6 Best Apps For Learning Estonian Quickly In 2023

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Are you looking for the best apps for learning Estonian? Learning this beautiful language at a young age goes beyond just language proficiency. It enriches a child’s cognitive abilities, cultural understanding, and future prospects. In short, a whole lot of benefits at a very young age. But even if you are an adult, it’s going to be an enriching experience for you.

It’s an investment in your personal growth and a valuable skill that can open doors to numerous opportunities, both academically and professionally, in our increasingly interconnected world. So, without further ado, we at Ling will talk about the best six platforms for learning Estonian that can help you become fluent in Estonian and speak with ease!

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps for learning Estonian
Best For
Ling logo


  • Short lessons that are easy to follow
  • It’s flexible and you can choose what you want to study
  • Track your learning progress
One-on-One Lessons
HelloTalk logo


  • Language exchange
  • Voice-to-text and video chat
  • Translator and transliteration tools
Vocabulary Practice



  • Vocabulary on a wide variety of topics
  • Elegant and user-friendly design
  • Quick & readily monitored vocabulary growth

Why Learn Estonian?

There are around one million native Estonian speakers, plus many people who speak Estonian as a second language due to expatriate populations. People in Estonia are quite thankful when visitors make an effort to communicate with them in Estonian.

So, knowing Estonian, even just memorizing cool Estonian words, will help you become close to the people, making using what you’ve learned much more enjoyable. Ready to learn more about languages? Start with this article on the best apps for learning Estonian.

What Are The Best Apps For Learning Estonian?

At a glance:
Our Top 10 picks for Best Apps to learn Estonian

1. Ling: Best For Gamified Lessons

The Ling app is definitely the best app to learn languages! Through quizzes and mini-games, you get to hone in on developing your language skills, especially if you are a beginner. Not to mention, this language-learning app is fun to use!

With high-quality audio, language learners will be able to hear the correct pronunciation of words and phrases clearly. The bite-sized lessons are also effective and teach you relevant Estonian vocabulary that you can use with locals.

Ling App Overview

Offers a comprehensive learning experience with over 200 lessons, chatbot interactions, and native speaker audio for pronunciation.


  • Provide 200+ lessons on diverse topics.
  • Amusing tools that aid in memorizing.
  • Visualized lessons that encourage you to learn more.
  • Intelligent chatbot for practicing conversations.


  • Free for beginner lessons
  • Monthly subscription: $8.99
  • Yearly subscription: $79.99
  • Lifetime membership: $149.99

All of this and more is what makes the Ling app exciting for students and everyone to use. You’ll probably even forget that you’re learning a language as hard as Estonian.

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2. HelloTalk: Best For One-On-One Lessons

This language learning application is one of the best ways to learn Estonian online, especially if you are already familiar with Estonian vocabulary and have a good foundation in the language. In time, you also need to pick-up advanced Estonian words for ordering at a fancy restaurant, right?

With HelloTalk, you can connect directly with native speakers of the language you’re trying to learn! Through this learning platform, not only will you be able to practice vocabulary, but you’ll also know what real-life conversations sound like when you are speaking to a native speaker.

HelloTalk Overview

HelloTalk gives you the platform to connect directly with native Estonian speakers to learn all aspects of Estonian conversations.


  • Receiving lessons that are tailored to your current proficiency level.
  • Speaking with native speakers in an actual conversation.
  • Studying with professional and conversational teachers.


  • Price varies based on the online tutor.

HelloTalk is best for intermediate learners since you can learn more about the language itself and the slang that people use. If you are a beginner, you could get confused!

3. Drops: Best For Vocabulary Practice

If you are looking for an application that can give you your daily dose of Estonian words and phrases, you might want to check out Drops.

This language learning application is a great way to study Estonian or any other language that they provide. The lessons really get you to learn and understand the vocabulary. This is one reason why it’s a good choice for beginners. For just five minutes per day, you can learn up to 5 words!

Drops Overview

Drops offer short lessons comprising vocabulary and phrases focusing on conversational Estonian.


  • Vocabulary on a wide variety of topics.
  • Elegant and user-friendly design.
  • Your vocabulary growth can be quickly and readily monitored.


