16 Useful Words Related To Health In Cantonese

The world is now experiencing a pandemic that put everyone in danger. Today, people are very conscious of their health (健康 gin6 hong1) as new viruses and diseases arise. In this blog, we will learn about words and phrases related to health in Cantonese.

The level of fear among people continues to rise. You can see people wearing face masks in fear of getting the virus. Nobody has prepared for this pandemic. The economy fluctuated, many businesses closed, many people are sick, and worst, many people lost their lives.

How do these become related to our content in this blog? Travel bans are being implemented worldwide to lessen the number of people infected by the virus. That’s why if you’re planning to go to Hong Kong, whether for vacation or business, try learning some of these timely and relevant words and phrases related to Health in Cantonese. You may also check Ling App for more lessons like this.


Something To Keep In Mind About Cantonese VS Mandarin

Before we start, please remember that Cantonese and Mandarin are two different languages. Yes, they are both Chinese languages, but they differ in spoken and written form. What’s common about the two is they are both tonal languages; therefore, the pronunciation and tone of each word and character are essential in understanding the meaning of the words. But don’t you worry because pronunciations and English translations are available to guide you.



Words And Phrases Related To Health In Cantonese

Health in Cantonese

When we talk about health, there are lots of things and information to discuss and discover. Since we are just starting, let’s learn the most common words and phrases in Cantonese. After this, you don’t have to bring your dictionary with you when you travel to Hong Kong.

1. 健康 gin6 hong1

English Translation: healthy

Of course, we should first learn to say healthy (健康 | gin6 hong1) in Cantonese. There are different ways to stay fit and healthy, like exercising (運動 | wan6 dung6), going through a healthy diet (健康飲食 | gin6 hong1 jam2 sik6).

But the most important thing you should do right away is investing in health insurance (保險 bou2 him2). With our experience during this pandemic, it is better to be secured.

2. 病 beng6

English Translation: to be sick

After learning the Cantonese word for healthy, let us learn the word for “to be sick” (病 | beng6). Everybody fears being sick (不適 | bat1 sik1) so, if you feel that you are sick or having symptoms of a disease or virus, make sure to book an appointment with a doctor and have a health checkup (身體檢查 | san1 tai2 gim2 caa4).

3. 頭痛 tau4 tung3

English Translation: headache

The next common thing we usually experience related to health is headaches (頭痛 | tau4 tung3). Many medicines (藥 | joek6) can cure your headache, but sometimes sleep and rest are enough.

4. 咳 kat1

English Translation:  cough

One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is cough (咳 | kat1) and colds. So, always be careful in everything you eat or drink and the surroundings you’re in because it’s hard to have a cough nowadays. If you have a cough, drink medicine right away like cough syrup (咳藥水 | kat1 joek6 seoi2).

5. 發燒 faat3 siu1

English Translation: fever

This is another symptom of COVID-19 that is worse than the first one. Suppose you have a fever, whether due to fatigue or not, better to go to the doctor and schedule a check-up. This will make you and the people around you safe and healthy.

6. 感冒 gam2 mou6

English Translation: flu

Flu (感冒 | gam2 mou6)is a respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Because it is contagious, they should be careful when one has the flu (感冒 | gam2 mou6). It infects the throat (喉嚨hau4 lung4), nose(鼻bei6), and lungs. (肺| fai3) The flu (感冒 | gam2 mou6) can be mild to severe, and sometimes, it can also lead to death. That is why it is important to be careful at all times.

7. 肚瀉 tou5 se3

English Translation: diarrhea

Another illness is diarrhea (肚瀉 | tou5 se3). This is also a symptom of COVID-19, so you must know this term related to health in Cantonese. But, you should know that this is a common illness that people experience few times a year. It is caused by bacteria which makes your stool loose and watery. So, be careful with the food you eat or drink.

8. 肚痛 tou5 tung3

English Translation: stomach ache

Stomach ache is another common illness that we experience oftentimes. There are lots of causes from mild to severe. This can be easily treated if it only came from mild causes like constipation and indigestion.

9. 肩膊痛 gin1 bok3 tung3

English Translation: shoulder pain

Now that we are in an online setup, we usually feel shoulder and back pain because of sitting in front of a computer for long hours. You can easily take a pain killer (止痛藥 | ji2 tung3 yeuk6). Shoulder pain(肩膊痛 | gin1 bok3 tung3) is common to people, but if you feel it often, you might as well go to a check-up to make sure.

10. 糖尿病 tong4 niu6 beng6

English Translation: diabetes

This one is a lot more serious than the previous ones. This takes a lifetime of medication and precaution. It can be hereditary, too. That is why if you have this disease, make sure to watch the food (食物 | sik6 mat6)you eat and maintain your blood sugar.

11. 藥 joek6

English Translation:  medicine

Although this was mentioned in the first part, let’s reiterate it because this is really important in an emergency. This will be helpful when you need to buy medicine (藥 | joek6) in a pharmacy.

