20+ Interesting Hobbies In Nepali With Vocabulary

If you plan to visit Nepal soon, you must have already learned some everyday vocabulary in the Nepali language, such as hi, hello, good morning, and thank you. But have you wondered what words to learn next to make dialogue easy with Nepali locals? Keeping the best interest in mind, we bring this blog filled with different hobbies in Nepali with English translations like खेलिरहेको (Playing), लेखन (Writing), खाना पकाउने (Cooking), etc., that will help you connect and express better with the Nepali people.

No matter who you talk to or where you go, hobbies always play a vital role in creating bonds and comfort zones. A hobby may differ from one person to another, and such distinctions describe who a person is and what they are interested in. So, if you want to learn more hobby words and synonyms in the official language of Nepal, continue reading below!

How To Say Hobby In Nepali

We first need to learn how to pronounce the word hobby itself. In Nepali, hobby is written and pronounced as शौक– Śauka. To say Hobbies in the plural form, you can use the term शौकहरू- Śaukaharū.

Hobbies in Nepal take different forms. While some love to play with farm animals, some love creating music. And with time, people are also committing to developing new interests and spending their leisurely hours in productive ways.

Although a person may or may not have similar interests, geographical and historical background plays a critical role in determining one’s interests. Just like a person from a hill station like northeast India will find trekking more fun, a person from a sandy place like Goa may find swimming and kayaking the best time pass.

So, keeping such factors in mind, we will discover some common hobbies-vocabulary from the Nepali dictionary with proper translation and facts that most Nepali people find pleasure in. While the factuality may change from one group of people to another, the types of recreation mentioned below are some hobbies that are not unusual to the locals.

Different Hobbies In Nepali

hobbies in Nepali language

Wood Carving – काठ नक्काशी

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]काठ नक्काशी[/Speechword]

We all know what is wood carving. In Nepali, it is known as Kāṭha nakkāśī. While there are many professional workers who have high wisdom in woodcraft, wood carving is something that all people enjoy in Nepal. It is a great art form of Nepal that provides artistic and spiritual wooden sculptures. From a child to an older man, you will see a population engaging in wood carving not only as a profession but as a hobby.

Such a hobby in Nepali blood has also become profitable for most as they produce and sell sculptures to tourists and people as souvenirs. The locals are blessed with artistic skills, and they put them to use in a well profound manner.

Reading – पढ्दै

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पढ्दै[/Speechword]

Pronounced Paḍhdai, Nepal’s ever-largening political interests, and civil growth have made youngsters keen readers. From personal experience, I have seen that many upcoming generations of Nepal have endured themselves in reading different kinds of books and articles, especially political ones, and they write as well. It has become one of the favorite hobbies of the locals, and such a system of interest is only helping the country grow.

From children of small class to elders of colleges, reading and spreading education has become a new form of recreation in the country that has triggered ultimate development in all fields of life.

Dancing – नाच्दै

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]नाच्दै[/Speechword]

Another special Hobby that the Nepali people enjoy is dancing, pronounced as Nācdai. One of the folk cultural dances of Nepal is known as maruni, and it is a wonder to watch. You will find talented people in Nepal performing various dance routines from a very young age. However, Nepali locals are mostly restricted to traditional forms of entertainment, even dancing. Nevertheless, if you love dancing, your will love Nepal.

Cooking – खाना पकाउने

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खाना पकाउने[/Speechword]

Cooking in Nepali is called Khānā pakā’unē. Have you ever tried Nepali cuisine? If yes, you will know that the food of Nepal has a magic of its own. From regular Daal Bhat to fried momos, nothing can beat the authentic flavor that can make cravings a real deal. Such excellent cuisine naturally brings about the talent of the locals to cook different dishes.

Half of the population, especially women, cook in their free time and make different traditional dishes. In fact, the infamous momo dish got popularised to such an extent that today, it is seen in the corners of every Asian and western country and not just in Nepal.

Trekking – ट्रेकिङ

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]ट्रेकिङ[/Speechword]

Nepal is a hilly area blessed with wonderful sightseeing places and trekking areas. Thus, naturally, the local’s favorite hobby is trekking, known as Ṭrēkiṅa. They plan trekking picnics with their friends and brothers, and even tourists cannot outnumber the locals’ interests in their beauty.

Mostly the youngsters meet their friends and go on trekking to bond and spend their play time watching the sunset and eating natural fruits that the vegetation provides. If you are fond of trekking, Nepal is just the right destination!

Boating – बोटिङ

[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बोटिङ[/Speechword]

Another everyday activity that Nepali people love to do is boating or Bōṭiṅa. Despite being a landlocked country, Nepal is blessed with numerous lakes and rivers that make boating one of the most loved hobbies of the locals. It is also one of the major tourist attractions.

Locals go boating and spend time watching the birds, playing games on the river sides, listening to music, and experiencing the pleasure of life that Mother Nature bestows them. If you love camping and boating, you will find many appealing places in Nepal that will keep you in awe.

