50+ Easy And Timely Latvian Health Vocabulary

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Are you looking for the best Latvian health vocabulary for your upcoming trip? With everything happening worldwide, it is wise if travelers to try to learn essential words and expressions related to health in case of emergencies. After all, life can take us by surprise, and we might suddenly catch a cold while traveling. For this reason, learning words like medicīna (medicine), simptomi (symptoms), or even slimība (disease) can certainly help you out in conversing with the locals. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Why Should You Learn Latvian?

If you are still confused about why you should learn the different phrases and words in Latvian before your journey, here is a list of reasons for you to read! With particular regard to health vocabulary, this section will ensure that knowing a foreign language such as Latvian is worth your time!

  1. One of the most rewarding perspectives of having more options when it comes to language is that it helps you connect with the locals and function properly in a new environment. When you travel to a new country, you would surely want to make new partners and friends. Thus, knowing the language will be your first guide to do that without any communication barriers. 
  2. Another reason that comes out as rewarding is that you can quickly seek help when in need. Whenever we travel to a new country, we always get baffled by local strangers and their behavior. But when you understand what they are saying, you realize how important it is to learn more about their language. When it comes to health issues, language will be the primary tool to help you get to the right person at the needed time.
  3. Lastly, the most important reason for learning Latvian before traveling is to boost your confidence. When we are fully aware of our surroundings, we make better decisions without shaking things up with the fear of fraud or spam in new countries. Thus, giving a few hours to a Latvian lesson will cause no harm and only bring peace to your journey. If you want to check up on other users of foreign languages, Ling App can be a suitable platform for you to explore.

Essential Latvian Health Vocabulary

Latvian health vocabulary1

Now that you are confident about learning the language, let’s start with health terms and translations in the Latvian language.

1. Veselība (Health)

The first word we must be aware of is “Health” itself. Once you land in Latvia, you will realize that the word Veselība will be in constant use. Latvia is most prone to health problems due to extreme weather conditions. You never know when health issues can come knocking on your doorstep while traveling.

2. Veselības apdrošināšana (Health Insurance)

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, health insurance has become a valuable resource. Before you enter another country like Latvia, your home country might require you to get health insurance to ensure that you’ll get the medical help you need even if you are overseas. 

3. Veselības apdrošināšanas karte (Health Insurance Card)

As we are talking about the importance of Veselības apdrošināšana, we cannot skip the word Veselības apdrošināšanas karte, which is basically the actual card. Without the insurance card, no preferences will be given to you while admitted into a hospital. Thus, ensure your insurance card is always with you all the time, along with your important documents and IDs.  

4. Slimnīca (Hospital)

Where do you go when you feel unwell? Of course, it is the slimnīca. Knowing how to say the word hospital in Latvian is critical. If you have a sudden ailment that is too difficult to bear, you must tell people around you to take you to the nearest one. Knowing the translation for this word is essential so that the locals will easily understand you and provide help. 

5. Ārsts (Doctor)

It is time to give some attention to our most essential front-liners, the Ārsti (plural). Doctors are the authority heads in our lives when it comes to health. Only their prescription can give us the pathway to a healthy lifestyle, as pharmacies in the country will not provide you with medicine without an official doctor’s note. 

6. Veselības pārbaude (Health Check Up)

A health checkup or Veselības pārbaude is another essential vocab you should know. If your body requires regular health checkups and timely medication, you will need this term to help the locals guide you with the required service. Although you may have researched before traveling, locals will always know better. So, for proper communication and help, knowing the term Veselības pārbaude will come in handy.

7. Veselības drošība (Health Security)

When you are traveling, you should make sure you have tight health security without any failure. And to recognize it in Latvia, you say Veselības drošība. No matter where you go, before food or clothes, the quality of health security should always be your priority to keep your body in the best shape. Especially in this time of pandemic and unnamed diseases, Veselības drošība is an essential word.

Symptoms, Diseases, And Other Health Vocab

This section will cover all the other words related to health. Knowing these will further help you communicate and express what you are feeling.

Symptoms And Disease-Related

English Latvian
Ache Sāpes
Asthma Astma
Abdominal Vēders
Artery Artērija
Asymptomatic Asimptomātisks
Arthritis Artrīts
Backache Muguras sāpes
Bleeding Asiņošana
Blood pressure Asinsspiediens
Brain Tumor Smadzeņu audzējs
Bacterial Baktēriju
Bruise Ievainojums
Cancer Vēzis
Cough Klepus
Chronic disease Hroniska slimība
Cold Auksts
Diarrhea Caureja
Diabetes Diabēts
Deficiency Trūkums
Dizzy Reibonis
Distress Distress
Epilepsy Epilepsija
Fever Drudzis
Fatigue Nogurums
Flu Gripa
Headache Galvassāpes
Heart attack Sirdstrieka
Hurt Ievainot
Illness Slimība
Inflammation Iekaisums
Injury Traumas
Kidney problem Nieru problēma
Leukemia Leikēmija
Lung infection Plaušu infekcija
Numbness Nejutīgums
Neurological disease Neiroloģiska slimība
Obesity Aptaukošanās
Pain Sāpes
Pneumonia Pneimonija
Stomach ache Vēdersāpes
Sick Slims
Shoulder pain Plecu sāpes
Symptoms Simptomi
Sunstroke Saules dūriens
Toxicity Toksiskums
Toothache Zobu sāpes
Vomit Vemt

