Easy Guide For 15 Shapes In Thai Language

Looking to describe the shape of a particular object? The word for shapes in Thai is รูปร่าง which is pronounced as rhoop r̀āng. Whether you are starting out learning the Thai language or simply want to impress your Thai friends, learning about the vocabulary related to this seemingly simple topic is essential. As we all know, different languages have diverse ways of naming shapes, and some are more literal than others. Some are more general, while others may be ultra-specific. Which of these could be the case for the Thai language? Let’s find out in this post.

When it comes to language learning, starting with the basics will never hurt you. Unfortunately, most of the learners end up overwhelming themselves since most start with the hardest word forms with the goal of sounding like a native speaker right away. But without knowing the basics such as the words for shapes in Thai, you are missing an important block in your learning journey. To help you keep with your pace, we created this post to give you complete information. Let’s dive right into it in the next section.


Vocabulary For Shapes In Thai

Vocabulary For Shapes In Thai

Like in most languages, we all have different words for specific shapes, line segments, and angles (known as gon in the Thai language). Below are the translations for the common shapes we interact with almost every day.

EnglishThai TranslationPronunciation Guide
Circleวงกลมwong glom
Ovalวงรีwong rii
Rectangleสี่เหลี่ยมผืนผ้าsèe lìam pĕun pâa
Spiralเส้นขดsên khòt
Squareสี่เหลี่ยมsèe lìam
Triangleสามเหลี่ยมsăam lìam


Other Shapes In Thai

EnglishThai TranslationPronunciation Guide
Semicircleครึ่งวงกลมkhrʉ̂ng wong klom
Cylinderกระบอกkrà bɔ̀ɔk
Crescentพระจันทร์เสี้ยวPhracạnthr̒ s̄eī̂yw


Relevance Of Learning Shapes

Are you still stuck on the rut and unsure why you should consider learning this category of words? Perhaps you are wondering, why are we even discussing a topic that is just too simple, right? Well, here’s the truth: shapes play a major role in learning.

Whenever we are just starting to learn a new language, we often come across particular lessons like how to greet someone, how to introduce ourselves, and specific words that will help us describe the world around us. After all, language is made for that purpose which is why learning the basics are important. One example of a basic lesson that every beginner should master is the shapes in your target language.

Having mastery of the right words to use allows you to communicate effectively and can be useful in real-life interactions, like when you are ordering something, describing, or simply talking about the figure of an object. It is also important if you want to talk about art, right? On top of that, there are only very few basic shapes that you have to memorize, which makes it an easy challenge to deal with.


Wrapping Up

shapes in thai

Which of these words that we shared with you today have you encountered or heard before? Did you immediately understand what type of shape is being referred to just through its pronunciation? Well, let us know in the comment section below, as we love hearing your thoughts.

As we reach this part of the content, we hope that you were able to understand the right vocabulary to use when describing shapes in Thai. We cannot deny that this vocabulary category is essential since you can use these words when randomly speaking with the Thai locals or when an emergency happens. Furthermore, if you are traveling to Thailand for a short while, then using any of the translations we provided here will certainly help when communicating.

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Easy Guide For 15 Shapes In Thai Language

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