  • Monthly subscription: $13.00
  • Yearly subscription: $89.99
  • Lifetime membership: $159.99

4. iTalki: Best For Personalized Lessons

If you want to be an advanced learner of the language or have in-depth knowledge about a language, iTalki is one of the very few applications that can help you achieve that. Not just limited to helping you learn Estonian, this app is a great way to gain more insight into the actual background and history of the Estonian language.

Through this language platform, not only will you be able to learn a word or two, but you can also have online courses with language tutors to help you learn more about the language that you want to be fluent in. Whether it is to learn the basics or master Estonian grammar, iTalki is a great application to help you improve and practice your language skills.

iTalki Overview

iTalki’s online courses with language tutors help you learn the basics and master the grammar.


  • Obtaining tailored courses depending on your current language level.
  • Learning from qualified and conversational instructors.
  • Engaging in real conversations with native speakers.


  • Price varies based on the online tutor.

With iTalki, you can clearly lay out your language goals, that way, the language tutor knows exactly how to plan their lessons. From pronunciation to sharpening your communication skills, iTalki has it all!

5. 50 Languages: Best For Learning Vocabulary In Varied Contexts

If you’re new to learning Estonian, check out the 50 Languages app. It’s a great resource! The app is great because it helps you prepare right from the beginning. It gives you many topics you can use in real-life situations. It also has simple words from shapes in Estonian to rooms of the house in Estonian. If you want to collect a ton of new vocabulary, this app is perfect for you!

50 Languages Overview

50 Languages is the best app for beginners as it helps you learn the language from scratch.


  • 100+ lessons for basic vocabulary practice.
  • Short sentences based on real-world situations.
  • Audio files that help you improve your listening skills.


  • Estonian language package: $2.99
  • All language package: $9.99

6. Simply Learn: Best For Learning Common Travel Phrases

We were talking about Ling earlier. Did you know that Ling has a sister app called Simply Learn? It’s designed specifically for travelers and helps them learn common words and phrases. If you’re thinking about your next trip to Estonia, this app is perfect for you! The app is designed to help you quickly improve your vocabulary. It focuses on teaching you the words and phrases that locals commonly use.

Simply Learn Estonian Overview

Teaches essential words and phrases for travelers, with high-quality audio recorded by native speakers.


  • Collection of common travel words and phrases.
  • Learn new vocabulary through flashcards.
  • Visualized lessons to help you improve your vocabulary faster.


  • Simply Learn Pro: $9.99

Which Will You Choose Among The Best Apps For Learning Estonian?

These are just a few of the language learning apps that can help you as a language learner, especially if you are a beginner and don’t know where to begin. Sometimes, you can’t find Estonian on some language learning platforms like Duolingo though. But there are many other ways to study this beautiful language. Whether it’s through mini-games, talking to locals, or hiring a tutor, these language-learning platforms can help you learn the language of Estonian or any other language that you’re interested in learning.

Although learning a new language can definitely be challenging at times, it is important to note that with the right amount of drive, focus, commitment, and determination, nothing is impossible! It is also important to note that starting small is normal – whether it is just five minutes or two hours a week, there will definitely be progress in the long run. The key to everything is consistency and using the right resources to fit your needs as a language learner.

Best Apps For Learning Estonian-ling-app-woman with headphone studying02

Learn Estonian With The Ling App Now!

Are you looking for a convenient and easy way to learn languages? Well, the Ling app is what you need!

Through this language learning application, you won’t just learn the phrases, but you’ll be introduced to the grammar rules through detailed tips and instructions.

Not only that, you can learn wherever and whenever you want, since the app is available in both the App Store and Google Play. Once you download the app, you’ll see that the lessons incorporate relevant vocabulary, that way, you, as a language learner, know how the language is spoken in real life. Not to mention, there’s an interactive AI chatbot for you to practice your pronunciation with!

Using the Ling app definitely makes language learning not only easier but highly effective! There are over 60 languages to choose from, not just Estonian. If you use the app, you can have the chance to learn Ukrainian, Swedish, Vietnamese, and so many other languages! Ling also has a free language blog, that way, you can extend your knowledge by learning about the culture, food, and much more.

The Ling app is not just a great way to learn languages in a fun way, but it’s a great app to help you get your language learning journey started and, even better, reach all of your language learning goals and potential. The app is there to teach you all you need to know.

What are you waiting for? Download Ling from the App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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