5+ Best Swahili Christmas Greetings!

Curious to know what are the best Swahili Christmas greetings? Say less because we have the most comprehensive guide for all things related to your holiday salamu or greetings! Whether you want to say these to your friends or make a bunch of Swahili-themed Christmas cards, this post will surely come in handy. If you are ready to spread the cheer, keep reading below!

Beautiful Christmas Traditions In Africa

Ah, Christmas! Out of all the holidays in the world, this remains to be the favorite of many people. Like all other countries, there are definitely a lot of traditions that people follow during a certain holiday like this. While some people do not celebrate it for a variety of reasons, most of the people in Africa do, and here are some of the traditions they have been practicing over the years. If this is something that you are interested in, be sure that you read on!

swahili christmas greetings

Singing Christmas Carols And Going To Church

How Christmas or Krismasi is celebrated will always differ from person to person. But in Africa, they make it a point to make this special day festive. Whether it is through singing Christmas songs, having church services, or decorating the places with wreaths and trees, this season is one that they look forward to and make an effort to celebrate.

One reason is that the country has one of the largest populations of Catholics across the globe. If you visit Africa during Christmas, you will see many people gathered in the church during the evening masses.

Large Gatherings With Family

During Christmas, people take this as the time to return to the villages or provinces where they grew up to be with their families. As much as possible, they try to be there before Christmas day so that they can help prepare and decorate for the event altogether.

Though the food that is prepared will always be different from one family to the other, most Africans prepare “Nyama Choma” because it is known to be their Christmas meal. And so, if you plan on going to Africa during the Christmas season, you should try it to complete the Christmas tradition!

Gift Giving

Christmas won’t be Christmas if people do not give each other presents. While this is a known tradition to many, it is not all the time that it is practiced. That said, African people are very big on giving each other gifts to their family and friends. Whether it is expensive or not, the thought of doing it is what makes it count. And so, if you have a couple of Swahili friends, you should definitely make it a point to give them gifts during this amazing and loving season!

Swahili Christmas Greetings: The Only Guide You Will Need!

These greetings in Swahili about Christmas will not just help you know how to pronounce it or how it is said in their language, but these can also be used to know a Swahili word or two. Not only is Swahili a very easy language that you can get acquainted with, but it also opens you to many relationships and connections that are lasting and special too!

swahili christmas

Swahili Christmas Words

Santa ClausSanta Claus
SnowmanMtu wa theluji
Christmas treeMti wa Krismasi
Christmas carolsNyimbo za Krismasi
ChimneyBomba la moshi

Swahili Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas!Krismasi Njema!
Happy holidays!Likizo njema!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!Nakutakia Krismasi Njema!
Have a jolly Christmas!Kuwa na Krismasi ya furaha!
Enjoy the Christmas season!Furahia msimu wa Krismasi!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Krismasi Njema na mwaka mpya wenye furaha!
Wishing you and your family peace and joy!Nakutakia wewe na familia yako amani na furaha!
Merry Christmas! Sending you lots of love and warmth!Krismasi Njema! Inakutumia upendo mwingi na joto!

These are just some of the many ways you can greet someone a Merry Christmas in Swahili. Aside from that, you might even pick up a Swahili word or two! Not only is this an excellent experience that you will be able to take on, but it will surely open you to a new world of languages! If you have not thought about learning the Swahili language, you might want to consider this as your sign to do so!

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