100+ Spanish Names: The Most Beautiful Names With Meanings

Spanish Names

Are you wondering what the most common Spanish names in Hispanic countries are? You are ‘you’ because of your name and other factors. A name identifies us and offers us an identity. It is what sets our personalities and entire lives. But we do not choose them. It is our parents or loved ones who must decide what we will be called for the rest of our lives, and it is often a hard decision.

Trends change as centuries pass by, new names appear, ancient names prevail, and our societies evolve. It is quite interesting to learn about names and nicknames, more if it’s in other languages. It certainly opens one’s mind to see beyond people’s beliefs, family, religious traditions, and ways of life, as names reflect our culture.

If you have Hispanic heritage, it could be especially meaningful to you to get to know the diverse Spanish names that you can select from for your babies and children.

As a fun fact! Beyond the beautiful Spanish names and their meanings that I will share today, you can find some unique and funniest names in Spanish-speaking countries that you surely haven’t heard before and might give a smile.

Get ready to learn about some Spanish common names, less popular and crazy ones, beautiful name combinations, Spanish baby names, and their meanings. Let’s begin!

Unique Spanish Baby Names

Hispanic culture is extremely religious. So within the following Spanish baby names, you will often find biblical names, which are the ones most people select to name their children to honor their beliefs.

Some people would think that only certain cultures focus on the meaning of the names to name their children when they are born. Sometimes we might forget that even Hispanic cultures also consider the meaning an important factor. We might not go to a priest, oracle, or fortune-teller like other cultures do, but we do some prior research to find the perfect Spanish name.

I was born on Christmas, so my father named me Nathalie (Natalia in Spanish), also leveraging that it is the name of his favorite French song.

Another significant factor is how well the name sounds with the last name. We make sure that it rhymes or goes along well with both last names. As a very old tradition, most people have 2 first names, and those must also sound good together.

Spanish names Hispanic boy names

Top 6 Most Popular Hispanic Boy Names And Their Meanings

The following are the most popular names for boys that you will often hear in Hispanic countries.

1. Alejandro: From the Greek ‘Αλέξανδρος’ (Aléxandros). It is a masculine and quite popular name that means ‘the defender, the protector’ or ‘the savior of men.’

2. Mateo (Matthew): This name is, in fact, a variation of another Spanish name, ‘Matías.’ It is a biblical and Hebrew name (MattanYah), and it means in Spanish ‘Don de Dios’ (Gift of God).

3. Santiago: Santiago was the name of one of the first Apostles of Jesus Christ. Although he is not known with that name in other languages. For example, in English his name is James, so many people translate ‘Santiago’ as ‘James’ (James the Great). So, the meaning of Santiago is ‘Saint James.’

4. Luis: It is the masculine form of ‘Luisa,’. Both are popular and traditional Spanish baby names. It means to be ‘illustrious in combat’ or ‘illustrious in battle.’

5. Felipe: The name comes from the Latin ‘Philippus,’ which in turn comes from the Greek ‘Φίλιππος’ (Philippos). You have probably heard about Prince Philippos of Greece. It means ‘horse lover.’

6. Francisco: The name of the Pope and also the Spanish conquistador ‘Francisco Pizarro.’ This name derives from the Latin ‘Franciscum’ meaning ‘belonging to the people of the Franks.’

More Baby Boy Names

Alfonso: ‘Noble,’ ‘willing, ‘prepared.’

Antonio: ‘Brave’ and ‘one who faces his adversaries.’

Adriano: ‘Comes from the Adriatic Sea.’

Andrés: ‘Valiant man.’

Carlos: ‘Hombre libre.’ (German origins)

César: ‘The honored one.’

Cristóbal: ‘Christ bearer.’

Diego: ‘Educated and didactic.’

Dante: ‘Durable and resistant.’

Eduardo: ‘Wealth and guardian.’

Emilio: ‘The rival.’

Ernesto: ‘Persistent.’

Esteban: ‘Victorious.’

Eugenio: ‘The well born.’

Eloy: ‘The chosen one.’

Fernando: ‘Adventurous life.’

Geraldo: ‘Mighty spear.’

Héctor: ‘To have, to possess.’

Hugo: ‘Intelligence, thought.’

Javier: ‘New house.’

Jorge: ‘Farmer.’

José / Jose: ‘The one who pardons.’

Juan: ‘God is gracious.’

Manuel: ‘God Is With Us.’

Mario: ‘Roman god of war.’

Marco (Mark): ‘Warlike’

Miguel: ‘Who is like God.’

Orlando: ‘Famous land.’

Pablo: ‘Little.’

Pedro: ‘Stone or rock’

Ramón: ‘Wise protector.’

Ricardo: ‘King ruler.’

Rodrigo: ‘Famous Ruler.’

Sebastián (Sebastian): ‘Venerable.’

Tomás: ‘Twin.’

Spanish names baby girl

Top 6 Most Popular Spanish Baby Girl Names

These names are the favorites of many people across Latin America and Spain.

1. Alejandra/Alexandra: It is a name of Greek origin that means ‘the defender,’ ‘the protector,’ or ‘the savior of men.’ Many women have this name combined with ‘Maria,’ (Maria Alejandra).


2. Gabriela: You can name your little girl, Gabriela (Gabriella), which is the feminine variation of ‘Gabriel’ a biblical name to represent the archangel who appeared in front of the Virgin Mary to announce her pregnancy. The meaning of the name is ‘God’s strength,’ and ‘whom God accompanies.’

