10+ Best Mongolian Christmas Greetings

mongolian christmas greetings

Ah, the magical season of Christmas. With the spark of this holiday, it looks like you are already preparing what Mongolian Christmas greetings to tell your family and friends, huh? Perhaps you are curious about the phrases usually used and want to impress “Grandpa of Winter” with your Mongolian skills. Worry no more! This article will help you learn about Christmas in Mongolia and explore their holiday greetings.

So now, get ready to hop on our sleigh and fly into the beautiful skies of Mongolia!

Christmas In Mongolia

Mongolia, a Buddhist country, is one of few that does not observe Christmas; it is not regarded as an official holiday. Therefore, it might seem strange that companies, stores, and schools are all still open during the season. However, Christians in Mongolia celebrate Christmas by going to dinner, attending churches, or spending time with their families, although it is not a recognized holiday. Even though “ул сap” is not a recognized national holiday, non-Christians will party to celebrate it because it’s an excuse to have fun! In other words, Mongolians have already embraced Christmas.

But you must note that their Christmas equivalent of celebration is New Year or “Цагаан сар” (Tsagaan Sar), usually done during the whole week before December 31. Mongolians celebrate the New Year and do the typical Christmas traditions such as decorating traditional ornaments in their houses, while handcrafted ornaments and bright textiles are put on Christmas trees or usually called “New Year Tree” in Mongolia. Delicious meals are also prepared while having toast and parties and distributing gifts. Unlike adults, the younger generation usually celebrates it for fun and receives presents.

mongolian christmas greetings

Merry Christmas In Mongolian

Even though it is not a country with a sizeable Christian population, the Mongolian people have adopted and customized Christmas. So if you want to greet a Christian friend from Mongolia or stay in your Western roots, “Merry Christmas!” can be translated as “Зул сарын баярын мэнд!” (Zul saryn bayaryn mend!”. Another common greeting is “Зул сарын баярын мэнд, шинэ оны мэнд хүргэе!” (Zul saryn bayaryn mend, shine ony mend khürgeye!) which means “Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!”.

Mongolian Seasonal Greetings

Mongolian Christmas Greetings

If you want to greet a Mongolian Christian on Christmas day, below are some of the Christmas greetings we prepared that you can use:

Wishing you a joyful Christmas!Зул сарын баярын мэнд хүргэе!Zul saryn bayaryn mend khürgeye!
May your Christmas be filled with love and happiness!Зул сарын баяр чинь хайр, аз жаргалаар дүүрэн байх болтугай!Zul saryn bayar chini khair, az jargalaar düüren baikh boltugai!
Sending warm Christmas wishes your way!Зул сарын баярын мэнд хүргэе!Zul saryn bayaryn mend khürgeye!
Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas!Зул сарын баярыг аз жаргалтай, амар амгалан өнгөрүүлээрэй!Zul saryn bayaryg az jargaltai, amar amgalan öngörüüleerei!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season!Танд болон танай гэр бүлд Зул сарын баярын мэнд хүргэе!Tand bolon tanai ger büld Zul saryn bayaryn mend khürgeye!
May the spirit of Christmas bring you joy and good fortune!Зул сарын баярын сүнс танд баяр баясгалан, сайн аз авчрах болтугай!Zul saryn bayaryn süns tand bayar bayasgalan, sain az avchrakh boltugai!
Wishing you a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year!Та бүхэнд ид шидийн Христийн Мэндэлсний Баяр, Шинэ оны мэнд хүргэе!Ta bükhend id shidiin Khristiin Mendelsnii Bayar, Shine ony mend khürgeye!
May this Christmas be a time of togetherness and celebration for you!Энэ зул сарын баяр та бүхний хувьд эв нэгдэл, баяр ёслолын цаг байх болтугай!Ene zul saryn bayar ta bükhnii khuvid ev negdel, bayar yoslolyn tsag baikh boltugai!
Warmest wishes for a merry and bright Christmas!Зул сарын баярын мэнд хүргэе!Zul saryn bayaryn mend khürgeye!

Mongolian New Year Greetings

As most people in Mongolia do not celebrate Christmas and do it in New Year instead, here are some useful phrases to use:

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, and success!Та бүхэнд хайр, аз жаргал, амжилт бүтээлээр дүүрэн шинэ оны мэнд хүргэе!!Ta bükhend khair, az jargal, amjilt büteeleer düüren shine ony mend khürgeye!
Here’s to a fresh start and a brand new year. Happy New Year!Энд шинэ эхлэл, цоо шинэ жил байна. Шинэ оны мэнд хүргэе!End shine ekhlel, too shine jil banana. Shine ony mend khürgeye!
Wishing you good health, wealth, and prosperity in the coming year.Ирэх ондоо эрүүл энх, эд баялаг, сайн сайхан бүхнийг хүсэн ерөөе.Irekh ondoo erüül enkh, ed bayalag, sain saikhan bükhniig khüsen yerööye.
Cheers to new beginnings and a fantastic year ahead!Шинэ эхлэл, гайхалтай он жилийг хүсэн ерөөе!Shine ekhlel, gaikhaltai on jiliig khüsen yerööye!
As the year comes to a close, we look forward to a brighter and better year ahead.Он дуусч, бид илүү гэрэл гэгээтэй, илүү сайхан жилийг хүлээж байна.On duusch, bid ilüü gerel gegeetei, ilüü saikhan jiliig khüleej baina.
Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year.Танд болон танай гэр бүлд шинэ оны мэнд хүргэж аз жаргал сайн сайхан бүхнийг хүсэн ерөөе.Tand bolon tanai ger büld shine ony mend khürgej az jargal sain saikhan bükhniig khüsen yerööye.
Let’s welcome the New Year with open arms and a heart full of hope.Шинэ жилээ алгаа дэлгэж, итгэл найдвар дүүрэн сэтгэлээр угтцгаая.Shine jilee algaa delgej, itgel naidvar düüren setgeleer ugttsgaaya.
May the New Year bring you new opportunities and endless possibilities.Шинэ он танд шинэ боломж, эцэс төгсгөлгүй боломжуудыг авчрах болтугай.Shine on tand shine bolomj, etses tögsgölgüi bolomjuudyg avchrakh boltugai.
Here’s to leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Happy New Year!Энд хуучнаа ардаа орхиж, шинийг хүлээн авах нь чухал. Шинэ оны мэнд хүргэе!End khuuchnaa ardaa orkhij, shiniig khüleen avakh ni chukhal. Shine ony mend khürgeye!
As the clock strikes midnight, let’s toast to a year of blessings and positivity.Цагийн зүү шөнө дунд болж байгаа энэ үед ивээл, өөдрөг бүтэмжтэй жилдээ хундага өргөцгөөе.Tsagiin züü shönö dund bolj baigaa ene üyed iveel, öödrög bütemjtei jildee khundaga örgötsgööye.

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