Working environment with Window-Swap

Have you ever boring with your working environment? Work in the same place, or same room every day. Especially, most people who work remotely from home since the COVID-19 situation. They may need to work and stay there all day all night. These can make some people lose their passion and motivation to work. Changing workspace is also a good idea to go out and bring your work to a coffee shop, bar, or public library. In the COVID-19 situation, going outside may not be a good idea anymore.

How about move other windows around the world into your monitor as your window? Instead of moving yourself to the outside, why don’t just move them to your place?
This is the website called “WindowSwap”(ref- which provides you a lot of views from different places around the world to let you enjoy the view from other people. “WindowSwap is a place on the internet where people from around the world share the view from their windows to help someone else relax, focus, meditate and travel without moving.”(ref-
The website will randomly display a view video in a short around 10 minutes then it will automatically randomly pick another one for you. If you don’t like the current video, you can click the random button to skip the current one, and random again until you find the view that you like.
Moreover, this is also good for some people who want to feel a good atmosphere from other countries. They can sit in front of the screen and chill out with the view from another country. Just like they’re traveling there now. The video view also contains city and country names. The users can see it and plan for their new journey.
On the other hand, the website is not suitable for people who need to work and watch the view on the same monitor or desktop. But if you have a wire screen, so just do it and enjoy.

Window Swap for office workers, looking the preferred view will help them to relax from their hard-working. They can feel like working on the beach or wherever they want. It’s similar to when you work in a coffee shop, but in this case, you can choose to be anywhere from your room.
I have been used it for a year, and I feel good and relax with Lofi music. Window Swap together with Lofi music make me more focused and concentrated on my work. Moreover, I always drink a cup of coffee during enjoying myself with them. This is the way that I can focus on my tasks and reduce pressure and stress.
Finally, if you feel stressed or bored that you need to work in the same place every day in the COVID-19 situation, you can just open your new view vision with Window Swap. It will help you with your productivity and your emotionality.

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