No Vietnamese On Babbel? Two Epic Apps For 2022!

Yes, you read the title right! There is no Vietnamese on Babbel but we are happy to share with you that there are better language learning apps that you should try out this 2022. While these apps do not guarantee to be the magic bullet, these can support your learning progress as it features interactive course content, challenging exercises, and come with practice materials where you can review and put the learned words, phrases, expressions into real conversations. If this is something that floats your boat, then let’s head right into it.

With all the things happening across the world, most of us are forced to be stuck at home and continue living our lives or working remotely. Usually, we find ourselves having more time to do things that we usually cannot squeeze in during work hours- this includes cooking a sumptuous meal, cleaning parts of the house, or setting aside time to learn a new skill. And speaking of skill, there is a surge in the number of those interested in teaching themselves a few hard skills and learning a foreign language.

According to Forbes, fluency in a foreign language can significantly help in jumpstarting your career and can be a valuable asset in today’s competitive industry. In fact, it does not only help you in your career but it also opens door to conversations (online or face to face) with native speakers while cutting down the chances of miscommunication. With this being said, we highly recommend that you start learning a language that you are most comfortable with or is closest to your native language.

Some of the top languages gaining steam in the real world of business are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and French. These are definitely important especially if you plan to work for a company or a position that calls for constant collaboration with native speakers of those languages. However, there are a number of other easy languages out there that a complete beginner should try out. For instance, you can learn the Vietnamese language given that it is one of the most spoken Austroasiatic languages with speakers from across Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe and America.

Interested to completely immersing yourself and speaking Vietnamese with confidence? Worry no more because we got you covered! In the next part of this post, we will discuss the essence of learning Vietnamese and how useful it is in real life (and your career).


Vietnamese Language

no vietnamese on babbel?

Language learning has always been a part of our bucket lists but we usually fail to accomplish it. Despite having the right motivation, language learners can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes to grammar points, pronunciation, writing systems, as well as vocabulary words and phrases. At certain times, local speakers might even tell you that it is impossible to become fluent in their language… and this is the case for Vietnamese.

Despite hearing the native Vietnamese people say tiếng Việt khó, you should never feel discouraged and think that you cannot learn the most native ways to converse with them. Well, we have good news for you! This Asian language is much easier to learn than you think and I can give you a few reasons why:

  1. The Vietnamese grammar rules are pretty much the same as the classic S-V-O structure in English.
  2. Vietnamese grammar is ideal for beginners as you can simply mix words without regard for tenses. This means that it is totally fine to speak only a few words for expressing meaning without constructing a full-blown sentence.
  3. Vietnamese words are easier in terms of pronunciation and spelling allowing anyone to have confidence during a real conversation. This is a huge relief since if you compare it to English, a single letter can be pronounced in different ways (and this can change the meaning version).
  4. The Vietnamese language has distinct features including being a bit vague since it does not have plural word forms. If we will go back to English, the word “person” will become “people” while the Vietnamese language simply makes use of additional nouns to be specific (from người to mọi người).

Since Vietnamese is widely spoken, you can easily find online instructors or language schools offering a complete course or a special program especially if you are from Asia. However, if you are from the other side of the world, you might find it challenging to look for actual schools or academic courses featuring Vietnamese. By now, perhaps you are thinking if there is no way to learn Vietnamese, right? Well… for cases like this, we highly recommend the following:

  1. Access language learning applications with motivating features available for free like Ling App and Duolingo. Having an easy-to-download resource with a great user interface will definitely make learning a new language a breeze!
  2. To develop quick speech recognition, listen to Vietnamese music and try to follow the Romanized meaning of the lyrics.
  3. Watch fun Vietnamese shows and follow the subtitles to familiarize yourself and learn new words and how to use in based on real-world context.
  4. Connect with a Vietnamese friend or casually chat with speakers of this language on online forums to learn a new word or seek help in terms of translations.
  5. Socialize with your local Vietnamese community (or online) and try speaking their language as a form of review. Who knows, you find someone who can willingly teach you for life?
  6. Commit to learning Vietnamese vocabulary words and expressions and speaking them even if no one is watching. In as much as you can, you should try to practice and incorporate it into your daily life. After all, repetition is the key!

Now that we have established that it is entirely possible to learn Vietnamese as a new language, you probably are searching high and low about the top applications that you can use to learn a language, right? Well, you do not have to sweat it out as we will walk you through two of the best ones in the market that have received numerous positive reviews. Ready to get access to these? Keep on reading below.


No Vietnamese On Babbel? Try These Amazing Apps Instead!

no vietnamese on babbel?

Sometimes, despite the urge to learn a new language, we decide not to push through because of economical reasons. A quick Google search will tell you that language courses can become so expensive and depending on where you are in the world, you might find trouble finding a teacher (or a language school) to help you in your target language. The other route you probably are considering is spending on workbooks or getting a dictionary with the hopes of learning the basic words, phrases, and expressions.

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with those especially if you want to gain a professional level of fluency. However, if you are just after quick conversations or just planning to have a quick tour, you can never go wrong with using a free resource instead. Luckily, learning Vietnamese just got easier and much more practical today! In fact, instead of using apps that run freemium campaigns, why not use two totally free and AI-powered course content available for your mobile devices?

Ling App – An All-In-One Language Learning Application For 60+ Languages

What sets this amazing app is the fact that it belts out a huge range of languages perfect for different learners out there! If you want to learn Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, or even English, this totally free mobile resource is a sound choice. This is packed with features from comprehensive lesson materials, challenging quizzes, and a truly engaging chatbot that seems like a real person!

For beginners, you do not have to worry as it will teach you from the basics up to the most advanced concepts. Also, each of the lessons comes with English translations so that you can understand the lesson better. The Ling App is also marketed not just as an app but also as a web platform to easily support your learning journey anytime and anywhere for as little as 10 minutes a day! By using this, we guarantee that you can have the best course in terms of expanding your vocabulary, understanding grammar, and having the best guide for pronunciation.

Simply Learn – A Free App Ideal For Learning Words And Phrases

If you are interested to learn and speaking Vietnamese right away, you should definitely access and download this phrasebook created by Simya Solutions. Unlike other applications, this one can be used offline and it is packed with a lesson on expressions (with pronunciation and usage guide) based on a specific context in real life. It is easy to use and does not need an additional subscription making it a great choice for travelers and professionals.


Learn Vietnamese Today!

As we end this post, we hope that we’re able to discuss with you why Vietnamese is a great language to learn and the best course materials that do not need expensive subscription fees! If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on social media or send this to your friends who might also be interested in learning Vietnamese or any other language! So, what are you waiting for? Download Ling App and Simply Learn now!

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