#1 Urdu Food Vocab List: Delicious Delicacies To Discover

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Food is an important aspect of Pakistani culture, especially in the Urdu-speaking community. Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various regional cooking traditions and is known for its rich flavors and spices. If you’re interested in what’s in your food, it’s important to know some Urdu food vocab.

Eating together is an integral part of Pakistani culture and is often seen as a way to bond with family and friends. In addition to being a source of nourishment, food is also deeply connected to cultural and religious traditions. For example, many religious festivals and ceremonies involve traditional foods, and certain dishes are considered auspicious and are prepared on special occasions.

You’ll see food at the heart of religious celebrations and cultural traditions. Now it’s time to dive in and learn some Urdu food vocab basics!

Urdu Food Vocab

Some words related to food in the Urdu language are given below. They are English vocabulary with Urdu meanings. This is a small list comprising the most basic dishes that are a must in a Pakistani/Urdu-speaking family in their daily life.

UrduPronunciation English
کھانا Khana food
روٹی Rotibread
سبزیاں Sabzivegetables
گوشت Gosht meat
دالDaal lentils
چاول Chawal rice
قلفی Kulfi a type of ice cream
چائے Chaitea
لسی Lassia yogurt-based drink

Urdu Food Vocab: Food To Show Hospitality

Urdu Food Vocab

Another reason why food is important in Urdu Pakistani culture is that it’s also a way to express hospitality and generosity. In Pakistani culture, it is considered a great honor to be invited to someone’s home for a meal, and it’s common for hosts to go to great lengths to prepare a lavish spread for their guests. Having guests over is also part of daily life in a Pakistani home.

Here are some traditional Urdu foods that are commonly served in Pakistan. The Urdu meanings are given in the descriptions while the English words and ingredients will help you to understand the food vocabulary a bit more.

UrduPronunciationDescription In English
BiryaniA popular dish made with rice, meat (chicken, lamb, beef, or fish), and spices.
KormaA rich dish made with meat (chicken, lamb, beef, or fish) and a variety of spices, yogurt, and cream.
QeemaA type of minced meat dish that is usually served with roti or naan.
کراہی KarahiA popular dish made with meat (chicken, lamb, beef, or fish) and a variety of vegetables, usually cooked in a wok-like dish called a “karahi.”
پالک پنیر Palak PaneerA dish made with spinach and a type of Indian cheese called paneer often served with rice or naan.
دال DaalA lentil dish that is often served as a side dish, typically with rice and roti.
روٹی RotiA type of Indian bread that is often served with curries, stews, and other main dishes.
میٹھے DessertsExamples are Kheer, a sweet pudding made with milk, rice, sugar, and cardamom; Gulab jamun, a sweet dumpling made of milk solids, fried and soaked in a sugary syrup; Ras Malai, a sweet made of cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened milk and flavored with cardamom and saffron. Another common one is Jalebi, a crisp sphere, sweet and golden in color.

Urdu Food Vocab: Food For Religious Occasions

Urdu Food Vocab Desserts

Some religious foods in the Urdu-speaking community all focus on Islamic traditions as it is the religion of the majority of Pakistanis. The food is a mix of desserts, and meat dishes The food vocabulary with Urdu meanings also helps to have some understanding of the traditions.

UrduPronunciationDescription In English
سحری SehriThis is a daily meal before the start of their fasting month in Ramadan. People eat dates and milk, but can also include other items such as fruits, bread, and yogurt.
افطار IftarThis is to break the fast at sunset. It typically includes dates, followed by a variety of savory and sweet dishes such as samosas, pakoras, biryani, and fruit chaat.
قربانی کا گوشت Qurbani meatDuring Eid al-Adha, Muslims sacrifice an animal, such as a sheep or cow, and distribute its meat among family, friends, and the poor. The meat is usually cooked as a stew or curry and is considered a blessed food.
حلیم HaleemThis is a traditional dish made of wheat, barley, meat, and lentils, it’s a famous dish in Hyderabad, Pakistan.
زردہ ZardaA sweet dish made from rice, sugar, milk, and saffron, it is usually served on special occasions such as Eid and weddings.

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