20+ Easy Airport Vocabulary In Estonian

Planning to travel to Estonia in the months to come? Learning the basic airport vocabulary in Estonian can undoubtedly make the whole travel experience a lot easier. As we all know, travelers are often left having anxiety whenever they have to travel via plane. Aside from the sudden changes due to inclement weather or the sudden change in boarding gates, we often run different negative scenarios in our heads. To make the experience a bit better, we urge you to learn the words we will cover below so that you can understand the locals immediately. If you are ready for that, then keep reading below!

Traveling for the first time to a country that is new to you can be very exciting and overwhelming, especially if the people there use a different language. You might get a few things lost in translation…and you do not want that! To help you get started, let’s learn the essential words in the sections below.

Airport Vocabulary In Estonian

Airport Vocabulary In Estonian

Because it is home to magnificent sites and good food, it is no doubt that Estonia is a dream destination for all the foodies and nature lovers out there! With that said, if you plan to travel here, knowing Estonian’s most common words and phrases can go a long way. Even if you don’t memorize everything on this list, it is still great that you do because you don’t know what might happen on your trip.

Estonian Words Related To Flights And The Airport

Arrival areaSaabumispiirkond
Baggage counterPagasi loendur
Boarding gatePardale mineku värav
Boarding passPardakaart
Check in counterCheck-in loendur
Departure areaVäljumise piirkond
Departure gateVäljumis värav
Document/DocumentsDokument/Dokumendid /
Flight AttendantStjuardess

Estonian Phrases Related To The Airport

Can I please have the window seat?Kas ma saaksin palun aknakoha?
Can I please change my seat?Kas tohin istet vahetada?
Can I change my time of departure?Kas ma saan oma väljumisaega muuta?
How much is the allowed weight for the luggage?Kui palju on pagasi lubatud kaal?
I am lostMa olen eksinud
My luggage is lostMu pagas on kadunud
Please help mePalun aita mind
Where is this terminal?Kus see terminal asub?
Where is the boarding gate?Kus on pardavärav?
Where can I ride a taxi?Kus ma saan taksoga sõita?
Where is the toilet?Kus on tualett?
Why is my flight delayed?Miks mu lend hilineb?

Some Fun Things You Might Want To Do While Waiting For Your Flight!

The struggle of killing time while waiting for your flight or not knowing what to do during your layover is real! If you find yourself in one of Estonia’s airports like the Tallinn Airport, we have some things that you might want to do while waiting for your flight or even during your arrival! With this, you can start or end your journey in Estonia with a bang! Are you ready? Because we are, continue reading down below to know now!

Airport Vocabulary In Estonian

Known to be one of the best airports in the world because of its world-class design and its commitment to being a convenient and cozy place for passengers to be in, you will never run out of things to do!

Watch Something

Want to chill? Grab your earphones and watch a movie! Because Estonian airports are very cozy and a good place to relax even with the hustle and bustle, this oldie but a goodie thing to do is a must! Aside from talking with friends and family while waiting for your flight, watching a movie on Netflix or catching up with your favorite series is definitely an option.

Go Shopping!

Lover of souvenirs and luxury? Check out the shops at their airports whether you want to buy last-minute gifts for your loved ones or something that will make you remember Estonia, shop until you drop while waiting for your flight! Aside from how it’s such an excellent way to kill time, retail therapy is the best too!

Visit Their Library!

Did we mention that it holds art exhibitions from time to time too? Yup, you read that right. Aside from coziness and style, it also showcases the country’s heritage and literature. If you are a lover of those two, you should check out their airport library. Careful though, you might miss your flight!


With the most common words and phrases we covered above, we hope you will not just be able to travel the country more quickly and confidently but also use these to communicate better! Aside from that, because such language is interesting, you might even want to consider this as your sign to learn Estonian with the Ling App!

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Airport Vocabulary In Estonian

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