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Vietnam, a country known for its war-fraught historical narrative and multicultural setup, is intimately familiar with the dynamics of elections. Regardless of scale, be it local or national, elections shape the political atmosphere of this nation.

In this article, we will delve into the Vietnamese words for election associated with politics, in order to throw some light on the democratic process prevalent in Vietnam.

The Electoral Atmosphere In Vietnam

Vietnamese elections or “Bầu Cử” adhere to a single-party socialist republic system, with the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) wielding significant influence. The electoral process focuses on selecting representatives for both the National Assembly and local governing bodies. National Assembly elections happen every five years, where candidates are nominated by the CPV, socio-political organizations, or self-nomination.

The CPV’s endorsement heavily determines candidates’ success. Campaigning involves presenting platforms and engaging with the public through meetings, debates, and media outreach. During voting, Vietnamese citizens above 18 cast their secret ballots for their preferred candidates. Subsequently, the ballots are counted, and winners are determined by the highest vote count.

Vietnamese Words For Election

Understanding the words related to elections in the Vietnamese language helps us grasp how democracy works in the country. Elections give people the right to have a say in their government, making a society where what they say matters. Learning these important basic words in Vietnamese helps us understand Vietnam’s journey with democracy and how committed they are to letting people be part of it.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of words for election.

Vietnamese words for elections

Election – Bầu Cử

The term “Bầu Cử” describes the entire electoral panorama, symbolic of democracy’s core, where citizens wield their power to register their vote and take part in the selection of their representatives.
Example: Cuộc bầu cử ở Việt Nam diễn ra 5 năm một lần.
Translation: The elections in Vietnam happen every 5 years.

Election Campaign – Cuộc Bầu Cử

The prelude to an election encompasses a “Cuộc Bầu Cử,” in which aspirants articulate their vision and engage with the population, striving to gather support and secure votes that will ultimately lead to their success.
Example: Chiến dịch bầu cử đã thành công.
Translation: The election campaign was a success.

Voter – Cử Tri

In Vietnam, individuals meeting the expected criteria (being older than 18 years old) are deemed eligible to take part in the electoral process and cast their votes. They are able to choose one candidate who will represent them.
Example: Các cử tri đã đi bỏ phiếu cho chính phủ mới của họ..
Translation: The voters went to vote for their new government.

Casting Vote – Bỏ Phiếu

On Election Day, eligible voters gather at designated polling stations to “Bỏ Phiếu” which means to cast their votes upon their favored politician.
Example: Người dân bỏ phiếu ngày hôm nay.
Translation: The citizens cast their vote today.

Vietnamese words for elections

Candidate – Ứng Cử Viên

“Ứng Cử Viên” are the individuals applying for candidacy during an election. The number of candidates can vary depending on the specific election and the nature of the position being contested. They will be elected by ballot.
Example: Các ứng viên đang chờ kết quả.
Translation: The candidates are waiting for the results.

Decision – Quyết Định

Ultimately, after counting the votes, the “Quyết Định” is decreed, declaring the triumphant candidate.
Example: Quyết định của chính phủ mới đã được ban hành.
Translation: The decision of the new government is decreed.

Election Victory – Thắng Cử

“Thắng Cử” marks the victorious moment for a candidate who gathered the majority of the votes, solemnly triumphing in the election and shouldering the responsibilities commensurate with the designated role.
Example: Ứng cử viên này đã được bầu và do đó đã giành chiến thắng trong cuộc bầu cử.
Translation: This candidate was elected and therefore won the election victory.

Vietnamese Words Related To Politics

These terms constitute an indispensable base to enhance your conversation skills and comprehension of the political facets of Vietnamese.

PoliticsChính Trị
PoliticianChính Trị Gia
GovernmentChính Phủ
RepublicCộng Hòa
DemocracyDân Chủ
Nation/StateQuốc Gia
ElectionBầu Cử
Political OrganizationTổ Chức Chính Trị
LegislationLuật Pháp
United Nations (UN)Liên Hiệp Quốc
DiplomacyNgoại Giao
Political IdeologyTư Tưởng Chính Trị
Political SituationTình Hình Chính Trị
StateNhà Nước
SenatorNghị Sĩ
CorruptionTham Nhũng
AllyNhà Đối Tác
Dissent/RebellionPhản Động
RightsQuyền Lợi

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