In-Hospital Words

English Latvian
Ambulance Ātrā palīdzība
Anesthesiologist Anesteziologs
Biology Bioloģija
Biochemical Bioķīmiskais
Body parts Ķermeņa daļas
Cardiologist Kardiologs
Clinical Klīniskā
Critical Kritisks
Death Nāve
Damage Bojājumi
Dentist Zobārsts
Delivery Piegāde
Diagnosis Diagnoze
Examination Pārbaude
Hormone Hormons
Heartbeat Sirdspuksti
Help Palīdzība
Inability Nespēja
Immune system Imūnsistēma
Index Rādītājs
Injection Injekcija
Improve Uzlabot
Intensity Intensitāte
Laboratory Laboratorija
Loss Zaudējums
Medicine Medicīna
Medical store Medicīnas veikals
Medical bill Medicīniskais rēķins
Maintenance Apkope
Measure Mērs
Monitor Monitors
Metabolic Vielmaiņas
Minor Nepilngadīga
Medication Medikamenti
Mortality Mirstība
Network Tīkls
Nurse Medmāsa
Oxygen Skābeklis
Patient Pacients


Pulse Pulss
Surgeon Ķirurgs




Tetanus Stingumkrampji
Test Pārbaude
Tolerance Tolerance
Tissue Audu
Therapy Terapija
Ultrasound Ultraskaņa
Unit Vienība

Other Health-Related Words

English Latvian
Accumulation Uzkrāšana
Accurate Precīzi
Consent Piekrišana
Condition Stāvoklis
Exercise Vingrinājums
Follow-up Pēcpārbaude
Growth Izaugsme
Healthy Veselīgs
Information Informācija
Identification Identifikācija
Pills Tabletes
Pharmacy Aptieka
Prescription Recepte
Safety Drošība
Survival Izdzīvošana
Volume Skaļums
Vitamin Vitamīns
Weight Svars
Yield Ienesīgums

Health Phrases In Latvian

Latvian man vajag

Now that you know some essential health-related words, here is a list of phrases that will help you express and question health in the native language. Learn them and get ready for a smooth journey.

English Latvian
I am not feeling well ES nejūtos labi

You develop fever quickly Jums ātri attīstās drudzis

Good health support is necessary Nepieciešams labs veselības atbalsts

My doctor will guarantee your good health Mans ārsts garantēs jūsu veselību

I feel pain in my arms Es jūtu sāpes rokās

I lost my parents to cancer Es pazaudēju savus vecākus vēža dēļ

My body does not accept junk food Mans ķermenis nepieņem nevēlamu pārtiku

The hospital services are excellent Slimnīcas pakalpojumi ir lieliski

Where is the medical store? Kur atrodas medicīnas veikals?

This hospital has a lot of advertisements Šajā slimnīcā ir daudz sludinājumu

Can you link me with a good therapist? Vai varat saistīt mani ar labu terapeitu?

I got hurt yesterday Man vakar ievainojas

Take a note of your medications Pierakstiet savas zāles

This hospital does not accept foreign patients Šī slimnīca nepieņem ārvalstu pacientus

I am determined to change my diet this year Esmu apņēmības pilns šogad mainīt savu diētu

Eating healthy food is important Ir svarīgi ēst veselīgu pārtiku

I have been in pain since the accident Man sāp kopš negadījuma

There is no sign of Covid Nav nekādu Covid pazīmju

My doctor deserves all the credit for my performance Mans ārsts ir pelnījis visu atzinību par manu sniegumu

Eat more vegetables to be healthy Ēdiet vairāk dārzeņu, lai būtu veseli

Junk food interests will kill us one day Neveselīgas pārtikas intereses mūs kādreiz nogalinās

Wrapping Up

Are you enjoying the vocabulary lessons? Well then, you should not stop yet. Knowing such terms and phrases will keep you stress-free and help you instantly whenever the hour of need comes. So, if you are willing to continue learning more about such content, you can simply download the Ling App on Appstore or Playstore to gain access to outstanding lessons within one app.  Let’s learn more about this below.

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Latvian es nezinu

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