#1 Way To Read Nepali Addresses – Best Guide

Are you considering a trip to Nepal or even want to settle there? If yes, then in addition to the Nepali language, you should know How to read Nepali addresses.

Let’s say you just landed in Nepal and want to go to your desired address, but your internet just ran out. You can’t even use your google map now. How would you get out of this challenging situation? To read Nepali addresses, you should know the basic format of Nepali addresses and some common phrases related to them. 


Nepal And Nepali Language

Nepal is an Asian country, a landlocked country bordered on the east, south, and west by India, and on the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. People of Nepal and people residing in the Himalayas and west Bengal speak the Nepali language. 

To better understand the Nepali addresses, you have to get a basic knowledge of the Nepali Language. You can learn Nepali words, phrases, and vocabulary through the Ling app, a language learning app that can help you in mastering your target language quickly.


Nepali Vocabulary Related To Addresses

Before going into addresses, you can learn some common words used to complete an address. Following is the list of these frequently used words in Nepali addresses.

English WordsNepaliPronunciation
House numberघर नम्बरghara nambara


Nepali Events, Culture, Population, And Resources

Is it your first time traveling to Nepal? If yes, then you should know more than addresses. Different parts of Nepal have different cultures and traditions, and Kathmandu, the capital city, has complex cultures that have merged to establish a national identity. The population of Nepal is 29 million, out of which some Nepali men and women are either Hindu or Buddhist.

Despite being amongst the world’s poorest countries, it is famous for its natural resources and massive mountains. Being a developing country, politics in Nepal is quite unstable, which is quite a tragedy. Still, due to its rich culture, events, and festivals, people always find a way to feel happy.


Counting To Read Nepali Addresses

To read the street number or house number right, you have to learn counting in Nepali. Let’s begin to learn 1 to 5 in the Nepali language.

English CountingNepaliPronunciation


Nepali Address Format

You can write the recipient’s name, and afterward, house number, street number, city, locality, province, postal code will be registered. The order can be changed as well.

  • Address no.1

Recipient: Sharma Oli

Street name/ house number: Rohini Marg, Old Baneshwor-10

City/Locality: Kathmandu

Province: Bagmati

Postal code: 44600

This address can be written as, “House no. 41, Rohini Marg, Old Baneshwor-10, Kathmandu, Bagmati, postal code: 44600, Nepal”

After reading the above address, you might get the idea of writing or reading Nepali Addresses. Now, you can go wherever you want. If you wish to volunteer in an organization or deliver your services in education while staying in Nepal, you can always tell where to go by just reading the address. Knowing how to read Nepali addresses will strengthen your confidence and help you go to famous places surrounding tourists.

  • Address no.2

Following is another address in Nepal,

Recipient: Sharma Oli

Street name/ house number: 40, Rambazaar

City/Locality: Pokhara, Kaski district

Province: Gandaki

Postal code: 33800

You can also write,

“House no.40, Raambazar street, Pokhara, Kaski district, Gandaki_33800, Nepal”

You can write the above address in Nepali as following:

“घर नं। ४०, रामबजार सडक, पोखरा, कास्की जिल्ला, गण्डकी_३३8००, नेपाल” pronounced as Ghara naṁ. 40, Rāmabajāra saḍaka, pōkharā, kāskī jillā, gaṇḍakī_33800, nēpāla”

Some Districts And Their Postal Codes In Nepal

Postal code, often known as ZIP code or PIN, is one of the essential information you’ll need to provide whenever you receive or send a package, whether locally or overseas. Also known as ZIP codes, postal codes are letters, digits, spaces, and even punctuation. Postal codes of some Nepali districts are as follows:

DistrictPostal Code
Arghakhanchi32700 to 32713
Achham10700 to 10713
Bajhang10501 t0 10511
Doti10800 to 10811
Kalikot21300 to 21309
Lamjung33600 to 33611
Mahottari45700 to 45714
Okhaldhunga56100 to 56112
Palpa32500 to 32513
Saptari56400 to 56418


How To Ask For Direction In Nepali?

Suppose you couldn’t find the way and want to ask for help, how would you communicate to Nepalis. Following are some common sentences and phrases that can be used for direction.

What is the quickest way to get to the children’s shelter home?बच्चाहरु को आश्रय घर को लागी छिटो तरीका के हो?Baccāharu kō āśraya ghara kō lāgī chiṭō tarīkā kē hō?
Where is the training center?तालिम केन्द्र कहाँ छ?Tālima kēndra kahām̐ cha?
How do I get to that village or town?म कसरी त्यो गाउँ वा शहर पुग्न सक्छु?Ma kasarī tyō gā’um̐ vā śahara pugna sakchu?
here is a government officeसरकारी कार्यालय कहाँ छ?Sarakārī kāryālaya kahām̐ cha?
Can you tell me the way to the health center?के तपाइँ मलाई स्वास्थ्य केन्द्र को बाटो बताउन सक्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’im̐ malā’ī svāsthya kēndra kō bāṭō batā’una saknuhuncha?


Learn Nepali Through Ling App

Read Nepali Addresses

I hope now you can tell How to read Nepali addresses. But if you lack any information and want to learn Nepali, you can use the Ling app developed by Simya Solutions. With its games and quizzes, it makes your second language fun and easy to understand. You will be able to accommodate complex vocabulary verbs easily. You can read our blogs on “Introduction in Nepali” and “Colours in Nepali” to explore more about the language. You can visit the website or Ling app to have a strong command of your second language.

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