Accommodation In Serbia: Find Out Valuable Info In 5 Minutes

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The holidays are approaching, and if you’ve been thinking about traveling to Serbia for a while, this festive season may be the perfect excuse to make the decision. But, of course, when you start planning your trip, you must consider where you will stay. In a previous article, we listed some exciting things to do while traveling in Serbia. Still, before the excitement begins, accommodation is even more critical. That’s why we bring you valuable information and different options for great accommodation in Serbia today. In addition, you will learn useful vocabulary in the Serbian language that will help you navigate your stay in Serbia. Let’s get started!

Is Serbia Worth Visiting?

Before we get into the topic, we need to address this question. There is a recurrence of this query on Google and travel forums, and we can understand why to some extent. Since Serbia is not as mainstream as other European countries, many people are unaware of its wonders. However, if you have read any of our previous articles, you already know our answer. Serbia is a place that is 100% worth visiting. The monuments, culture, food, and people of this region make it a great place to explore on your own or with family and friends.

Is Serbia An Affordable Place To Visit?

This is one of the many advantages this Balkan country has. Serbia is quite affordable when compared to other countries in Europe. You can find food, services, and accommodation at very reasonable prices. And if you would like to experience something a bit fancier, you can find luxury hotels where your stay would cost almost half of what it’d cost in other countries.

To give you an idea, we will share different types of accommodation in Serbia. From budget hostels to luxury cabins, you’ll be able to see the different options available so you can decide what best fits your needs.

Types Of Accommodation In Serbia


In terms of accommodations, hotels are one of the most popular choices for vacationers. In general, hotels have private rooms, bathrooms, and other amenities. Serbia offers a wide variety of hotels, from traditional ones to very modern ones. Hotels range from very luxurious to very affordable. So if you want to stay in a hotel, it is wise to check the different options according to your budget.


Another quite common type of accommodation in Serbia is hostels. This type of facility is usually more affordable than a hotel because It doesn’t have as many amenities and services. Depending on the location, rooms and other areas may be shared with other customers. However, some hostels offer private rooms, and only the common areas are shared.


Villas are a more luxurious type of accommodation. In Serbia, you can find very spacious country villas, which usually have different spacious spaces and services. According to the place where it is located, it usually has swimming pools and gardens and is an ideal option for families and groups who want to be in contact with nature.

Rented Apartments

If you want to have your own space when you travel to Serbia, where you can cook your own food and even have private dinners with friends, renting an apartment is a good option.  Apart from Airbnb, there are other sites where furnished apartments can be rented to tourists. Depending on the type of apartment, it can be cheaper or more expensive than a hotel.

Now we will share some popular accommodations in Serbia according to their cost and location.  These are just some of the many accommodations out there, so you can get an idea, do your research, and choose the accommodation that suits you best.

Budget Accommodation In Serbia

Balkan Hotel Garni-Belgrade

Balkan Hotel Garni is a very affordable and pleasant option if you are in Belgrade and on a tight budget. The hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the airport, and the rooms are spacious and well-lit. They also include wifi, flat-screen cable TVs, and air-conditioning. You can have breakfast on the room’s terrace or eat at a nearby restaurant.

Hostel Sova-Novi sad

If you are in Serbia, it would be a shame not to visit Novi Sad. This city has a great cultural and historical heritage and is located just an hour from Belgrade. Hostel Sova is ideal if you are looking for a family-friendly experience at an unbelievable price. It is located near the city center of Novi Sad, and nearby there are restaurants, bars, and museums. TV and PCs are available to guests free of charge, and wifi is provided throughout the property. The Danube River is less than 500 meters away. 

Apartments Pia -Subotica

Apartments Pia are located in the center of Subotica, a few km from Szeged. The apartments are equipped with a TV; some have a dining area, patio, and a kitchen with a fridge. As there are different apartments, if you decide on this or another apartment, it is good to make sure the property you choose has the amenities you need.

hotel-conveniently located accommodation in serbia

Mid-Range Accommodation In Serbia

Hilton Belgrade

If you are looking for a hotel in Belgrade with a little bit more budget, the Hilton hotel is a good choice, is located in the center of Belgrade, next to Slavija square. It is a few blocks from several famous museums and three kilometers from the Old Town. In addition, it offers a fitness center, a full-service spa, and a rooftop bar with city views.

Mecavnik Resort-Mokra Gora

The Mecavnik is a resort located in Mokra Gora, a village in Užice, southwestern Serbia. It is situated on the northern side of the Zlatibor Mountains. It provides accommodation in a structure made of locally sourced wood in the exclusive resort of Drvengrad. It has a spa center and swimming pool. Rooms are brightly decorated with wooden accents and include air conditioning and cable TV. Activities in the surrounding area include hiking, skiing, and cycling. 

Titova Vila Zlatibor

The Titova Vila Zlatibor is located in Zlatibor. It is a 4-star hotel that offers accommodations with pool views, a terrace, and a fitness center. The rooms have a private bathroom and complimentary toiletries. All rooms at the Titova Vila Zlatibor have a desk and a flat-screen TV, and the hotel provides a buffet breakfast. Mokra Gora is 17 km from the property, which makes it easy to go there.

Luxury hotel- central location

Luxury Accommodation In Serbia

Masarotto Luxury Chalet-Belgrade

If you want a luxury experience in a privileged place surrounded by nature, you should visit the Masarotto – Luxury Suites. This location is designed to satisfy guests who want a luxury vacation in a quiet and peaceful environment. It has incredible views of Belgrade and Avala, and it’s just 20 minutes away from Belgrade by car.

Hotel Izvor – Arandjelovac

If you are visiting Arandjelovac and want to stay in luxury accommodation, Hotel Izvor is listed as one of the best in the area. It has comfortable rooms with a minibar, air conditioning, and free wifi. Breakfast is included, and free parking is available for guests. If you like barbecue, Arandjelovac has famous restaurants near the hotel, and if you like museums, the National Museum of Arandjelovac is not far away.

Viceroy Kopaonik

Now that winter is coming, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the advantages of the snow season. The Viceroy Kopaonik is a luxury location at the foot of the snowy mountains. Surrounded by nature, it’s ideal for those who are into winter sports, as ski facilities are easily accessible. The Viceroy Kopaonik is the combination of luxury and modernity with the outdoors.

Accommodation Vocabulary In Serbian

EnglishSerbianSerbian (Romanization)Sound
Laundry serviceПерионицаPerionica
room serviceсобна услугаSobna usluga
Swimming poolБазенBazen
Air conditionerКлима уређајKlima uređaj
Internet accessПриступ интернетуPristup internetu
MinibarМини барMini bar

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