Urdu Words For Pregnancy: Your #1 Easy Guide

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Hey there, future moms and dads! Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with excitement, wonder, and a few questions along the way. Understanding the process is key, whether you’re expecting your first bundle of joy or adding another little one to the family. That’s where we come in with your #1 essential guide to Urdu words for pregnancy.

We’re here to break it down for you in simple, everyday language. There is no complicated jargon, just the basics to feel more confident and connected throughout your pregnancy journey in the Urdu speaking-regions.

Exploring Urdu Words For Pregnancy

The word for “pregnant” in Urdu is حاملہ, and when written in Roman Urdu, it’s haml. It’s the start of a beautiful new chapter in life!

In the tables below, we have prepared some pregnancy-related vocabulary in the English language, Urdu, and Roman Urdu. These words will help you communicate your feelings, needs, and questions effectively if you live in an area that speaks the language. Whether you’re just starting, in the middle of your pregnancy, or nearing the exciting moment of delivery, knowing these terms will empower you to express yourself.

Essential Urdu Terms For Reproduction And Pregnancy

Here are some words related to reproduction and pregnancy that could be useful during the months leading to childbirth. Understanding these terms is really important if you live in an Urdu-speaking region and plan to have a little one of your own. 

EnglishUrduRoman Urdu
Fertilityزرخیزی Zarkheizi
Mother’s wombماں کا پیٹBachchaa Daani
Urdu Words For Pregnancy Ling App pregnancy test

Understanding Common Medical Terms

Being a pregnant woman is an exciting period filled with discoveries, but also a handful of visits to the doctor. The following words are helpful medical terms when it comes to pregnancy and tracking your baby’s growth. They’ll help you navigate this phase in life.

EnglishUrduRoman Urdu
Miscarriageغلط حملGhalat haml
Prenatalما قبل ولادتMaqabal wiladat
Fetal heartbeatجنین کی دل کی دھڑکنJaneen ki dil ki dhadkan
Growth scanنمو کا اسکینNashonuma ka scan
Obstetricianولادتی طبیبWiladati tabeeb
Gynecologistعورت کا ماہرAurat ka mahir
Fetal developmentجنین کا ترقیJaneen ka taraqqi

Preparing For The Baby’s Arrival

Getting ready for your baby’s arrival means creating a safe, loving, and comfortable space for the newest member of your family. The second half of the pregnancy period is a time filled with planning for the expecting parents. Preparing these essentials can help ease the process and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

EnglishUrduRoman Urdu
Baby cribبچہ کا پلناBachche ka palnaa
Feeding bottleدودھ پلانے کی بوتلDoodh pilanay ki bottle
Baby toysبچہ کے کھلونےBachche ke khilone
Hospital bagہسپتال کا بیگHospital ka bag
Baby clothingبچے کا لباسBachche ka libas
Breast milkماں کا دودھMaa ka doodh
Baby’s powdered milkبچے کا پاؤڈر دودھBachche ka powdered doodh
Baby monitorبچے کا مانیٹرBachche ka monitor

Labor And Delivery

Simply put, “labor” is the hard work a mother does to bring her baby into the world. You can think of it as her body’s tough job during childbirth. “Delivery” is when the baby is actually born. Having a baby is a tough yet beautiful journey that brings a new beginning for the mother, the baby, and the whole family.

EnglishUrduRoman Urdu
Laborدردِ زہDard-e-zeh
Childbirthبچے کی پیدائشBachche ki paidaish
Cesarean sectionسیزیئن سیکشنCesarean section
Dilationرحم کا کھلناRahm ka khulna
Water breakingپانی کا ٹوٹناPani ka toorna
Crowningجنین کا سر نکلناJaneen ka sar nikalna
Umbilical cordناف کی نالNaaf ki naal

Post-Birth Body Changes

During pregnancy, the human body transforms significantly to keep the baby safe. And after the birth and the child-delivery, it changes again, in a bid to get back to its original form. Women notice physical changes like swollen breasts due to milk production. They might also experience more stress and emotional shifts. It’s all part of the post-birth journey.

Therefore, taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your baby. While your little one requires attention and care, don’t neglect your own well-being. Rest when you can, eat nutritious meals, and reach out for support from loved ones or healthcare professionals when needed. As they say, only a healthy mother can provide the best care for the little bundle.

Urdu Words For Pregnancy Ling App pregnant woman

Wrapping Up

I hope viewing pregnancy through the lens of the Urdu language has allowed you to better understand the changes and transformations that occur during this time. Armed with the basic Urdu words pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth, you’ll find it easier to express yourself in Urdu-speaking regions. This ensures that everything goes smoothly throughout the whole process.

To all the mothers-to-be out there, congratulations on this incredible journey, and good luck as you embrace the wonders of pregnancy!

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