12. 中醫 zung1 ji1

English Translation: traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese is very rich in culture and tradition. They also have their traditional Chinese medicines, used during ancient times and some until this day. But remember, not all Hong Kongers classify themselves as Chinese.

13. 感冒 gam2 mou6

English Translation: to catch a cold

During this pandemic, we should really be careful not to catch a cold (感冒 | gam2 mou6). If your immune system is weak, you can easily get one, especially when it’s cold. Drinking a lot of water (水 | seoi2) or fluids.

14. 爆血管 baau3 hyut3 gun2

English Translation: (to have) a stroke

Another severe illness that anyone can experience is stroke. Nowadays, heatstroke (中暑 | zung3 syu2) is very common to people because of global warming.

15. 做運動 jou6 wan6 dung6

English Translation: to exercise

If you want to be fit and healthy, one of the most effective ways is to exercise (做運動 | jou6 wan6 dung6). Don’t forget to at least spend a few hours or minutes of your day exercising.

16. 身型好 san1 jing4 hou2

English Translation: in good shape

Maintaining a good shape is not just for celebrities and models. So, the last word related to health in Cantonese that we will learn is (身型好 | san1 jing4 hou2) Even a typical person should maintain a good shape. Everyone loves food but don’t forget to consider your body.


COVID-19 Related Words And Phrases In Cantonese

Because of this pandemic, we need to obey many health protocols to be safe. Here are some words and phrases related to COVID-19. These are important terms related to health in Cantonese, especially when you are traveling to Hong Kong.

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
全球大流行cyun4 kau4 daai6 lau4 hang4pandemic
口罩hau2 zaau3face mask
感染gam2 jim5infection
疾病zat6 beng6disease
治療zi6 liu4treatment
症狀zing1 zong6symptoms
病毒beng6 duk6virus
免疫min5 jik6immunity
 疫苗jik6 miu4vaccine
傳播cyun4 bo3transmission
接觸傳染zip3 zuk1 cyun4 jim5contagious
潛伏期cim4 fuk6 kei4the incubation period
隔離gaak3 lei4isolation
隔離檢疫gaak3 lei4 gim2 jik6quarantine
社交隔離se5 gaau1 gaak3 lei4social distancing
消毒搓手液siu1 duk6 caai1 sau2 jik6hand sanitizer
搶購coeng2 kau3panic buying
請遮掩你的嘴巴!cing2 ze1 jim2 nei5 dik1 zeoi2 baa1Cover your mouth, please!
我清潔消毒。ngo5 cing1 git3 siu1 duk6.I clean and disinfect.
我量度自己的體溫.ngo5 loeng6 dou6 zi6 gei2 dik1 tai2 wan1 。I take my temperature.
我洗手ngo5 sai2 sau2I wash my hands.
我診斷。ngo5 can2 tyun5。I diagnose.
我吃藥ngo5 hek3 joek6I take medicine.
我去看醫生.ngo5 heoi3 hon3 ji1 saang1.I go to the doctor.


Let’s Use These Words And Phrases In Sentences

Now that you have learned some words and phrases related to health in Cantonese let’s use them in sentences. Practice these sentences or try learning them through Ling App so that you’ll know the right pronunciation. There are also a lot more topics to learn other than health in Cantonese.

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
我咳。ngo5 kat1I have a cough.
你有冇咳?nei5 jau5 mou5 kat1Do you have a cough?
食得健康啲。sik6 dak1 gin6 hong1 di1.Eat healthily.
如 果 我 食 多 啲 蔬 菜,我 就 會 健 康。yu4 gwo2 ngo5 sik6 do1 di1 so1 choi3, ngo5 wui5 gin6 hong1。If I eat more vegetables, I will be healthy.
如 果 可 能 ,你 應 該 每 日 做 運 動。yu4 gwo2 ho2 nang4, nei5 ying1 goi1 mui5 yat6 jou6 wan6 dung6。If possible, you should exercise every day.
如 果 你 體 溫 超 過 四 十 度 ,你 就 係 發 燒。u4 gwo2 nei5 tai2 wan1 chiu1 gwo3 sei3 sap6 dou6, nei5 zau6 hai6 faat3 siu1。If the body temperature is more than 40 degrees, you have a fever.
如 果 你 食 太 多 糖 ,你 就 會 有 糖 尿 病。yu4 gwo2 nei5 sik6 taai3 do1 tong4, nei5 zau6 wui5 yau5 tong4 niu6 beng6。If you eat too many sweets, you will get diabetes.
如 果 我 尋 晚 食 少 啲 ,我 而 家 就 唔 會 肚 痛。yu4 gwo2 ngo5 cham4 maan5 sik6 siu2 di1, ngo5 yi4 ga1 zau6 m4 wui5 tou5 tung3.If I had eaten less last evening, I would not have a stomach ache now.


Learn More Cantonese Words And Phrases

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