My Three Most Favorite Things at Simya

Hi there, hope you are doing great and being healthy. It is my great pleasure to have a chance again to share with you my three most favorite things at Simya after a year of working. In case you missed it, this is another blog of mine: A Better Life During & After An Internship describing all my details and journey at Simya.

The three most favorite things among others I would love to mention are as following

  • Code Review Session
  • Clean Code Session
  • Coffee Break

Code Review Session

It is an hour session which all the developers joined all together every 2 weeks to talk, share, discuss and agree on stuffs related to new tech and tool, the best practices, code quality and code standard in same goals to enable everyone learns from each others, keep and improve the code quality, and to develop and deliver the best products for the users.

In the session, there will have two people who will present to the teammates: Team Leader or the boss and one of the development member. For team leader will always have to present every hosted sessions, wherein the to-present development member is sequentially picked. After the meeting, there will always have the meeting notes of the next actions noted by the code review moderator in order to create the corresponding Trello cards for every assigned members have to resolve and complete before the upcoming session. It is really an enjoyable and great discussing session to me!

Clean Code Session

This session is considerably similar to Code Review Session, however it lasts only around 5 to 8 minutes in every week of the daily standup. The to-present development member is sequentially assigned and he/she can pick any topics regarding the clean code. For example:

  • What to avoid and what is recommended to
  • Discuss over merged branches over what it can be improved
  • Tips and Tricks over using stacks
  • Introducing new tools or stack to keep members be productive
  • …etc.

I love it, it is a great sharing session, however sometimes I also do not like it when I have no new things to share and open the discussion lol 5555 !

Coffee Break Session

It is a wonderful session which every employee has it with their Team Leader or Project Manager every month. The session is divided into three main parts:

  • Company Updates: the team leader or project manager will give me the company updates regarding the company achievements, missions and activities …etc.
  • Employee Feedbacks: it is the time when I can share my feedbacks, report the progress or my issues in current working projects or else.
  • Learning goal: it’s a part where I am asked for what I would like to learn and improve. All resources are provided and supported by the company. Just enjoy learning!

Everyone opens for feedbacks and feedbacks are valued!

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