or fucking. So you might hear an Estonian say the kuradi train is running late, or next-door’s kuradi dog just took another kuradi sitt on our kuradi lawn again. I kuradi hate that kuradi dog!


Taking the partitive case kurat becomes kuradit and can be used to indicate astonishment at a situation. For example, what the kuradit are you doing wearing my kuradi best shirt again, you kuradi kurat?

Estonian Swear Words

Swearing Is A Sign Of Intelligence

It was once thought that people who swear lack the vocabulary, intelligence, and ability to properly express themselves through language. However, this has been debunked and numerous studies have shown that those who have a well-stocked mental library of swear words at their disposal are more, not less, likely to have greater verbal fluency.

Swearing allows us to convey emotion, make a situation funny, and become more linguistically versatile. It can also be used to hurt and, when habitual, become boring. However, who doesn’t remember the thrill as a child of hearing their first taboo words and experiencing a thrill? Used properly a few well-placed swear words add color to language. Take these Estonian phrases for example:

Kukkugu sul munn magades otsast, or May your dick fall off while you are asleep.

Ma hüppan sulle palja tagumikuga näkku, or I will jump on your face with my naked arse.

Swearing As Pain Relief

The benefits of having a good swear are seemingly endless. In a recent experiment, a group of volunteers was asked to hold their hands in a bucket of ice-cold water while repeating swear words. They were then asked to do the same experiment while repeating neutral, non-swear words. Yep, you guessed it, while swearing the subjects were able to hold their hands in the ice water longer, the experience was less painful and their heart rates rose higher than when they were repeating the neutral words.

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