7 Best Mongolian Dessert Names You Probably Never Heard Of!

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Have you ever dreamed of a sugary escapade to the vast steppes of Mongolia? If not, brace yourself for a tantalizing journey through the deserts of this unique nation. We are going to look at some of the most interesting Mongolian dessert names you’ve probably never heard of!

After eating a hearty meal of handmade noodles and another Mongolian cuisine, you might crave something sweet—how does a good, delectable dessert sound? You see, the fatty meat and flavorful Mongolian food can easily make you full, but you can’t turn down scrumptious treats.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on their remarkable rice pudding and their Khailmag (Caramelized Clotted Cream). These are some of the best and unbeatable treats that you should look for once you board your flight. Keep your wallet ready, as you might spend a lot on their delicious desserts and other Mongolian dishes!

Common Mongolian Dessert Ingredients

One of the most terrible things to happen is consuming something that you’re not supposed to. So, to save yourself from unwanted allergies that might have you ending up in the emergency room, here are some Mongolian dessert ingredients you need to know.

EnglishMongolian Roman Transcription
TeaЦай Tsai
Sugarэлсэн чихэрElsen Chikhe
Fresh Cow’s MilkШинэ үнээний сүүShine üneenii süü
Dried Fruitsхатаасан жимсKhataasan Jims
Butterцөцгийн тосTsötsgiin Tos

Mongolian Dessert Names You Need To Remember

Every country has a staple ingredient in its desserts, and in Mongolia, it’s dairy. In their culture, they see milk as a sacred food, they even use it in ceremonies as an offering! But enough with the history of this ingredient, you might be craving these desserts already. Here are some of the best Mongolian treats you need to try ASAP!

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1. Boortsog (Mongolian Butter Cookies)

The golden brown, crispy exterior of this dessert sounds like a good start to experiencing the best treats in Mongolia. These soft dough cookies have a dewy and fluffy interior and a good crunch on the outside. Though some may say that they’re more like fried dough instead of cookies, this treat is still enjoyed by most people!

2. Aaruul (Sour Milk Sweets)

Most delicacies are typically sweet, oozing with sugar and chocolate, but this one has a great twist. Unlike the typical dessert you consume, an Aaruul has a chewy texture, and its flavor plays between sweet and sour. One beverage that complements its unique texture and taste is a good cup of tea!

3. Ul Boov (Shoe Sole Cake)

In the Western culture, cakes serve as the symbol of milestones in life. Well, in Mongolia, they have Ul Boov instead. It’s a dessert pastry that uses sweetened fried dough and is typically stacked in odd numbers to represent different stages in life. They’re typically served during celebrations. You also have freedom in picking the design of this cake, it turns out that creativity can heighten the taste of delectable treats too!

Mongolian Dessert Names Ling App

4. Byaslag (Unripened Mongolian Cheese)

Have you ever thought of cheese as a dessert? Byaslag has a soft, chewy, and mildly sweet taste. People usually make it using cow or yak milk, and it’s best consumed with bread, but you may also enjoy it by eating it simply as a snack. Moreover, this simple treat represents the Mongolian culture and the relevance of dairy in their foods.

5. Khailmag (Sweet Cheese Treat)

The sweet and salty taste of cheese seems to have captivated the hearts of Mongolian chefs since they have yet another treat that uses this ingredient. This delicacy is made from caramelized dairy products and is prepared by frying clotted cream alongside flour and sugar. So, if you enjoy the consistency of creamy porridge with a fudge-like texture, you’ll love this delicacy.

6. Eezgii (Roasted Cheese Curd)

Have you ever tasted roasted, fermented dairy products? The process of making an Eezgii is not rocket science, but it can be quite interesting. You see, grilled products lose their moisture, making them hard and crumbly. And if you’re someone who leans on these kinds of textures, you better grab your bag and look for a local restaurant that offers this dessert.

In terms of flavor, it has a tangy and slightly salty taste, which is perfect for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. They’re also frequently enjoyed as snacks or added to soups!

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7. Suutei Tsai (Milk Tea)

Dessert without drinks is a big bummer for someone with a sweet tooth. If you’re also one of the many people who like tea, then this milk tea infused with green or black tea leaves along with salt and butter is for you! It’s best paired with bread or biscuits, imagine the creamy and warm drink mixing with the flavors of your crackers, you won’t get enough of it!

Additionally, this beverage is also served in the homes of Mongolian people. It’s a staple in their house as it represents their hospitality. This drink also fosters warmth and unity in those who consume it.

Want To Learn More About Mongolian Culture?

Mongolia is more than just their delicacies or their famous Mongolian beef and dumplings, But sure enough, these dishes and desserts can easily attract foodies like you. So, if you’re looking for a new country to explore, go ahead and book a ticket to Mongolia! Oh, wait. Before you do that, you might want to learn a few phrases first, and if you don’t know where to start, Ling’s here to help!

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