How we enable all people to learn something new every day, anywhere.

Simya vision

“We want to enable all people to learn something new every day, anywhere.”

Study shows that learning every day helps us maintain new ideas, keep our passions and also create a positive frame of mind. And here, we pay great attention to expanding knowledge no matter who you are, where you are, and what do you do.

So how can we help everyone? Not only the people who use our product but also the people who work in the company.

For our users

We created mobile applications, online learning software to help all users learn new things every day! Most of the products we created are for education. In which, learning languages ​​is our main portfolio. Users can access new sources of language knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Check out the most popular language-learning apps created by us:

Learn Languages with Master Ling

Ling helps you learn languages through games and interactive challenges with the help of native speakers. You will be able to practice and polish Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading skills with Ling.

Ling app logo

Simply learn languages

A travel phrasebook with essential words and phrases that help you learn and speak the language like a native.

Ling Live

Ling Live provides a friendly environment to connect students with tutors all over the world. You can join online 1-On-1 lessons with certified teachers.

These are just some examples, in addition to these applications we also have applications to help users learn Yoga, support users with other sports such as Flow Yoga, Smart Court (Badminton)… See more apps

All of them are loved and used by millions of users all around the world. See what they have to say about these apps:

Benjamin Fouks:

A very practical application, with classical exercises and other more elaborate as is the case of dialogues to complete. I recommend.”

Megan Kizer:

“This is an incredible app. I consider myself to be language-challenged (even in my native tongue, sometimes!), but the programmers have made this app fun, challenging, but possible. I don’t plan on mastering Thai by any means, but this will help me understand and speak better if I have my way and get to visit someday! Thank you, Ling app developers for your time spent in creating this fun application!”

James Rowland

“I have used many apps for learning Thai. This one is my favorite, I love that it uses combinations of learning styles. Sentence structures, reading, writing, and listening. It also keeps me entertained!!”

For employees in the company

Creating such great applications needs the diligence and hard work of a team of professional and talented staff. And that’s what Simya has! However, we do not stop encouraging every employee to constantly learn, not only from outside sources of knowledge but also from each and every one of us.

  • We let our employees freely register for practical online courses or purchase necessary materials and tools for work. Make everyone’s life is easier and the company’s SOPs go smoother. And of course, everything is covered by the company!
  • We hold regular workshops with diverse topics to improve hard skills and soft skills and the main speaker is one of the people who work at the company, who have extensive experience on that topic: Programming workshop, Adobe programs workshop (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,…), Watercolor painting workshop. These workshops received a warm welcome from everyone. As you can see, everyone is extremely excited about new knowledge and capable of learning new things. We also welcome outsiders to these workshops, learning is unlimited and we are happy to share.

Have you joined any of our workshops? If not, follow us here and join the upcoming workshop! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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