20+ Easy Words To Enhance Your Estonian Art Vocabulary

estonian art vocabulary

Wondering what basic Estonian art vocabulary you can use to impress the locals? Any trip to this Baltic country would not be complete without a visit to one or more of its superb museums and art galleries. In order to enhance your art vocabulary and enjoyment, why not take a bit of time to learn aessentialbasic words and phrases? Let’s get to know the basic terminologies below!

Estonian Art Vocabulary


The Best Museums And Art Galleries To Visit

When taking a trip to Estonia, visiting some of the country’s outstanding museums and galleries is well worth visiting. Because Estonia is a relatively small country, it is possible to take in a lot of art and use your new Estonian art vocabulary, even if you are visiting for a short time. To help you navigate the country and find the most popular museums and art galleries, we covered below the most recommended ones of the locals.

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Art Museum Of Estonia

The main building is called the Kumu Art Museum and was established as one of Estonia’s most important art spaces. Its aim is to exhibit the widest range of Estonian art dating from early 18th-century styles through to the contemporary art of today. The role of the Art Museum of Estonia is to create a cultural and social debate as well as encourage new artistic thinking through its permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions displaying the work of artists from around the world.

Contemporary Art Museum Of Estonia

Designed to display the art of the younger generation, the gallery is a converted boiler house. The rooms are an eclectic mix of alternative galleries and more official art installations. The museum is also in the process of building up an impressive collection of its own art. For those wishing to take a break from the sculptures and paintings, there is a ground-floor cafe that regularly hosts its own events, including music projects.

estonian museum

Tartu Art Museum

Located in Tartu Town Hall Square, the Tartu, or Tartmus Museum, was established in 1940 in a crooked house. The idea was to bring together, promote and preserve the very best of Estonian contemporary art. Because it was built in 1793 on the marshy banks of the river, the house has been subjected to subsidence and now tilts at an angle greater than that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Estonian Applied Art And Design Museum

Located in a converted storehouse in a stunning medieval Old Town, the museum houses around 15,000 objects. The galleries are crammed with ceramics, glass, metal, wood, textiles, and jewelry created by the best Estonian designers and artists. The museum also houses an impressive archive and library of photographs, slides, and negatives. Visitors to the museum’s ground floor are likely to find the more modern exhibitions and organizers offer a range of workshops, guided tours, events, and educational programs.

Fotografiska Tallinn Fine Art Photography Centre

The idea behind Fotografiska is to create a space for people who appreciate art, design, music, and great food. Originally opened in Stockholm in 2010, the photography center boasts an event and exhibition area alongside a restaurant, cafe, and photography shop.

Hobusepea Gallery

The Hobusepea Gallery is run as a non-profit organization in order to champion the finest Estonian contemporary art. The gallery helps put on solo projects featuring works by the country’s top young painters, photographers, and sculptors. A gallery visit will also help support the Estonian Artist’s Union as well.

Kai Art Centre

Converted from a former submarine factory, this relatively new cultural center on the edge of the sea in Tallinn is home to event venues, a cinema, and spaces for art exhibitions. The lower floor of this 100-year-old building is where visitors will find fine dining opportunities, including the Lore Bistro, which specializes in contemporary Estonian fare, the Kampai Japanese restaurant, and the Kaif Cocktail Bar. So why not enjoy something tasty after a couple of hours perusing Estonia’s art, paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations, concepts, and displays?

Kadriorg Art Museum

Kadriorg Art Museum

This impressive art gallery is housed in a splendid Baroque Palace once used as a summer retreat by Russia’s Tsar Peter the Great. The museum is packed with paintings, sculptures, and prints gathered from across Russia and Western Europe. As well as permanent exhibitions, the former palace is proud to offer temporary displays featuring displays from other museums and private collections. Because of the building’s outstanding acoustics, organizers often put on concerts and plays. Those preferring a bit of fresh air will enjoy walking around the beautiful palace gardens.

Viinistu Art Museum

Formerly used as a fish processing factory, the main building doors were first thrown open to the public in 2002. Several hundred works, including paintings and sculptures, are on permanent display. The art is part of an impressive collection belonging to Jaan Manitski. Those wishing to get a comprehensive overview of Estonian art will enjoy works of art from the 19th century through to the modern day. Every summer saw, the exhibitions housed in the barrel galleries changed, offering visitors a new inspiring experience.

Gallery Of The Estonian National Museum

This 400-square-meter space has been designed to house photographic, fashion, and applied art exhibitions as well as traditional fine art. The exhibitions are usually independent of the rest of the Estonian National Museum, and other temporary exhibitions can be found in the nearby Pööriöö cafe.

Museum Of New Art

Specializing in the modern art movement, the Museum of New Art in Pärnu houses over 400 examples of modern painting. It is also home to more than 1000 documentaries. The Pärnu Film Festival regularly sees the best international documentary makers competing against each other. “Man and Woman” is a permanent exhibition of nudes that has gained an international reputation.

Estonian Arts And Crafts

As well as the many galleries and museums Estonia has to offer, there are numerous opportunities to learn something new by visiting some of the country’s arts and crafts centers. The home of handicrafts in Estonia is Eesti Käsitöö Kodu. As well as being able to purchase exquisite handicrafts, there are numerous professionals on hand to show their techniques and offer advice if you want to learn a brand-new hobby.

Arts and crafts guilds have been established in cities including Pärnu, Tartu, Tallinn, and Viljandi. Visitors to the areas are welcome to watch the artisans or get involved and create their own unique arts and crafts.

If you are planning a trip to Estonia, why not take a little time beforehand to practice a few simple Estonian art words? Learning new vocabulary is not difficult and can only enhance your enjoyment of the Estonian art world.

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