10+ Exciting Compliments In Bosnian

Compliments in the Bosnian language

Have you ever smiled all day because someone randomly complimented how beautiful your hair looks or how gorgeously your dress fits you? Well, who doesn’t like getting compliments and being praised for the efforts that they put into their outfit and personality?

If you want to make someone special smile just like that in the Bosnian language, you have just landed in the right place. With all the exciting compliments in Bosnian like Tako si lijepa (You are so beautiful) and related Bosnian phrases, you are going to make your partner fall in love with you in no time.

In today’s post, you will discover all the common compliments in the local language that will help you make bonds more robust and pure with your friends in Bosnia. Moreover, we cannot deny that compliments are a great way of starting a conversation with someone, especially when you meet for the first time.

Once you go through today’s post, you are sure to make hundreds of friends in Bosnia and blend in with the locals smoothly with your skills. If you are already on your journey to learn and speak Bosnian, the Bosnian words below will further improve your vocabulary and bring fluency to your speech. So, if you are interested, continue reading!

How To Say Compliments In Bosnian

Before we start with anything, it is essential to know how to pronounce the word “Compliment” in Bosnian. “kompliment” is the Bosnian word for “Compliment,” and it sounds alike. It is, therefore, easy to remember and nothing too tough to learn.

Bosnia is a warm and welcoming country. The locals love when foreigners visit their country and experience their culture. Especially when outsiders compliment and appreciate their local habits and customs, they feel obliged and happy. So, once you land in the country, never forget to compliment the locals for their hospitality and culture. It will only help you show respect and love for their traditions and country.

However, it is important to be careful while praising someone or something. Always praise enough and not too much. While love words and praises can bring a smile to their faces, doing it too much can bring suspicion of you being fake, bringing a negative impression. So, always read the room and compliment genuinely when you see fit.

Also, always remember to compliment from your heart. Never make your compliments sound forced, making the other person wonder if they are worth such words. The sole reason for praising someone is to make them feel good and recognize their beauty inside and out. So, if you are praising someone, you must use the correct words, body, language, and tone.

Lastly, always receive a compliment with a smile. Acting too arrogant and prideful will not take you anywhere. Since you are traveling to a new country, be humble and act generous at all times.

Compliments in Bosnian - people laughing

Basic Compliments In Bosnian

Now we will go through some basic Bosnian compliments that you can use on general occasions with your friends and partner. Read them thoroughly, as they can mark a great start for small talk and new conversations.

1. You Are So Beautiful

Translation: Tako si lijepa

The first and most common compliment that you must know by heart is this. Be it your friend, new mate, or even your lover, this compliment will work on anyone. Nobody hates being complimented on how they look, and doing so will make you sound very friendly and approachable. Especially if you are trying to impress a girl in Bosnia, this is the best compliment you can stick to without worrying about anything else. You can also use the praise with elder people or your family members.

2. You Look So Handsome

Translation: Izgledaš tako zgodno

If the first phrase works brilliantly with ladies, this one is for your male friends and partners. If you are on a date and want to impress your partner with a nice comment, this is the one you should go for. Easy and basic, nothing too much, nothing too less. You can also use this to compliment all your male friends, family members, and elder people without any issues.

Although Bosnian people speak English and are well reversed with basic compliments in English, these Bosnian phrases will help you serve a different impression of your skills and personality.

3. You Have Beautiful Eyes

Transation: Imaš prelijepe oči

If there is one thing that can make ladies go crazy for you, it is a compliment on their beautiful eyes. The language of love is always better understood from the language of eyes. So, if you want to catch someone’s attention real quick but avoid a cheesy pickup line, this compliment is all you need. Not only will your desired partner feel flattered and blush, but it will also make them feel comfortable and start a new bond between you two.

4. I Love Your Sense Of Humour

Translation: Volim tvoj smisao za humor

If you want to go a little out of the box and compliment something that goes beyond the skin, this is the right comment for you. Nowadays being funny is a new cool personality that most guys die to have. So, if you think someone has given you such a vibe, you can immediately compliment them with this phrase and bring a wide smile to their face. Moreover, it is a very casual comment that is not too flirtatious and romantic. So, if you are trying to converse with a friend, this line will work best for you.

5. You Are An Amazing Friend

Translation: Ti si neverovatan prijatelj

Another compliment for your friends that you can casually utter to make them realise how good a friend they are is this. It is easy to say, and your friends will surely love to hear such things from you. Moreover, if you are making new friends and want to keep them, this phrase will help you create stronger bonds and develop the relationship emotionally.

6. You Did A Great Job

Translation: Uradio si odličan posao

In case you want a few words that praise someone for their work and recognise their hard work, this compliment is all you need. From your colleagues to friends, you can use this on every occasion to show appreciation for their work. It is a generous way of congratulating someone and motivating them for further success. Especially in Bosnia, never forget to appreciate people for their work. They love to hear praises when they put in the effort and will give you warm responses and love in return.

7. You Sound So Smart

Translation: Zvučiš tako pametno

Sometimes, it is not just about the looks or outer appearance. If you compliment someone for how smart or well-behaved they are, it can make a huge difference. Especially if you are meeting someone of importance or from your office, the best possible compliment is this. It sounds personal but not flirtatious. It will help you gain attention from new friends too, and create closer bonds.

Compliments Bosnian - woman using a phone

Compliments On Someone’s Looks

You look amazing in that outfitIzgledaš neverovatno u toj odeći
Your hairstyle looks cool on youTvoja frizura ti stoji super
She has a cute noseOna ima sladak nos
I like your makeup todaySviđa mi se tvoja šminka danas
The color compliments your personalityBoja upotpunjuje vašu ličnost
You have beautiful hairImaš prelepu kosu
Your hairstyle is so uniqueTvoja frizura je tako jedinstvena
You have a nice figureImaš lepu figuru

Compliments On Someone’s Personality

You are beautiful inside and outPrelepa si iznutra i spolja
I like your personalitySviđa mi se tvoja ličnost
You are very smart/ interestingVeoma ste pametni/zanimljivi
He sounds like a gentlemanZvuči kao džentlmen
You are so kindTako ste ljubazni
I love spending time with youVolim provoditi vrijeme sa tobom
You sound so caringZvučiš tako brižno
You act very maturePonašaš se veoma zrelo

Compliments On Someone’s Work

You are very good at thisVrlo ste dobri u ovome
You work very hardRadite veoma naporno
You hard work has paid offVaš trud se isplatio
That is very creativeTo je vrlo kreativno
You are a master at thisTi si majstor u ovome
I appreciate your creativityCijenim tvoju kreativnost
Your work is uniqueVaš rad je jedinstven

Wrapping Up!

Are you ready to make someone smile in Bosnia? With all the phrases above, you are sure to make many new friends and create amazing memories with them. Using them will also bring regular practice and improve your Bosnian vocabulary. Moreover, if you use these lines often in your conversations, it will bring fluency to your speech too.

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