No Hebrew On Busuu? 2 Insanely Great Alternatives

When it comes to learning a foreign language, you do not have to subscribe to crazy expensive language courses. While there is no Hebrew on Busuu, we will walk you through two of the best language learning applications that are available for free and can guarantee to support your journey in as little as a few minutes a day! Ready to master Hebrew? Let’s get it on in this review.

With most of us choosing to stay at home due to the pandemic, there is a sudden surge in interest in the concept of upskilling- may it be for work or just for the sake of developing a new hobby. On social media, you can see that some have started taking side hustles, creating vlogs, or even learning how to code. Another major fun activity that people are trying out is learning a new language.

And when we say “learn,” you will be surprised to know how passionate people can be in teaching themselves vocabulary words and the critical points such as writing (grammar), speaking, and reading in their chosen language. Some of the most popular ones today include Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, and French. There is also an increase in determined learners for understanding the world’s hardest and easiest languages. 


No Hebrew On Busuu?

No Hebrew On Busuu?

You see, Hebrew has always been considered as one of the first few languages to have ever been revived. Before the 20th century, the language was practically considered to be on a flatline (for more than 2000 years) as there are no other group of people using it to communicate anymore. However, this language took a wild turn and was given the love it needs when Israel decided to use it.

To be honest, it was somewhat miraculous and it definitely reflects a whole new meaning. With this being said, people from across the world are scrambling to learn this language in order to connect and gain a perspective on the Zionist movement. After all, what better way to learn about a group of people but through their language, right?

And maybe this is the same reason why you are here on this page too. You are probably looking for different options on how you can level up on this extremely unique and special new language. As tons of educators advocated, language learning applications can be your best choice as it is available for free and it has such a big compilation of resources (lessons, practice games, phrasebooks, and online content) that you can easily access through the website or in the dedicated app.

One of the top language learning applications out there is definitely Busuu. Basically, this app is a great platform for learning native vocabulary words and phrases that are used by real native speakers. It is somewhat comparable to how Duolingo and Memrise works and it has a paid membership version if you want to unlock extra items and quizzes.

It allows you to practice and maintain your fluency level in your chosen language. While it sounds like an all-in-one service, it only focuses on around 10 languages and this does not include Hebrew at all. In fact, its freemium membership may not offer a whole range of versatile interface features. With this being said, you will have to search for other credible resources that will help your language learning goal. Well, you do not have to worry anymore because, in the next part of this post, we will walk you through two of the best apps that will make language learning extra fun!


Sound Like Native Speakers With These Language Learning Apps!

We have always believed that language learning is not as hard as it seems nor does it have to be too expensive. If you really want to learn and practice a language (no matter how complicated it may be) you easily do so by taking advantage of free resources. With a quick Google search, you will probably see an overwhelming number of free course materials, drill books, community-made articles/ flashcards, and other online study tests.

However, not all of those are actually worth your time. Some are even too old and teach data that are no longer relevant. If you are on a hunt for the best ones out there that offers much better and tailored-fit content, then we highly recommend the Ling App and Simply Learn.

Ling App – The Most Comprehensive And Free Platform For Language Learners

No Hebrew On Busuu? Try the Ling App

We are definitely living in a golden age where there are multitudes of available learning courses, websites, and mobile apps to choose from. But if you are looking to explore Hebrew in digestible chunks, you should definitely check out the Ling App by Simya Solutions.

The Ling App is a perfect choice as it delivers customized lesson choices for specific situations. By incorporating fun games, challenging grammar drills, and chatbots (or conversational agents via chat using AI), you can easily master the Hebrew language. It brands itself as a simple application that will keep you on your toes for at least 10 minutes a day (or an hour if you like) and learns simultaneously as it offers 60+ distinct languages!

The best part of it all? This is available for free and can be accessed through its web portal and mobile version (Play Store and Apple Store). Subscribe for free today and start learning on the right track!

Simply Learn – A Free Phrasebook Platform Ideal For Learning Different Native Expressions

No Hebrew On Busuu? Try the Simply Learn

Interested in upgrading your skills almost instantly and be able to speak in a real conversation? You should definitely check out Simply Learn, another premium application made by Simya Solutions. It is basically a phrasebook containing lesson guides on phrases, words, and expressions that you can use in real-world scenarios.

It is perfect to use if you have got no time to study the intricacies and just get your toes dipped right away. It was developed and cross-checked by native speakers so you can be sure that all the compilations are updated and have the correct meaning. To help you even further, it has English translations and audio files with real accents so that you can level up your skills and speak like a pro. It is also available for free and can be downloaded at the Play Store and App Store.


Download The Best Language Apps Today!

Ready to study and speak like a native Hebrew speaker? Download the Ling App and Simply Learn today and see for yourself how remarkable the features and premium lessons are despite being totally free!

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to explore our other language tips only here at the Ling App. Also, feel free to share it on social media and help us reach other language enthusiasts from across the globe.

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