Your #1 Best Guide To Rooms In The House In Swahili!

Ever wondered how the rooms in the house in Swahili sound like? Well, you are in for something interesting today because we are definitely going to be talking about just that! Aside from how these words can sharpen your knowledge when it comes to the Swahili language and even build your Swahili vocabulary, this is also a great way for you to know what a typical Swahili household looks like!

Filled with interesting facts about their traditions as well as words that can surely help you be the master of the language, this is definitely the only guide you will ever need to master the rooms a house in Swahili! Interested? Then read on to learn more!

Here Are Some East African Family Traditions That You Will Surely Find Interesting!

Planning to get to know the culture of East Africa the fun way? These family traditions will surely let you witness the other side of such a beautiful country! Before we walk you through the various words about the rooms and facilities inside a home in Swahili, you might want to know these first to have a brief background of their ways of life too!

Rooms in the House In Swahili!

Men Are The Head Of The Household

Like most cultures all over the world, such as the Philippines, men are the head of the household and are the ones who have the last say in everything. While such practice is not really uncommon to a lot of people, this puts an emphasis on how their culture and society are patriarchal. Though that may be the case, men and women are still given the proper and equal opportunities in the fields that they want to pursue!

Family Is Everything!

A common Swahili house setting is definitely having the members of the family as the priority. That said, if you are in public areas or you will spend the night inside an East African household, it is very common to see them bond a lot with their family if they can. It does not really matter how they bond because they do make it a point to just spend time with one another!

Living With Your Extended Family Is Common

Unlike most countries, it is in their culture to live with their extended family if they can. Because family is everything, it has been established and normalized that you will live with your in-laws or even with your aunts and uncles. Interestingly, this just means that the bigger the family, the more fun it can be in East Africa!

Though hotels in East Africa might give you a very comfortable stay with their complimentary wireless internet access, room service, or free breakfast, nothing will ever beat the hospitality and the warmth of an East African household.

That said, if you find yourself in East Africa, you might want to look for a host family especially if you are on a budget! Who knows? You might just be twice as in love with such a beautiful country, not just because of its attractions and delicious restaurants!

Your Quick Guide To The Rooms In The House In Swahili

And for the main event, here are the rooms in the house in Swahili that you must know! Though it will take time to master everything, enjoy the process because these will surely come in useful in the future! If you want to know more, be sure that you keep on reading down below!

BedroomChumba cha kulala
Dining RoomChumba cha kulia
Living RoomSebule
Movie RoomChumba cha filamu
PlayroomChumba cha kucheza

Here Are More Words Related To Rooms And Houses In Swahili!

Air conditioningKiyoyozi
Swimming poolBwawa la kuogelea

Want To Know Phrases? Here’s Some!

Planning to impress your Swahili-speaking friends or perhaps compliment their humble abode? These phrases will surely come in handy when you need them. Be sure that you keep these in mind because you never really know!

Are you home?Je, uko nyumbani?
Do you have extra beds?Je! una vitanda vya ziada?
I’m home!Niko nyumbani!
I like your house!Naipenda nyumba yako!
When will you be home?Utakuwa nyumbani lini?
When will you go home?Utaenda lini nyumbani?
Your home is very beautifulNyumba yako ni nzuri sana
Your outdoor pool is very nice!Bwawa lako la nje ni zuri sana!

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a place in Tanzania called Stone Town? If you have the time and budget, this is definitely a place in East Africa that you should visit! Aside from how this place is a mirror of the country’s culture and heritage, it is certainly a place in which you can see the amazing houses and the magical architecture of the country that has been preserved and taken care of up until today!

Rooms in the House In Swahili

When you visit Stone Town, you also don’t have to worry about compromising situations because they have surely implemented guest safety measures and protocols that will help you enjoy the place! If you want to spend the night, worry not because the hotels surrounding the area also have the lowest price too!

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Rooms in the House In Swahili

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