65+ Easy Terms: Feelings And Emotions In Serbian

If you wish to know how to express feelings and emotions in Serbian, this is the right place to start! Maybe you are living in the country, or you are very interested in learning to speak with your Serbian friends and colleagues. The lists in this article will help gain a little insight into how people in Serbia convey sentimental words.

Every person is born with six basic emotions: happiness, grief, fear, rage, worry, etc. These are the feelings we have in different moments and stages of our lives.

Feelings and emotions can be expressed in a variety of ways, either verbally through words or nonverbally through facial expressions and body language.

When it comes to expressing emotions, everyone wants to hear the words spoken aloud because it is more accessible and helpful to understand people.

So you will notice how useful it is for you to learn the 65+ best phrases to communicate feelings and emotions in Serbian. Whether you want to express joy, grief, or other emotions, you will sound like a local!.


Let’s Learn More About Serbian People

If you have made a new Serbian friend, bear in mind that Serbs are the most friendly and polite people. They are very open to having social nightlife to create more friendships. Serbs are very passionate and emotional people with whom you will surely get along well.

Since they are that passionate and friendly, they naturally intend to communicate their feelings appropriately at all times. Serbians are good at sharing their feelings with friends, family, and neighbors.

So while traveling in Serbia or communicating with Serbian people anywhere in the world, I advise you not to fall behind with expressing how you feel.


About The Beautiful Serbian Language

The language of the country is the official language, “Serbian.” You will also hear people speaking this language in other countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it’s widely spoken.

Serbian is also spoken in many other places like Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, etc.


Why Is It Important To Express Feelings And Emotions?

You may have heard that many people worldwide struggle to express their feelings and emotions. There are countries where people are taught not to convey feelings from a very young age.

However, we all know that displaying emotions is essential for a person’s personality. People who are good at being open about their feelings are usually calm and have less anxiety and problems.

Whether you are in a relationship or with your co-workers, talking to people about your feelings will help them understand you better. It also enhances bonds and avoids misunderstandings. You will create stronger connections with Serbian people by learning and using these terms in daily conversations.

To connect more with these Serbs, keep reading to learn how to express feelings and emotions in Serbian.

According to studies, expressing your sentiments in words makes you feel more connected to yourself and society.

  • It makes you feel healthier and happier.
  • It improves your decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It makes you feel more confident.
  • It makes you feel less depressed.

Have you ever considered how useful it is to communicate your inner feelings? Suppose you come from a culture where speaking out about emotions is unnecessary. In that case, you might be relieved to know that you can be open about it in Serbia.

So, prepare to share your feelings and emotions with your passionate Serbian buddies by learning the best Serbian phrases. I’m sure they’ll like you more when they notice your effort in speaking to them in their native tongue.


What Words Express Your Feelings?

How To Express Feelings And Emotions In Serbian- 65+ Best Phrases

When you are happy, you can use the following words:

In EnglishIn Serbian
GladДраго ми је

When you are in love, use romantic terms to show your love towards your partner. Using romantic words can make the other person feel out of the world!

In EnglishIn Serbian

When you are feeling sad, let Serbian people know about it. They will help you overcome your sadness, and you won’t have to go through it alone.

In EnglishIn Serbian
Broken-heartedСломљеног срца


Other Words To Describe Feelings And Emotions In Serbian

Sometimes you might get scared, tired, or bored in different situations. If you can convey those feelings to your Serbian friends, you can cope with the problem efficiently and solve it faster. The same applies if you are the one who has to listen and advise your friend.

In EnglishIn Serbian
AshamedСтиди се

Isn’t it interesting to learn all the words of feelings and emotions in one place?


How To Express Feelings And Emotions In Serbian

The Serbian words and phrases will make it easier to express your feelings to your friends and partners! Also, when you convey your emotions in their native language, people feel more touched and valued.

But wait! If you wish to go the extra mile and understand their emotional words and phrases, grab the most effective language learning application, Ling App.

Ling App will help you learn these phrases and the Serbian language quickly and in an engaging way.

Do you want to become closer to Serbians or impress them with your emotional phrases? Ling app is an excellent app that will help you explore and enjoy the fantastic language learning experience.

Phrases About Feelings And Emotions

I hope you have found all the words to mention your feelings in Serbian. But wait, would you like to learn the most convincing phrases to convey your feelings and emotions?

Let’s glance at some love phrases and valued phrases to convey your feelings to your Serbian partners.

In EnglishIn Serbian
I love you endlesslyvolim te beskrajno
I love youvolim te
I will love you forevervoleću te zauvek
love youtebe volim
Nice to meet youdrago mi je
I lovevolim
I am tiredUmoran sam
I am aloneSam sam
I like youSviđaš mi se
I need helpTrebam pomoć
I thank youZahvaljujem ti


What’s Next?

Basic Words In Bosnian

If you’ve lately got the chance to get closer to Serbians, start practicing your newly acquired vocabulary on how to express feelings and emotions in Serbian. Impress the locals!

I’m sure you’ve realized the value of sharing your sentiments with those you care about. It will assist you in becoming a better version of yourself with increased confidence, decision-making ability, and less anxiety and tension.

Use the most exceptional Ling app to help you become a pro at talking with tremendous confidence while conveying your feelings.

If you want to be more fluent in expressing how you feel, You may even pick up Ling App to learn the Serbian language quickly and easily.

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