Other Hobby Names From The Nepali Dictionary

Nepali hobby
Archeryधनुविद्याDhanuvidyā[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]धनुविद्या[/Speechword]
ActingअभिनयAbhinaya[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]अभिनय[/Speechword]
Basketballबास्केटबलBāskēṭabala[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बास्केटबल[/Speechword]
Bicyclingसाइकल चलाउनेSā’ikala calā’unē[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]साइकल चलाउने[/Speechword]
Boxingबक्सिङBaksiṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बक्सिङ[/Speechword]
Cricketक्रिकेटKrikēṭa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]क्रिकेट[/Speechword]
Campingक्याम्पिङKyāmpiṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]क्याम्पिङ[/Speechword]
Craft makingशिल्प निर्माणŚilpa nirmāṇa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]शिल्प निर्माण[/Speechword]
Collectingजम्मा गर्दैJam’mā gardai[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जम्मा गर्दै[/Speechword]
Drawingरेखाचित्रRēkhācitra[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]रेखाचित्र[/Speechword]
EmbroideryकढाईKaḍhā’ī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कढाई[/Speechword]
FootballफुटबलPhuṭabala[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फुटबल[/Speechword]
Fossil huntingजीवाश्म शिकारJīvāśma śikāra[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जीवाश्म शिकार[/Speechword]
GamblingजुवाJuvā[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जुवा[/Speechword]
GardeningबागवानीBāgavānī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बागवानी[/Speechword]
Ghost huntingभूत शिकारBhūta śikāra[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]भूत शिकार[/Speechword]
Hikingपैदल यात्राPaidala yātrā[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पैदल यात्रा[/Speechword]
Horse ridingघोडसवारीGhōḍasavārī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]घोडसवारी[/Speechword]
Hockeyहक्कीHakkī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]हक्की[/Speechword]
Ice divingआइस डाइभिङĀ’isa ḍā’ibhiṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]आइस डाइभिङ[/Speechword]
Jumping ropesजम्पिङ डोरीहरूJampiṅa ḍōrīharū[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जम्पिङ डोरीहरू[/Speechword]
JoggingजोगिङJōgiṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जोगिङ[/Speechword]
KarateकरातेKarātē[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कराते[/Speechword]
Kite flyingचङ्गा उडाउँदैCaṅgā uḍā’um̐dai[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]चङ्गा उडाउँदै[/Speechword]
Magic tricksजादुई चालहरूJādu’ī cālaharū[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जादुई चालहरू[/Speechword]
Mountain climbingपर्वताराेहणParvatārāēhaṇa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पर्वताराेहण[/Speechword]
Needleworkसुई कामSu’ī kāma[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सुई काम[/Speechword]
OrigamiओरिगामीŌrigāmī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]ओरिगामी[/Speechword]
Potteryमाटोको भाँडाMāṭōkō bhām̐ḍā[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]माटोको भाँडा[/Speechword]
PlayingखेलिरहेकोKhēlirahēkō[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]खेलिरहेको[/Speechword]
Paintingचित्रकारीCitrakārī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]चित्रकारी[/Speechword]
Quizप्रश्नोत्तरीPraśnōttarī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]प्रश्नोत्तरी[/Speechword]
Raftingराफ्टिङRāphṭiṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]राफ्टिङ[/Speechword]
Sketchingस्केचिङSkēciṅa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]स्केचिङ[/Speechword]
SingingगाउँदैGā’um̐dai[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]गाउँदै[/Speechword]
Swimmingपौडी खेल्नेPauḍī khēlnē[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पौडी खेल्ने[/Speechword]
SewingसिलाईSilā’ī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सिलाई[/Speechword]
ShoppingकिनमेलKinamēla[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]किनमेल[/Speechword]
TennisटेनिसṬēnisa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]टेनिस[/Speechword]
WritingलेखनLēkhana[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]लेखन[/Speechword]
Weightliftingभारोत्तोलनBhārōttōlana[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]भारोत्तोलन[/Speechword]

Hobby-Related Phrases In The Nepali Language

I love reading booksमलाई किताबहरू पढ्न मन पर्छMalā’ī kitābaharū paḍhna mana parcha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई किताबहरू पढ्न मन पर्छ[/Speechword]
Do you dance?नाच्नु हुन्छ ?Nācnu huncha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]नाच्नु हुन्छ [/Speechword]
What are your hobbies?तपाईको शौक के हो?Tapā’īkō śauka kē hō?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईको शौक के हो[/Speechword]
I would love to sing with youमलाई तिमी संग गाउन मन लाग्छMalā’ī timī saṅga gā’una mana lāgcha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई तिमी संग गाउन मन लाग्छ[/Speechword]
We should go trekking more oftenहामी धेरै पटक ट्रेकिङ जानुपर्छHāmī dhērai paṭaka ṭrēkiṅa jānuparcha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]हामी धेरै पटक ट्रेकिङ जानुपर्छ[/Speechword]
How did you start your hobby?तपाईंले आफ्नो शौक कसरी सुरु गर्नुभयो?Tapā’īnlē āphnō śauka kasarī suru garnubhayō?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईंले आफ्नो शौक कसरी सुरु गर्नुभयो?[/Speechword]
Do you have a favorite hobby?के तपाइँसँग मनपर्ने शौक छ?Kē tapā’im̐sam̐ga manaparnē śauka cha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के तपाइँसँग मनपर्ने शौक छ?[/Speechword]
Your hobbies sound very interestingतपाईंको शौकहरू धेरै रोचक लाग्छTapā’īṅkō śaukaharū dhērai rōcaka lāgcha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईंको शौकहरू धेरै रोचक लाग्छ[/Speechword]
I paint in my free timeफुर्सदको समयमा पेन्ट गर्छुPhursadakō samayamā pēnṭa garchu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फुर्सदको समयमा पेन्ट गर्छु[/Speechword]
Let’s dance togetherसँगै नाचौंSam̐gai nācauṁ[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सँगै नाचौं[/Speechword]

Explore Nepal

After learning these words, definitions, and phrases in the Nepali language, you will have a fantastic time in a land full of aesthetic energy. From roaming the mountains to playing leisurely games like badminton, board games, etc., in the valleys, you will never regret your trip to Nepal. Knowing such vocabulary will also help you adapt quickly to the local culture and make many friends.

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