30+ Funny Phrases In Latvian You Need To Know

Funny Phrases In Latvian

If you are planning a trip to Latvia, then this blog is just for you! No matter where you travel, especially when it is a new country or state, knowing the local lingo always gives a very sophisticated, down-to-earth impression of your personality. For this reason, you should always learn languages and prioritize them. And with some basic knowledge of funny phrases in Latvian and common Latvian phrases, you are sure to become one of those amusing tourists. Ready to learn more about that? Let’s get started!

The Latvian language, also known as the Lettish, is one of the Baltic languages of the Indo-European family that found its roots in the 16th century and is now amongst the popularly recognized languages in the European family. It is a fun and fascinating language that is not too easy nor too hard to learn. Especially if you are familiar with Estonian to Lithuanian, this language will be no different for you.

Moving on, to get you acquainted with the amusing character of the baltic language and help your witty personality shine with charisma, we have gathered some great phrases that you can learn and show off once you land in Latvia. Let’s get started and learn funny phrases in Latvian right away!

Quirky and Funny Phrases In Latvian

Quirky And Funny Phrases In Latvian

Learning slang or funny phrases always helps you get along well with the country’s locals. They tend to be more friendly towards you and bring out a warmer behavior when they realize that you know their language. But before you start creating complex words, you have to learn the simple and basic words to learn Latvian eventually. Here are some basic but exciting words you need to know as a new language learner.


These were some witty words that you can use in front of your local friends. Imagine you not just greeting using basic Latvian phrases but also adding some bits of humor in conversations! To make it a reality, now we will learn some simple phrases and the meaning of each that are quite funny and easy to understand.

Mans maks ir kā sīpols

Mans maks ir kā sīpols is a phrase that in English means “My wallet is like an onion.” It is a vocabulary construction that has a hidden meaning. It means that every time one opens his wallet, it makes him cry.

Esmu greizsirdīga uz saviem vecākiem

Esmu greizsirdīga uz saviem vecākiem is one of the funniest Latvian phrases that means “I am jealous of my parents” in English. This phrase means that the person will never have a kid so cool as his parents do.

Esmu ierobežots izdevums

Esmu ierobežots izdevums has a meaning that screams I am unique, and you will never be another like me. That means, in English, it says, “I am a limited edition.”

Nekļūsti no manis atkarīgs

Nekļūsti no manis atkarīgs is one of the phrases you want to speak while being witty. It means, “Don’t get addicted to me” in English. Simply being sarcastic about how good-looking you are!

Funny Phrases In Latvian Expressions To Make You Laugh

Latvian Funny Expressions To Make You Laugh

If you are looking for more direct, funny quotes or sayings that are effortless to understand, we have got you covered. Watch and learn these funny phrases in Latvian that are the most epic and interesting lines you will ever encounter on Google.

EnglishLatvian Funny Phrase
My windows aren’t dirty, my dog is paintingMani logi nav netīri, mans suns glezno
Of course, I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice.Protams, es runāju ar sevi, dažreiz man vajag speciālistu padomu.
I love my job only when I’m on vacation.Es mīlu savu darbu tikai tad, kad esmu atvaļinājumā.
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.Esi tu pats; visi pārējie jau ir paņemti.
I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.Es ievēroju jūras velšu diētu. Es redzu ēdienu un ēdu to.
Here to say that if time is money, I am running out of time.Šeit jāsaka, ka, ja laiks ir nauda, ​​man pietrūkst laika.
If Monday had a face, I would punch it.Ja pirmdienai būtu seja, es tai iesistu.
I’m not lazy, I’m just very relaxed.Es neesmu slinks, es vienkārši esmu ļoti atpūties.
Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food.Draugi pērk tev ēdienu. Labākie draugi ēd tavu ēdienu
My six-pack is protected by a layer of fat.Manu sešpaku aizsargā tauku slānis.
Funny Phrases In Latvian Dzīve vienmēr piedāvā otro iespēju To sauc rīt

More Of Baltic Language With Literal Translation

Learning a new language may seem like a big hassle at first. The main problem always comes with pronunciation. But it is not impossible to attain it. Once you start picking up the very first syllable flawlessly, you feel that energy rushing through your blood.

After learning more short and simple phrases, I am sure you will speak the Latvian language better or more precisely than other languages. Latvian people are fun-loving people, and they are very expressive. Therefore, to make links while visiting them and ensure a happy vibe, you need to hear them, talk, and show your caliber.

One of the phrases, “Dzīve vienmēr piedāvā otro iespēju. To sauc rīt” which means “Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow,” is a decent example of a nice and funny text. It is sure to give you a good laugh and boost your social vocabulary.

However, if you feel like these words are too long to speak, you are free to use shorter words or expressions. There are no rules or need for context as long as you make sense. Let us surprise you with some more commonly used Latvian slang and funny daily conversational words and phrases to make it lighter.

Day-To-Day Words

These are some familiar words with straightforward pronunciation. You will also be able to write these words in one go. Memorize them and speak Latvian eloquently.

Good nightar labunakti

Extra Latvian Phrases

Girl, are you crazy?Meitiņ, vai tu esi traka?
Go pick mushroomsEj lasīt sēnes
He only knows to blow ducks!Viņš prot tikai pūst pīles!
you are a sign of Peacetu esi Miera zīme
My bad!Mana vaina!
Jump in the wellIelec akā
Don’t break your noseNelauz degunu
Screw upSalaist grīstē
Such a distinct Character!Tik savdabīgs varonis!
Bad Boy!Sliktais zēns!

Learn More Baltic Languages With The Ling App

Baltic languages are unique in their way! Latvian being one of the members of the Baltic branch makes this whole learning process all the more interesting. It is rooted in Sanskrit with Indo-European past and is one of the most ancient languages. Over 1.5 million people share the glory of speaking Latvian, so learning it can never be a wrong decision.

If you are willing to move further and develop your vocabulary more than funny phrases in Latvian, the Ling app can teach you just in the right way! They have language experts with an excellent vocabulary of many languages—no need to run through any websites or look for resources. Just download the app on the Play Store or App Store and start learning Latvian today.

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