50+ Easy Swahili Words To Sound Like A Local

If you are looking for the best guide when it comes to learning Swahili words and phrases to make you sound like a local, or you just want to learn a couple of Swahili words from time to time, then this article by the Ling App is the one for you! You see, basic Swahili words and phrases are very easy to learn. So if you love to speak Swahili and improve your vocabulary today, continue reading to learn more!


The Swahili Language

Swahili is a widely spoken language in East Africa, like Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, and Tanzania. Spoken by around 100 million people in Africa, this is one of the official languages in East Africa. Swahili is actually influenced by the Arabic language making it very interesting for language learners.

Because this language is widely spoken in Africa, this is one of the languages used to educate and teach the people there, not just limiting the language in creating connections for the business.

Learning the useful Swahili words as well as the Swahili phrases is like a walk in the park. This very beautiful language is not just easy to remember, but very easy to learn! This is because how the words and phrases are presented is the same way it is pronounced.

So if you want a different language than to speak English, here are some useful Swahili words that might come in handy when you visit East Africa soon!


50+ Swahili Words That You Must Know!

Swahili Words

These are just a couple of Swahili words that can help you sharpen your vocabulary and widen your knowledge when it comes to learning Swahili.

From words that help you make a conversation with someone or just help you get by if you find yourself visiting the East African Coast, if this interests you, you might want to continue reading!

NakupendaI love you
KuzoeaTo get used to
AsantaThank you
SasaPresent or now
KujaTo come
KwaniBecause (conjunction)

These are just a couple of words that help you with greetings or to not get yourself confused when you listen to someone speak Swahili or just simply pick up words and phrases when you hear someone on your next trip.

Now that you have read a couple of basic Swahili words, hopefully, these useful words will make it easier for you when you are speaking with someone that is Swahili as well as make your next trip a breeze.

These words may be overwhelmingly many to some, but reading this every day until you are familiar with it can guarantee progress! To add, learning a new language takes so much patience, commitment, and even discipline!

If you are interested in learning more, like learning useful phrases in Swahili, you may check out our previous blog or continue reading!


A Couple Of Swahili Phrases For You!

Hopefully, these Swahili phrases give you an idea of what the Swahili language sounds like and how the words are integrated. It takes time to get familiar with it but be patient with yourself!

Swahili Words

Hopefully, these Swahili phrases don’t just give you a brief glimpse of their culture but can help you to also describe and construct a sentence in the future.

Not just that, but actually learning a phrase or two, or even a word, in a day can be of so much help for your language goals or for when you just want to learn a new language. No progress is too little! Always keep that in mind.

Just take a few minutes out of your day, and before you know it, you might be fluent in the language that you want to learn.

One phrase or two words a day makes language learning easy day by day!


Interesting, Right? What’s Next?

If these words make you interested in learning more Swahili or simply diving into the language’s culture as well as the language in itself, then say less! The Ling App is here to save the day!

The Ling App makes language learning easy, but it offers a diverse choice of languages for you to learn! Not just that, but such languages from Thai, Filipino, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, and even languages that are not widely spoken in the world!

Swahili Words

The Ling App makes it convenient for you and your languages needs. With a user interface that is convenient and easy to learn, you can learn anytime and anywhere. Aside from that, the lessons are made to cater to your needs as a beginner or even as an advanced learner!

Different activities, games, as well as bite-sized lessons, make the Ling App very effective and enjoyable. So if you are looking for the best and the right language application to use, you might want to check out the Ling App now!

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