3. Victoria: It has gained popularity in Latin America, and it is a name that refers to the Goddess of Victory.

4. Camila: An ancient name of Rome from Latin. It means ‘the one who stands before God’ or ‘the one who offers sacrifices.’

5. María/Maria: You will surely meet someone named ‘Maria’ while traveling in Latin America. As a fact, Maria is the most used given name in the whole world. In Hispanic places, it is used as a first name next to the second one, example: María Isabel, María Emilia, María José, and so on. It has Hebrew origins and derives from the word ‘Myriam’ meaning ‘excellent’, ‘chosen one’, ‘the mother of God.’

6. Andrea: It is the feminine form of ‘Andrew,’ and it means ‘strong.’

More Popular Spanish Girl Names With Meanings

The following beautiful Spanish girl names with Latin, Germanic, Arabic, or ancient Greek roots are widespread across Spanish-speaking countries.

Aurora: ‘Dawn or early morning.’

Ana: ‘Beneficent, compassionate, full of grace.’

Ariana: It has ancient Greek roots, it means ‘very pure, very holy.’

Alba: From Latin word ‘Albus’ which means ‘white.’

Alicia: ‘Truth’

Amelia: ‘Work or labor’

Angelina: ‘Messenger or angel’

Alondra: ‘The one that is melodious.’

Adriana: ‘Ancient city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.’

Bella: ‘The one that is beautiful.’

Catalina: ‘Pure, immaculate, beauty.’

Concepción: ‘Conception.’

Consuelo: ‘Comfort and relieve.’

Carmen: A name with many meanings. It comes from the Hebrew ‘כרמל’ (Karmel – Mount Carmel), or from the Latin ‘Canto’ (Singing). It can also mean ‘Garden of god.’

Daniela: ‘God’s justice.’

Dolores: ‘Lady of Sorrows.’ The literal translation is ‘pains.’

Elena: ‘Torch.’

Elisa: ‘Devoted to God.’

Emilia: ‘The one who makes an effort’ or ‘the one who is hard-working.’

Esmeralda (Emerald): ‘Beautiful as the precious stone of the same name.’

Estela (Stella): ‘Morning Star.’

Gloria: ‘Fame’, ‘honor’, splendor’ and ‘good reputation.’

Irene: ‘Peace.’

Isabel (Elizabeth): ‘Oath of God.’

Isabella (Isabelle): ‘Pledged to God.’

Juana: ‘The one who is faithful to God’ and ‘God is gracious.’

Julia: ‘Soft-haired, full of youth,’ or ‘Consecrated to Jupiter.’

Jade: ‘As beautiful as the jewel.’

Laura: ‘Triumphant or victorious.’

Lucia (Lucy): ‘Light or the one that is born in the first light of the day.’

Luisa: ‘Illustrious warrior.’

Lily: ‘Lirio/Lily flower.’

Mariana: ‘Beautiful woman chosen by God.’

Marina: ‘The one that was born in the sea.’

Martina: ‘Mars, god of war.’

Marisol: ‘The Chosen One and Sun.’

Mercedes: ‘Liberator.’

Natalia: ‘Day of birth, the nativity day (Christmas), and the one who takes care of life.’

Olivia: ‘Olive Fruit.’

Paloma: ‘Wild pigeon.’

Paula: ‘Little one.’

Rosa: ‘Beautiful rose flower.’

Sara: ‘Princess.’

Selena: ‘Moonlight.’

Sofia (Sophia): ‘The one with wisdom.’

Soledad: ‘Solitude’

Valentina: ‘Brave person and leader.’

Peculiar Spanish names

12 Peculiar Names Found In Latin America 

Funny and unique Spanish names that you probably wouldn’t want to name your kids, or maybe you would! Even though it may sound odd in Spanish, their meanings are quite interesting!

  • Demetario: This is one of those made up names that you don’t even know the meaning, but it most likely comes from the Greek ‘Demetrio.’
  • Angustias: It is the plural of ‘angustia’ which means ‘distress.’
  • Blandina: Blandina was a French Christian martyr. Some say the roots are Latin, however others debate it may be from ‘Esmirna’ origins (Izmir, Turkey). The meaning of the name is ‘Flattering,’ and it is not a common name in Hispanic places.
  • Telésforo: It comes from the Greek ‘Τελεσφορος’ (Telesphoros) and it means someone ‘that brings fulfillment.’
  • Facunda/Facundo: It means ‘eloquent.’
  • Herculano: It was once an ancient Roman city. It means ‘Glory of Hera.’
  • Ilora: To Spanish-speaking ears, this name will sound quite strange because of the pronunciation. The meaning is ‘pioneering spirit’ and it has Hebrew and Arabic origins.
  • Pitasio: A unique name that doesn’t have an specific meaning.
  • Próculo: Was the name of a roman usurper.
  • Sandalio: ‘True wolf.’
  • Soyla: ‘Just’
  • Tránsito: There was an Ecuadorean indigenous activist called ‘Rosa Elena Tránsito Amaguaña Alba.’ The word ‘tránsito’ means ‘transit.’

Do You Like Spanish Names?

If you loved these Spanish names, you have enough inspiration to pick the ideal option for naming your baby when the time comes! 

If you are interested in learning more about Spanish culture, don’t miss out on our blog. We cover broad and interesting topics like Christmas and Holy Week celebrations, spoken languages in Latin America, Spanish food, tongue twisters, and essential vocabulary for your daily life abroad.

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