10+ Easy Estonian Phrases For Emergencies You Should Know

Are you planning to visit the beautiful country of Estonia? If so, you’re in for a real treat. Estonia is a gorgeous country with lots to offer, not to mention the people are friendly and welcoming.

However, if you plan on traveling to another country, especially Estonia, you should know these Estonian phrases for emergencies! This is especially important if you’re traveling alone! In addition to giving you peace of mind when traveling to Estonia, learning these phrases might allow you to discover a newfound love for learning Estonian. Want to know more? We have the perfect blog post for you to read!

Estonian Phrases For Emergencies

Knowing these Estonian phrases will not only introduce you to the basic phrases of the Estonian language, but you can build your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation. If you want to be able to speak Estonian fluently, these are a great way to help you get started!

 Estonian Phrases For Emergencies
Am I under arrest?Kas ma olen arreteeritud?
I am lostMa olen eksinud
I need your helpMa vajan su abi
Can you help me?Kas sa saad mind aidata?
Please help me!Palun aita mind!
Call the ambulanceKutsu kiirabi
Call the policeHelista politseisse
Where is the hospital?Kus on haigla?
Where is the police station?Kus on politseijaoskond?
I want to talk to a lawyerMa soovin rääkida advokaadiga
I am illMa olen haige
I have been attackedMind on rünnatud
There’s a fire!Seal on tulekahju!
Call the firefighters!Kutsu tuletõrjujad!
I lost my belongingsMa kaotasin oma asjad
Someone stole my thingsKeegi varastas mu asjad
There is a thief!Seal on varas!
Can I talk to a police officer?Kas ma saan politseinikuga rääkida?
Please call a doctorPalun helistage arstile
There’s an accident!Seal on õnnetus!
I am injured!Olen vigastatud!

These are just a handful of the important phrases that can definitely help you should you encounter any unfortunate events during your visit to Estonia!

Bonus: Don’t Do These Things In Estonia!

While Estonia is generally a safe place to travel for tourists, it is still important to be careful and cautious since you’re traveling to a foreign country. Not only will knowing the do’s and don’t’s in Estonia show respect for the locals, but you can avoid potential instances of miscommunication or arguments.

1. Speak Too Loudly

Estonians are known to be very observant, calm, and reserved. That being said, if you find yourself living or visiting Estonia, it is very important to remember that you should not speak too loudly because, to them, it can be considered as rude.

2. Take Your Shoes Off When Inside The House

shoes off estonia Estonian Phrases For Emergencies

If you are invited into an Estonian household, this is a must-know! In their culture, when they invite guests over, it is considered very rude to you go inside their home and not take your shoes off. So, if you ever find yourself invited to an Estonian home, you might want to wear a cute pair of socks since you will definitely be taking your shoes off.

3. Don’t Invade Someone’s Privacy And Personal Space

Aside from speaking too loudly, Estonians don’t like when people pry or on take up personal space. In other cultures, having small conversations is fine, but when you visit Estonia, it is better to just mind your own business.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of visiting Estonia. While every situation may vary because everyone is different and has their own way of dealing with people, keeping all of these in mind won’t do any harm! By knowing these customs and practicing them, you can avoid negative encounters and bad experiences, that way your visit or stay in Estonia lives up to its full potential.

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