15+ Estonian Love Words And Phrases You Shouldn’t Miss!

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 10:03 am

Planning to learn Estonian? If so, you should definitely learn these Estonian love words and phrases! This is a great way to learn a new language and make conversations fun!

Don’t worry, Estonian isn’t too hard if you put in a little time and effort every day to practice! These words and phrases in Estonian are even here to help you along the way! So, let’s get learning!

Estonian Love Words And Phrases: Your Best Guide To Learning The Estonian Language

These love words and phrases are definitely a great starter for you when it comes to learning Estonian! With these romantic phrases, you have the opportunity to impress your Estonian date or long-term partner!

My personMinu inimene
My girlMinu tüdruk
Love of my lifeElu armastus
My loveMinu armastus
I love youMa armastan sind
I love you so muchMa armastan sind nii väga
I miss youMa igatsen sind
I miss you so muchMa igatsen sind nii väga
I like youSa meeldid mulle
I like you very muchSa meeldid mulle väga
I like you a lotSa meeldid mulle väga
Can I court you?Kas ma saan sinuga kurameerida?
Wedding ringAbielusõrmus
Holding handsKätest hoidma
Shall we go out tonight?Kas lähme täna õhtul välja?
Do you want to go out on a date?Kas sa tahad kohtingule minna?
Will you marry me?Kas sa abielluksid minuga?

Learning these words and phrases will definitely make your time in Estonia all the better!

But, besides these useful words and phrases, we want you to know and practice some Estonian sentences.

Learn More With These Estonian Sentences!

While you already know about certain romantic phrases and words in Estonian, what better way to integrate them and remember them than knowing how to use them in sentences, right?

It will always bring me joy whenever I get to go out with my boyfriend because both of us are always busy with work.See toob mulle alati rõõmu, kui saan oma poiss-sõbraga välja minna, sest me mõlemad oleme alati tööga hõivatud.

My friend got asked by his long-time boyfriend to get married on our surprise dinner last night.Tema kauaaegne poiss-sõber palus mu sõbral eile õhtul meie üllatusõhtusöögil abielluda.

Because we are both busy with our commitments in our respective universities, my boyfriend and I barely get to see each other anymore, making both of us miss each other dearly.Ja kuna oleme mõlemad hõivatud oma kohustustega oma vastavates ülikoolides, näeme mu poiss-sõbraga vaevu enam üksteist, mistõttu igatseme üksteist väga.

My girlfriend will always tell me that I have a great smile and I always tell her that I smile frequently because of her.Mu tüdruksõber ütleb mulle alati, et mul on suurepärane naeratus ja ma ütlen talle alati, et naeratan tema pärast sageli.

I miss you, I always wish that you are by my side and you don’t live far away from me.Ma igatsen sind, soovin alati, et oleksid alati minu kõrval ja sa ei elaks minust liiga kaugel.

A boy from my business class asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him tomorrow, to which I agreed because I have always found him interesting.Üks poiss minu äriklassist küsis minult, kas ma tahan temaga homme kohtingule minna, millega ma nõustusin, sest sellest ajast peale on ta olnud mulle alati väga huvitav.

Last night, at a party, a friend of mine told me these exact words: “I like you a lot, will you go out with me?”Eile õhtul ütles mu sõber mulle ühel peol täpselt need sõnad: “Sa meeldid mulle väga, kas sa lähed minuga välja?”

I always make it a point to show my loved ones that I love them and that they are important to me because life is very short.Ma võtan alati südameasjaks oma lähedastele näidata, et ma armastan neid ja et nad on minu jaoks olulised, sest elu on väga lühike.

I am in love with you, and I don’t know if I will ever stop.Ma olen sinusse armunud ja ma ei tea, kas ma lõpetan.

When I went out on a date with my boyfriend last night, he surprised me with a bouquet of my favorite flowers as well as my favorite chocolates and treats.Kui ma eile õhtul oma poiss-sõbraga kohtingule läksin, üllatas ta mind nii mu lemmiklillede kimbu kui ka mu lemmikšokolaadide ja maiuspaladega.

I love you so much and I do not think I will ever find someone else like you again.Ma armastan sind nii väga ja ma ei usu, et leian kedagi teist sinusugust.

Do you want to go out on a date with me? I am very interested in you and I believe that both of us are very compatible.Kas sa tahad minuga kohtingule minna? Olen sinust väga huvitatud ja usun, et me mõlemad sobime.

I am interested in knowing you more because through all the times that we went out, you always made me laugh and smile a lot.Olen huvitatud teid rohkem tundma õppima, sest läbi kõigi nende aegade, mil me väljas käisime, panite mind alati palju naerma ja naeratama.

I want to spend my life with you, will you marry me?Ma tahan sinuga oma elu veeta, kas sa abiellud minuga?

He has very beautiful eyes and I love him with all my heart.Tal on väga ilusad silmad ja ma armastan teda kogu südamest.

Without her, I actually do not know what life would look and and feel like. She is just very special to me.Ilma temata ma tegelikult ei tea, kuidas elu välja näeb ja ja kuidas tundub. Ta on minu jaoks lihtsalt väga eriline.

You make me feel very happy and I am very much in love with you and who you are.Sa teed mind väga õnnelikuks ja ma olen sinusse väga armunud ja sellesse, kes sa oled.

It is always nice to be with you, I am starting to think that my feelings for you are growing.Sinuga on alati tore olla, hakkan mõtlema, et ka minu tunded sinu vastu on nüüd kasvamas.

Whenever I am with her, time feels like it stopped because she just makes me feel so happy and safe.Alati, kui ma temaga koos olen, tundub aeg nagu peatuma, sest ta teeb mind lihtsalt nii õnnelikuks ja väga turvaliseks.

Isn’t the Estonian language beautiful? It might be overwhelming to learn at first, but it will all be worth it.

Remember that there are all different ways to get started with language learning, including watching videos, watching movies, enrolling yourself in an online course, language apps, and so much more!

Is Estonian Hard To Learn?

Estonian Love Words And Phrases

The truth is, you won’t learn any new language in one go. It takes time, effort, and a lot of dedication.

Estonian is a tricky language to learn because the vocabulary is complex and there are so many case endings. However, if you’re using the proper resources and putting in the effort, nothing is impossible!

But, did you know that the Estonian language is a genderless language? Yes, you read that right! The language doesn’t use the word ‘he’ or ‘she’ like English, but they use the word ‘ta’ instead. Interesting, right?

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